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Friday, August 17, 2018

The Christa McAuliffe Space Center Holds its Summer Honors Night. See Who Made the Grade and Which Ship Took the Coveted Top Ship Award. The Imaginarium.

     Last Thursday the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center held another Honor's Night to recognize the outstanding work performed by the Center's staff and volunteers.  The Troubadour was there to cover the star studded event.  

     Nathan Young Greeted me outside the Discovery Room sporting his old lanyard and volunteering card from the Center's Voyager Era (1990-2013).  Many of you kind readers are former staff and volunteers. You too have your lanyard bedazzled with your simulator pins, years of service pins, and your volunteering card.  My director's lanyard is home, safe and secure but sadly missing an Odyssey simulator pin.  Sadly, there are none to be hand.  Nathan has an Odyssey pin.  I need an Odyssey pin. Knowing he would never part with his Odyssey pin,  I ran several scenarios through my mind thinking of a way to separate his pin from his lanyard without his knowledge.  
     "Nathan, your pins need a good polish. I can do that for you. Why don't I take your lanyard home, polish those pins up a treat, and bring it back."  He looked confused. "It's the least I could do for someone who's given so much to the Space Center."  
     In the end, we parted company.  One of us no happier than when he arrived and one very much frustrated.  

     Some things never change.  Take a close look at the picture above.  What do you see?  If you noticed that the older senior staff, along with a few select senior volunteers, are gathered at the back of the room and the younger newer volunteers sit towards the front of the room, then you'd be correct.  The younglings turn around from time to time - watching and listening to the elders of the tribe.  Each face shows a longing for the day when an owl delivers their invitation to cross the River Styx into the Elysian Fields.   

         Honor's Night started at 7:00 P.M. sharp.  The room was full and alive with chatter, laughter, and the telling of tales both true and exaggerated.  

     Space Center Director James Porter was the Master of Ceremonies.  He took one final sip from his perch high on the instructional platform before calling the babble to attention. 


     Item number one:  Come to work and volunteer in uniform. No exceptions.  Volunteer Livy was his model for the right and wrong way to dress.

     Item number 2:  The Grumpy Pants.  Lindsey modeled the newest accessory to the Space Center's wardrobe department - the Grumpy Pants.  Apparently the stress of summer missions and camps stacked one upon the other was too much for some, resulting in paper thin patience ,which in turn led to increased grumpiness between the the staff and volunteers.  Mr. Porter's solution - the Grumpy pants.  
     The new rule at the Space Center. If you're exhibiting signs of grumpiness, you'll be invited to proceed to Mr. Porter's office to put on the grumpy pants.  They will be worn for 30 minutes minimum or until all signs of grumpiness disappear.   

     Item Three:  Welcome to Dug, the Space Center's new director of curriculum. Dug was a junior high science teacher in the Alpine District before retiring.  James Porter was one of his students back in the day.  Dug has been brought out of retirement to take this position.  He will be an outstanding addition to the CMSC staff and will contribute to the Center's mission to maintaining the honor of being the best field trip in the state of Utah.  

     Tabitha Long was introduced as the Space Center's new Outreach Director.  Tabitha has been a part of the Space Center family for several years.  Her primary duty is to oversee the Center's Departments and all other duties as assigned.  Yes, she will fly the odd Odyssey mission from time to time as well.   

     Lindsey (center) will be stepping down as head of the Acting Department.  Taking her place are Katie and Nathan.  Yes, she was doing the work of two people.  What an amazing person!  Katie and Nathan received their purple Acting Department shirts.

     JJ received his Galileo Pass and pin from Galileo Set Director Erin.

     Jon was happy to award Tyler his Phoenix pass and pin.  YES!  The Space Center has brought back staff and volunteer lanyards - the perfect place to put your honors.

     Mr. Porter gave out the Apprentice Starfighter patches for the 100 hour volunteers.

     Tyler and Zoe received their 500 volunteer hours Hitchhiker patch.

     Alexis and JJ received the 1000 volunteer hour Defender of the Universe patch.

     Those few, brave, dedicated souls who volunteer for 2000 hours are inducted into the Society of Time Lords.  I'm a member. Jon Parker is a member, and now Mason Perry is a member.  The Time Lord presentation started with a new video from the James Porter production studio. The video showed current Time Lords calling all other Time Lords from across the universe to attendance to welcome the new Time Lord.  
     Mason was pleased and chose to celebrate the occasion by wearing all his Time Lord time keeping devices which have been highlighted on The Troubadour over the past few years.  
     Of course those of us in the 'know' know Mason is a true Time Lord.  His true identity was exposed to the world in a few Troubadour posts.  He parks his Tardis in the Voyager's crew quarters when making visits to Earth.  If you ask nicely, he may give you a ride to visit your favorite time period in Earth's history.  He gave me my wish last year.  We did a grand European Middle Ages tour to study the effects of the Bubonic Plague on a widespread population in person.  

     And just when you thought Mason was honored enough, out came a blue supervisor shirt.  Mason is now the Space Center's newest Blue Shirt.  He couldn't be happier.  It has been a long time coming!

     Scott and Lissa both received their Journeyman 5 Years of Service patch.  Lissa was absent so word is that Scott took both patches to give himself a full 10 years of service!

     Scott received a pillowcase - bringing back another tradition from the Space Center's Voyager Era.
     Lindsey will be leaving the Center to attend USU in Logan and was awarded a blanket to keep her warm on those long northern Utah winter nights.

     JJ was given the much desired Lord of the Summer Votes trophy.  He got the most up votes from this summer's campers for his work, attitude, and friendliness.   

     Sam got the much smaller trophy.  This is the "He Who Would Have Had An Excellent Chance of Becoming Lord of the Votes if Had Managed to Attend a Few More Camps" trophy.  Sam had a busy summer in the real world and was missed by his co-workers at the Space Center.

     Wow, this trophy speaks for itself.  Nathan Young winning the Best Flight Director trophy for the 2018 summer camp season.  Congratulations Nathan!

     The Best Summer Story trophy went to the Odyssey's "Unto Dust" mission.  

     Finally, the grandest of all trophies.  The Top Simulator of the Summer based on camper surveys this summer went to the Odyssey.  Congratulations to the Odyssey flight directors:  Nathan. Tabitha, and Lindsey.

The Imaginarium