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Sunday, March 24, 2019

See the IKS Marvel, Michigan's First Starship Simulator.The Fleet of Voyager Inspired Simulators Grows. Alex Boye's Music Video: How Many Simulators Can You Recognize? Jon Parker Loses his Locks. What is This Worth at the Space Center's Gift Shop? Imaginarium Theater.

The IKS Marvel's Bridge

Hello Space EdVenturers!
     This is one of those exciting posts celebrating the opening of a new Dream Flight Adventurers simulator.  The IKS Marvel is located at Dansville Elementary School in Dansville, Michigan almost smack dab in the center of the glove. 

     The IKS Marvel will be led by Angela St. Amant—a.k.a. Admiral Ameliorous—who has been an educator at Dansville Schools for over 15 years and currently serves as a technology and STEAM teacher, K-8.  She holds a B.S. in Elementary Education from Western Michigan University as well as an MA in Literacy Instruction and her Administration Certificate, both from Michigan State University.  She’s a perfect fit for Flight Director as the IKS Marvel takes off.

      The IKS Marvel is the 66th simulator in the fleet of Voyager inspired simulators and Dream Flight Adventures eighth simulator.  

The Dream Flight Adventures Fleet of Voyager Inspired Simulators

Congratulations to our friends at Dream Flight Adventures and our fellow space enthusiasts at Dansville Elementary School on the launch of the IKS Marvel.  Welcome to the family of Voyager inspired simulators. 


Alex Boye's Newest Music Video Filmed in the Four Simulators at the Christa McAuliffe Space Center

Alex Boye'
 visited the Christa McAuliffe Space Center last summer and just released the video that was filmed at the Space Center. Can you recognize all four simulators?

Jon Parker Loses his Locks and Suffers for It

Jon Parker before the big cut and after

     This is one of those side comments for all you Jon Parker fans. Jon is the CMSC's assistant director.  Jon has succumbed to both family and peer pressure (mostly family) and cut his hair.  I knew the day would come when the locks would have to go. Why Starfleet put up with them for so long no one knows. 
     I overheard a water cooler comment from those who work with Jon on a daily basis that his flight directing has slipped a bit after the big cut. I attribute it to the Samson complex. Intertwined in that thick mane was his confidence just like Samson's strength was locked into his long hair.  Jon cut his hair and the result: a non threatening case of microphoneobia emerges. 

     Jon was in denial until his fellow flight directors held an intercession on his behalf. He was brought into James Porter's office and told to pick up James's ACME Voice Blaster 2000 microphone.  First came the shaking, then the sweat, broken voice, and hives. In a whimpering voice, Jon finally admitted what everyone around him suspected.  
The ACME VoiceBlaster 2000 on Mr. Porter's desk
     Because microphoneobia is so rare, especially the type brought on by the cutting of hair, there are no support groups for the condition. Instead, Jon has joined a general phobia support group which meets weekly at the local junior high. He's doing well and has made a few friends: an anatidaephoic and an allodoxaphobic, both of whom are rumored to be wanting to volunteer at the Space Center in the future.

     We all support Jon as he works through the issue at hand. As a good friend and former boss, I even complimented him on a recent telling of Event Horizon. It took everything I had to do it, but I did. I did it for Jon.  


What is This Worth in Today's Christa McAuliffe Space Center Gift Shop?
     Clint Sanderson posted this picture on Facebook the other day. With the photo was the question, "What is this worth with inflation?"   
     Clint attended Central Elementary and was one of my top Space Center volunteers back in the 1990's when these gift shop credits were a thing. He played the first 'Horace' when the Voyager mission "Hunt for Horace" was told. Volunteers were given credits for working. The sugar in the gift shop was all priced in credits. Earn enough credits and the candy shop was yours! 

     Today Clint works as a special education teacher at Shelley Elementary School in American Fork. His kids go to school at Central. 

Clint striking his typical pose

     In his spare time Clint likes to ride around PG in his very cool motorbike.  So don't be surprised if he stops by the Space Center some afternoon after work asking to exchange the credit for a nice box of 36 Snickers or Twixs.  You've been warned. Don't disappoint him.  

The Long Lost Liquid Nitrogen Container was Found After All These Years

     Years ago I bought a liquid nitrogen container (they are expensive) for Jennifer Remy to use for  her summer camp science demonstrations.  A few weeks in the summer the canister sprung a leak. I sent it back and a replacement was sent.  The replacement came at the end of the camp season so I left it in the box and put it somewhere and promptly forgot where that somewhere was. 
     Several weeks ago Brandon Pace walked into the Space Center's office with a big brown cardboard box he'd found down in the school's catacombs.  "I think this is a Space Center thing," he said handing it to James. Inside the box was the lost canister.  How it got from the Briefing Room to the fallout shelter is a unanswerable question; I'm just glad it was found and can fulfil its purpose.  

Imaginarium Theater
The Best Videoettes From Around the World Edited for a Gentler Audience.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The Final Artwork is In. See the New Christa McAuliffe Space Center. This is it Folks. Isn't it Awesome! The Imaginarium.

Last night at the Space Center Advisory Board meeting Dr. Vicki Carter unveiled the final drawings of the new Space Center just released by the architects and YOU get to see it first.  

"Wow,!" about sums it up.  Look at how far we've come as a Space Center community; from poster board controls and overhead projector in 1983 to the opening of the Voyager in 1990, then several more simulators from 1991 to 2013, and now to this next phase in what will be a long future of space education for the students in the Alpine School District.  

The district is nearly ready to fence off Central Elementary's playground so construction can start in a couple weeks. The new Space Center and Central School should be ready to open a year from next month.  Mr. Porter is looking into installing a construction cam so die hard Space Center fans can keep up with the latest in construction updates. 

Fund Raising

I've heard from a reputable source that another significant donation is on its way.  If you want your donation amount doubled and receive the connected benefits below you need to donate soon!

As always, funds are needed to outfit the simulators properly.  Any amount helps.  Go to to learn how you can contribute to the Space Center's new dream ships.  

Or use this quick handy dandy code to get to the website:

The Imaginarium