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Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Space Center Moves Into the 21st Century with Online Booking. Join the Voyager Club. The Imaginarium.

The Space Center Has Online Booking.  How Long Have We Waited for That?

Jon Parker pulled me into the Space Center's office yesterday.  "Are you looking for some news for the Blog?" he asked.  
"When am I not?" I replied.
He plopped down in Mr. Porter's chair and pointed to the computer screen.  "Ta Da!  We have online booking for private missions and camps!"  My jaw fell so fast it nearly dislocated.  

I leaned forward to get a better look at the screen as Jon ran me through the booking process.   What most impressed me was the final prompt - payment.  Space Center customers will now pay for their missions ahead of time - online. This new payment system should put an end to one or two crews that don't show up for their scheduled missions and claim they either forgot or insist they called to cancel. 
If only we had this service in my day...  

While in the office, I couldn't help but notice the four new Mac Minis waiting to be installed in the simulators.  I was tempted to requisition one or more for the new Voyager soon to be built at Renaissance.  It was a temptation, nothing more.  Jon was watching me too closely :)

Go to to book your mission on either the Magellan, Odyssey, Phoenix, or Galileo.

Mr. Williamson

Welcome to the Farpoint Voyager Club

A big Voyager Club welcome to Audrey H., the newest member of our Voyager Club.  Audrey observed the Magellan and Phoenix and STILL decided to become a member!  How amazing is that?!  Audrey is excited to start volunteering and is considering joining the Long Duration Mission program as a supportive member. Be sure to say hello and introduce yourself at the next club gathering or volunteer opportunity. 

Joining the Voyager Club

Are you interested in joining the Voyager Club?  Are you wanting to volunteer at the Space Center?  Are you wanting to hang out with some pretty cool teens your age?  Are you wanting to join one of the Long Duration Mission Squadrons and participate in the most exciting, realistic six month long missions told anywhere?  Visit for more information.  

Mr. Williamson    

The Imaginarium

Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Discovery Space Center Moves to Canyon Grove Academy. The Imaginarium.

Discovery Space Center's Staff on Opening Day at Canyon Grove
Standing on the Everest Bridge are; Logan, Aliah, Brandon, Nathan, Aubrey, Claire, Jorden, Cambry, Emma,
Landon, and Zach.  The decommissioned USS Voyager's old tactical screen is on the Everest Main Viewer. A nice tribute to the Mother Ship.  
Discovery Space Center Moves from Stone Gate Center for the Arts to Canyon Grove Academy in Pleasant Grove

Hello Space Fans!
Last Saturday I stopped by the Discovery Space Center at Stone Gate and found them in the process of moving locations.  It was a good two years at Stone Gate, but with the opening of Canyon Grove's Space Center just two minutes away by car, it made better business sense to combine the two Center's operations into one.  Canyon Grove is also better situated to handle space camps.  It has classrooms, a gym, cafeteria, large bathrooms, and showers for the longer summer camps.      

Nathan King was in the Atlantis Control Room telling the last mission of the Atlantis before the simulator closed permanently later that day. 

DSC equipment was being gathered in the Command Room waiting for shipment to Canyon Grove (photo above). You old timers may recognize the two mattresses on the left.  Casey purchased them from the school district when the Voyager closed.  They are two of the the old staff mattresses you use to fight over on the overnight camps.  The Blue Shirts slept on the mattresses, everyone else was stuck with the pads or the carpet.   

I went in search of pictures documenting the last Saturday missions at Stone Gate. Kendrick and staff were upstairs in the Columbia.  Kendrick's brother Cameron was learning the finer points of flight directing from his older brother.

Cade, seeing an opportunity to get his picture on The Troubadour, inserted himself into the next shot.
DSC's staff are a lot of fun.    

The mission took a plot turn which redirected their attention to the Columbia crew.

The Discovery Space Center at Canyon Grove

As of today, the Discovery Space Center is now officially headquartered at Canyon Grove Academy in Pleasant Grove.  Canyon Grove is a K-9 public charter school.  The DSC has two simulators at the school; the Everest and the Pathfinder.   

 The entrance to the Center is through these two doors just off of the school's cafeteria.

This is the view walking toward the Space Center

This is the view looking from the Space Center's doors toward the hallway where the DSC's office is located.

DSim and Discovery Space Center use this classroom just off the cafeteria as the company's office. Today Jorden O. and Brandon Wright were working on new computer programs for DSC's summer missions.

Jorden loves the quiet in the office.  "This is a place where I can think and get stuff done," Jorden explained.  

 Brandon Wright spent most of the week getting the Everest and Pathfinder in tip top shape for Saturday's opening.  The Everest has been flying for seven months - mostly school missions for Canyon Grove's students.  The Pathfinder opened for missions today.   

This is simulator loading hallway for both ships.  The Everest is on the left, Pathfinder on the right.

The light at the end of the loading hallway is very cool.

Just to the east of the loading hallway is a flat screen showing a map of the Colonial Universe.

Nathan and Logan had a full day of missions in the Pathfinder.  "I love my job," Nathan repeated over and over again despite the usual opening day glitches every simulator experiences on its maiden voyage.  

Andrew E., is one of our Farpoint Voyagers.  He and several friends made up the Pathfinder's opening day crew.  I popped in to take a picture or two of the crew in action.  

The Everest staff were busy training a new young crew while Andrew and his team continued their four hour mission next door in the Pathfinder. 

Crew and staff security are of paramount importance to the people at the Discovery Space Center.  Both simulators, along with most of the school itself, are under around the clock surveillance.   

Another throwback to the old USS Voyager. A Star Trek poster just like this once hung behind the Voyager Captain's chair.  

 And in case you're wondering what fuels the good people at the Discovery Space Center at Canyon Grove.  

 The Discovery Space Center at Canyon Grove Academy is an awesome place for your next party or camp.  Give them a call.  Hurry, the staff and interns are growing restless.

Mr. Williamson 

The Imaginarium