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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Attend a Thorium Tactical Creation Workshop (All You Mission Writers). See the Latest Pictures of the New Starship Hyperion at Telos Academy. The Ship is Nearly Ready for Launch. The Starship Titan, the Little Ship that Could is a Hit at the Provo Stem Festival.

Space EdVenturing Community, Come Learn How to Make Your Own Tactical Stakes in Thorium Masterpiece. A Workshop Just for You Sponsored by Farpoint, and Taught by Thorium Creator Alex Anderson 

A Thorium Masterpiece Tactical Screen

Many of you know that I’m working on a new set of starship simulator controls called Thorium. Not only is Thorium designed to replace the ship controls, but will also be able to take the place of viewscreen software like TSG and Masterpiece Tactical. Imagine having your tactical completely in sync with your simulator - shields, damaged systems, thruster movements, and more! That’s what Thorium hopes to offer.

Masterpiece Tactical made it possible to make tactical screens on the fly and display whatever you want during the mission. TSG made it possible to create playlists of view screens which could be shared between simulators. Thorium encapsulates the best of both into a system that makes it easy to create mission timelines for specific missions and show dynamic content on the fly. 

I’m putting on a training for creating Tacticals with Thorium this month. We’ll cover the basics of making these timelines and how to use them during a mission. Anyone interested in Thorium or making tacticals is welcome to attend!

When: Thursday, March 29 @ 7:00pm
Where: USS Voyager at Renaissance Academy

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!

Alex Anderson

The Jumpship Hyperion, The Latest Pictures of a new Ship of the Line in the Final Stages of Construction at the Telos Station Shipyards

The Hyperion's Bridge
I beamed aboard the Jumpship Hyperion on Wednesday for a surprise inspection. Admiral Ryan Anderson and his Telos Discovery officers were assembled for their weekly command meeting.  I found the Hyperion in the final stages of construction.  With the painting complete, along with the majority of the lighting, furniture, and other essentials (including the ship's Jump Engine Core), the Hyperion's launch date is fast approaching and will be ready to join the Jumpships Voyager, Apollo, Artemis, Leo, Everest, Valiant, and Dauntless in patrolling Assembly space and protecting Earth's interests at Capital Pointe. 

My tour started in the Hyperion's Ready Room and Engineering Station.  The entrance to the room is through the small darkroom door seen along the wall on the right side of the photo.  A large conference table will replace the work table once the room is complete.  The engineering station is on the left through the half wall. 

The Hyperion's JumpCore

The engineering station's main feature is the ship's jumpcore recently installed by the Maeson Busk and Associates Jump Core Industries, a subsidiary of the Outland Corporation.  The Hyperion's core is the same model used on the Jumpship Voyager at Farpoint. Yes, the Outland Corporation has its hands in every aspect of ship construction and outfitting.  It is the ACME of the future. 

Looking from the Jumpcore towards the opposite wall one sees the airlock entrance on the left along with the conference room viewscreen.  Admiral Anderson is near the exit, a door never to be used during a mission unless of a real emergency requiring rapid egress. 

A closer look at the Conference Room's airlock entrance

The tour continued.  From the Conference Room one moves into the Brig / Decontamination Zone before passing through another airlock and into the Hyperion's Bridge proper.  Admiral Anderson is pointing out a Brig feature (the Brig entrance is to the right as one enters the zone).  

The Brig at the end of the Decontamination Hal

The Hyperion Brig. Just try to escape this beauty.
The main airlock separating the Brig / Decontamination Zone and the Bridge

This large airlock connects the Brig / Decontamination and Conference Room to the Bridge. Admiral Maeson Busk of Farpoint's Discovery Fleet (Everest and Dauntless) demonstrated its use and did a fine job of it as well.  The Hyperion Bridge has a striking similarity to the Voyager's Bridge (Farpoint Renaissance) - the ceiling. 


The rounded recessed ceilings of the Voyager and Hyperion seem to be an Assembly standard for ship's of this class.  Admiral Anderson is sitting in the Hyperion captain's chair.  The communication's officers has a nice semi-secluded workzone behind that diamond plated half wall. 

The Starship Voyager's Bridge and curved ceiling. Renaissance Academy.

Ask to be the communication's officer when you fly the Hyperion; it is the safest place on the bridge in case of Orion Pirate attack. 

I took the picture above from the communication station.  Admiral Nathan King of the Lionsgate Fleet (Apollo, Artemis, and Leo) stands in the light on the left of the photo. He is inspecting the workmanship of the ship's main viewer.  

I went up to join him from the other side. You'll see that a great deal of thought went into the Hyperion's design, especially in regards to maintenance.  Notice the large amounts of polished metal surfaces which are perfect for those many inner ship phaser battles this front line ship will see in the coming years. One must also take into consideration hyperjump accidents. Sometimes one of the fleet's younger and inexperienced officers will fail to take proper steps in preparing for a jump into hyperspace.  Those type of unfortunate accidents do take a heavy toll on a ship's walls. 

Admiral Busk comments on the durability of the metaled wall in case of an unsecured officer's large impact
during a hyperjump

Admiral Anderson explains the soon to be installed tri-leveled bunk beds soon to be installed to Admiral King

Just behind the captain's chair is another bridge exit leading to the Hyperion's Bridge Sickbay.  Having a bridge sickbay is ideal for mission story telling.  The sick, injured and dying crew member can have his suffering somewhat tempered by hearing everything happening on the bridge - a great form of mental distraction.

The back end of the Hyperion's sickbay
The Jumpship Hyperion is a Farpoint Ship, meaning its stories are set in the Farpoint Universe.  The official launch date is not set so please continue to monitor these frequencies to learn more about the event.  Who knows, you may even be given a VIP pass for a special tour and ticket to the ceremony. Watch this blog and the Telos Discovery Space Center Facebook site for further details.

Admiral Williamson
Farpoint Renaissance

The Starship Titan was the Star of the Provo Stem Festival

The Provo Stem Festival at the Recreation Center
In my Saturday travels I made it a point to stop at the Provo Recreation Center to say hello to our three intrepid officers manning the Starship Titan's demonstration missions for the Provo Stem Festival.

If a Provo Stem Festival parton wanted a mission on the Titan last Saturday, you needed to get in line to receive a mission time and stamp on your Stem passport.  It was a busy busy place as seen in the photo above. 

The sign from the Provo Recreation Center's main gym showing the way to the Titan for the demonstration missions
  This was the way out of the main gym and out to the Titan.

The Titan was parked in the back of the center which was a good thing. It was the only place that had an open parking place; that is how crowded it was on Saturday.  Not only was the Provo Rec full of its regular Saturday fitness folks, it was also the home of the Provo Stem Festival.  Parking was just not to be had, unless you know this out of the way staff parking lot in the back. 

Of course the Titan looks cool.  I call it "The Little Ship that Could" in honor of its predecessor from centuries ago.

The Titan goes all over the country demonstrating the magic of simulator based experiential education.  It is jointly used by the Telos Discovery Space Center and InfiniD, the Titan's owner.

The Saturday Titan Team: Jennie Steeneck, Pariss Rose, and Admiral Maeson Busk
A new crew had just boarded. Maeson was giving them the quick introduction to the Space Edventuring Community before wishing them luck on their journey

The crews were excited.  There was electricity in the air (which could have come from a downed warp core conduit as well)

Maeson Busk with Spence Baird
Not only was the Titan busy on Saturday for the Provo Stem Festival, the ship was also running missions over The Point of the Mountain Wednesday night for the Summit Academy Independence Stem festival.  Maeson and Spencer flew the Titan through rain, hail, and snow thanks to the storm front that passed through that evening - which made for some interesting mission elements.  There was also the harrowing ordeal of towing the Titan up there by the Little Truck that Could driven by the Little Man that Could......somehow the comparison fails with that last one....

I'll try again, by the Mighty Man that Could!


Mr. W. 

Theater Imaginarium
The Best Gifs of the Week Edited for a Gentler Audience

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Pictures from the Overnight Camps of the Space Center's Voyager Era (1990-2012). Post From the Past: October 2001. So Many Memories to Relive and Enjoy. That Mission "Saladin" First Mentioned. The Imaginarium.

The Overnight Camp Breakfast During the CMSEC's Voyager Era (1990-2012). You Couldn't Go Wrong with
Sunny D., Gogurts, Oranges, Bananas, and Walmart Glazed Donuts (2007)

Hello Troubadours!
Saturday posts are usually reserved for the Posts from the Past Series. These are the posts that bring fond, nostalgic memories to the old time staff and volunteers. These post are also intended to teach the current and future staff and volunteers the history of this great educational movement. Please spread the word and encourage the current generation of volunteers and staff to read these posts and appreciate the work and talents of those who came before and pioneered this program they love so well.  

Today I present the historical posts from October 2001 taken from the now closed YahooGroup Space EdVentures, the Space Center's first blog and online community.  

Along with these posts are pictures showing campers on the CMSEC's long running Overnight Camp programs.  I'm grateful the overnight camp program has survived at the Telos Discovery Space Center.  

May I also suggest you play a song or two from the selections at the top of the right side bar while you look at the photos and read the posts.  The music is from the Space Center's web site from the time. It played automatically when you went to the site.  

Thank you,
Mr. Williamson

The Odyssey's Overnight Campers

Post from the Past. The Space Center Journal.
October 7, 2001

Central Gets a New Secretary.  The Supernova Field Trip Program is In the Groove and Doing Well. The United States Attacks Afghanistan.  The War Against Terrorism Has Begun. 

Hello Troops,
The Journal for the week. I'm sad to report that our school secretary, Ruth Huish, has given 
Dr. Jacobsen her 2 week notice.
Stepping into Jena's shoes was very difficult and demanded more time than Ruth had to give. Ruth's family needs her. There are health issues with her father and son. I want to thank Ruth for working so hard , putting in hours and hours of her own time on Saturdays and evenings trying to stay ahead and learn not only the school's booking but the Space Center's.

The USS Voyager

This week the I make the announcement - the Supernova Mission is in the groove!  I received confirmation of that from Lorraine on Tuesday; and I agree. We know what we are doing. The learning curve is flat. The kids are getting a good program - a program we can all be proud of.  Everyday as I set up the lesson materials and start the Voyager I stand amazed at what we do. Teachers find our programs so compelling and important that they are willing to suspend their normal routine, organize a field trip including bus, meals, and 
money collecting - sometimes even paying for students if the students cannot afford the visit themselves, and come to the Space Center. Remember, teachers are under pressure daily to accomplish the state mandated curriculum goals so their field trips must be important enough to justify the time out of class. visit to the Space Center, in the opinion of the vast majority of teachers that come to the Center, is well worth the time. During the day they experience a fantastic lesson and planetarium show presented by Lorraine Houston and Fred Olsen. They thrill in the simulators under the watchful eye and acting of David Merrell, 
Lorraine Houston, Jennifer Remy, and Kyle Herring
along with 70 volunteers from Central's fifth and sixth grades. Thank you to all that make this possible and thank you from the teachers that attend. 

Please remember as I stated last week. There is nothing the Center does more important than the daytime field trip program. 

The LDS conference I've been listening to as I write this was just interrupted by a speech by Pres. Bush. The attack on the Taliban has begun. Let me make an important point here. If you ever wonder why a person should work hard in school and get a good education just look at this group called Taliban. I wonder if this organization has anyone in it with an IQ higher than the length of their beards in inches. An educated person would understand 
the fact that if you are associated with the people responsible for an attack on the United States then you had better cooperate, beg for forgiveness, and give the terrorist up at once. These religiously retarded people (no insult to the Islamic faith because the Taliban doesn't even seem to understand their own religion - hence religiously retarded) would rather see the destruction of their cities, radio stations, airports, electrical plants, etc then to give up the terrorists and abandon support for their goals and operations. An education saves one from stupidity, and anchors your brain in reality. An education fortifies your intelligence from 
the arguments and persuasions from lunatics and fanatics. I wish no luck to the Taliban and the Terrorists, instead I'm glad to see the day coming when we send this group to the cesspool of ignorance. 

The irony of the situation is unbelievable. I'm switching back and forth between conference and CNN. On one hand I'm hearing the Tab Choir singing about prayer and its power to change darkness into day and then with a press of a button I see a map of Afghanistan and hear reports of explosions. The Japanese commander was right when he said, "I'm afraid we have awoken a sleeping giant." The strength of this nation lies in our faith, our beliefs, and our determination to do what is right. 

A Voyager Security Guard a bit too scared of the "Shadow" on a Voyager Overnight Mission. He's sitting in the
Voyager Control Room on the bench behind the flight director and IIFX.  How many hours did you spend
sitting on that bench as a young volunteer?

For many of you, our younger volunteers and staff, this will be the first war you will experience. When I was your age the country was involved in the Vietnam War. Every night the news would show death and destruction. There were protests on the college 
campuses and in the streets. There was fear that the draft would take your loved ones away. War is not glamorous but ugly. War brings death not only to the guilty but to the innocent. Most unfortunately, war is necessary to defend our freedom and our freedom to live free of fear with our rights intact. Your life will change because of this. You will have to grow up a bit sooner. 

Take your place as a good citizen. Work hard to get the good education I spoke of earlier. Find your place to contribute in this society. Education is the key to understanding. Education will free you from the philosophies of terror and fear that rear their ugly head from time to time in history. 

I've written enough and my thanks to any of you that have actually read up to this point.

Thank you for dedication to what we do. 

Mr. Williamson

It's 7:15 A.M.  Time to wake up the Campers!  The Boys slept in the gym this
camp. Usually they slept in the Voyager and the girls slept in the gym.  The Voyager always went
to the larger of the two groups, boys or girls.  You can see the staff volunteer starting to
take down the cots.

Post from the Past. Dave Wall's Pathfinder Needs a New Home.
October 10, 2001

Last month I was informed by the principal of Bonneville Elementary that the Pathfinder must be moved from the school grounds. Apparently, the buildings and grounds department has determined that the fire department does not have adequate clearance to have access to the rear of the school. Obviously, this took me by surprise, but I believe it will much better for the program in the long run.

Discussions are currently underway with three interested parties. No decision has yet been made. I am willing to discuss options with other interested schools, districts or organizations, so if you know of anyone who might be interested, let me know who they are or send them my direction. I can be contacted at

I have put some information about the program and my humble self in an email that I will send to the Pathfinderspace egroup after this one. I have also put up some photos in the photo section of the Pathfinderspace egroup. Please spread them around. I am looking forward to using this opportunity to promote the Pathfinder program and opening up new prospects for the future!

Thanks for all of your support,

The campers drag themselves out of their cots and onto the cold gym floor. 

Post from the Past. Historical Milepost. The First Posting Regarding the Utah County Plastic Modelling Club Which has Met Continuously Since and Current Meets at Farpoint.
October 10, 2001

Hello Troops,
Several of you have sent me a message asking for more information about the advancement system. Here are a few answers.

1. First read about level advancement in the egroup file section.
2. All past hours spent doing a level 3 mission count. If you've done a level 3 mission in the past please check your entry in the database section of the egroup to see if I've listed it. It will look like this (L3: a number). If I haven't then send an email telling me when you did your level 3 mission. How many hours and in what simulator. 
3. Classes? As you've noticed rank and level advancement also requires class hours. May I suggest 2 classes that are open to all ages. Military History taught by Mr. Daymont and Bronze Rocketry taught by Mrs. Remy. You are also welcome to take any class listed on our flyer ( then click on the EdVenture Camp button). Blue Shirts get a 50% discount. Voyagers get a 40% discount. Pioneers get a 30% discount. Waiting 
Volunteers get a 10% discount. 

Those of you that are interested in plastic modelling can come to the new plastic modelling club meeting at the Space Center. Mr. Daymont and Mr. Schuler will be running that club. There is no charge for the plastic modelling club. Other classes and workshops will be announced throughout the year. 
4. Remember to work hard toward your simulator pass offs. 

I encourage all volunteers at the Space Center to work toward advancement. If you have any other questions please post them to the egroup and I'll answer them publicly. 

Thanks Troops,
Mr. Williamson

The Staff take down the cots and put them away under the stage. As director, my greatest
fear in the take down process was someone having a finger cut off when pushing the
cots back under the stage.  The staff knew to back away and let an older staff member
push the cots back under the stage.

Post from the Past. Space Center Journal.
October 14, 2001

Happy Birthday to Randy, Justin Leavitt, Jason Hills, and Kevin Anderson. Dealing with Fifth Graders on the Voyager. The Falcon Flies its First Overnight Mission. The Galileo Back to Field Trips for the 2001 Season. The Super Saturday Program Starts.

Hello Troops,
First of all a Happy Birthday to the following staff and volunteers who had a birthday this last week.

Randy Jepperson: Randy has been doing extremely well he also did Central a great favor. Randy was willing to take on a school sweeper job so Ryan Davis and Josh Webb could have a substitute. He filled in for Ryan when Ryan's foot was out of action. Yes, he is paid a good salary but it is 2 hours daily work in addition to his overnight missions. Randy is also very attentive of his work. Thanks Randy for a job well done!

Justin Leavitt: Justin had a birthday the previous week and I forgot to mention it in the journal. Happy Birthday Justin. Justin is one well rounded kid with an interest in almost everything. One thing I enjoy about Justin is his love for history. History is a passion of 
mine. Justin is a star athlete at Lakeridge Junior High and academically gifted. We haven't seen much of Justin since the school year started because of track but the season is drawing to a close.  Sir Speedy, Justin Leavitt, will be back in the ranks of Starfleet 

Jason Hills: Happy Birthday Jason! You may be wondering who is Jason Hills? Jason is another one of our very busy Blue Shirts. He is involved in a lot of things at Orem High School. Jason is an accomplished actor performing in several school and community dramas yearly. I've seen his work - it is good. Jason is the hands down kindest soul that has ever worked at the Space Center. Jason is the perfect example of what a good LDS young man should be like (if you are not LDS then ignore the last comment). 

Kevin Anderson: Happy Birthday Kevin! I don't know Kevin very well yet. Kevin is one of our new Voyagers! Good Job Kevin! Kevin is one the Space Center's SS (Silent Squad). The SS are good at sitting and watching but not jumping in and monopolizing a conversation. I did learn one thing about Kevin this last week. He hates scout camp outs. I'm hearing multiple "Amens!" coming from the egroup on that one. Kevin may be like me in that regard. I love camping out if I have one of those super deluxe motor homes with sauna, big screen TV, and surround sound Dolby stereo so you can play your Soothing Sounds Outdoors Babbling Brook with Thunderstorm CD with the doors and windows shut so you don't have to listen to the real outdoors. 

We've had a good week this week at the Space Center. We've serviced the following schools in the Field Trip program:
Rocky Mountain Elementary
Windsor Elementary 
Edgemont Elementary
Sharon Elementary

Once up, the campers stowed their gear in the gym along the walls and headed to the bathrooms.
The girls are lining up outside the gym bathrooms as they return their stuff to the gym after sleeping in the Voyager.

Mostly fifth graders this week. Yes, a challenge. Sometimes it gets to the point where I wish I had a red button I could push for the classes that are lacking the ability to understand. An example - I had a girl sitting at the telephone station. Taped training started. 5 minutes later I noticed her sitting there listening to her tape. She was still on her log in screen! I walked down and asked why she wasn't doing what the tape said. "Oh, am I supposed to do what this says?" she said with a stupor on her face. I grabbed a tissue and wiped the 
dribble from the corner of her mouth, rewound the tape, and told her to push play and do everything the tape said. I had another boy at the engineering station. He was listening away as was everyone else during training. Soon I noticed he wasn't asking me the usual questions the engineer is suppose to ask me during training. Odd, I thought and walked over to the engineering station. Yes, he was listening to the tape but was still on the sign in screen. "Oh no, not another one of them!" I cried in a loud internal voice. I climbed the ladder, took the tape player and asked him why he wasn't doing what the tape said.  "It doesn't say anything," was his reply. I took the tape out and discovered it had been rewound to the opposite side. He had sat there for 10 minutes listening to nothing but silence! I grabbed a tissue and wiped the dribble from the corner of his mouth, rewound the 
tape, and told him to push play and do everything the tape said. 

Campers in the Galileo

A special THANK YOU to Kyle Herring and his friend Mark for coming in and saving our bacon while Fred Olsen has been vacationing in Mexico. Oh, another first for the school year. The Galileo was used this last week for the first time with the A.L.L gifted class from Sharon Elementary. The Galileo rides again. Lorraine has been doing all of the classes and is more than ready for Fred to return. Aaron Yeager will be coming back to the Center to resume his Odyssey Private Mission program. Aaron sat in on Lorraine's class one day this last week. Afterwards he approached me on the Voyager bridge while I was preparing 
for the next class. He handing me a paper he needed faxed and them told me how good Lorraine was with the kids and in presenting the material. 

Stephen Porter continues to improve the Voyager. This week he installed a new program on all of the computers. This program allows me to command all of the bridge computers to play certain pre-programmed sound effects at the same time. It is superb! The lucky kids soon to do the Shadows Overnight Mission will be freaked out by some of the sounds he has created. 

On their way to the Cafeteria for breakfast

Jennifer Remy is doing fine on the bridge and has reached the point of familiarity. She is coming up with time saving ideas to streamline training and reducing the amount of help the kids need during a mission. Look forward to new and improved Voyager bridge training and 
mission performance. 

The Falcon opened for overnighters this last weekend. Mark Daymont did it without Bill Schuler. Special thanks to Stephen, Metta, and Sean for helping make it a great experience for the kids. 

I've restocked the candy counter. Happy Day!

Saturday was also the first Super Saturday EdVenture for the school year. 11 students arrived at 8:00 A.M. for a 3 hour lesson with Jennifer Remy. After lunch they enjoyed a Magellan private mission and finished the day with Mark Daymont in the Starlab. The Super Saturday EdVenture is an excellent way to build your rank advancement class hours. Perhaps I should also warn all that enter the Magellan to look for the new hole in the wall 
Enough said.........


OK that is that. Hailing Frequencies Out.

Mr. Williamson

Post from the Past. The Acting Roles for the Voyager Mission Supernova
October 14, 2001

Hello Troops,
From now on there will be 2 new positions for afterschool Voyager Supernova Missions. 

1. Romulan Official: This demanding acting role puts you in charge of watching the Voyager to be sure it is following all of the rules of the neutral zone. You will be on the ship mostly keeping the Ambassador and security busy. You will be rude and arrogant. Your acting roles include the following:
      A. Standing near the captain while the computer says a code is needed to enter the         Neutral Zone or the ship's engines will be shut down automatically. While the captain and first office search for the code you will remind them that stopping the engines before entering the zone could be looked at as a violation of the treaty. 
     B. Once in the neutral zone you wander the bridge commenting on how better Romulan ships and technology are compared to Federation. You do this quietly and one on one to any crewman that looks a bit board. 

     C. Things heat up once the sensors officer sees the Paklid ship in the zone. The Ambassador will be told on his headphone to get you off the bridge and distract you 
while the captain deals with the Paklids intruders. You will of course follow along until you grow suspicious. You could have fun with this. Of course you are not to know about the Paklids but you can come very close to finding out to cause them a great deal of
     D. Once you are parked in the Asteroid Belt the Romulan will be snoop near the Paklid. You ask the Paklid questions until you discover they were in the neutral zone and have a ship parked in the shuttle bay. You are the one that arranges for the brig lights to go out so the Paklid could escape and take his ship out.
     E. Of course you throw an complete fit with Jenkins shows up and they discover his identity. When Marcus asks the Ambassador who is in the shuttle and the Ambassador hesitates to answer you shout out Jenkins.The kids will grow to hate you. 
     F. After the supernova explosion you beg the Ambassador and captain to save the lives of Marcus and his crew. When they agree you thank them and apologize for your 
behaviour. You are the one that calls Marcus and tells him that the Federation will save them. 

     G. During the Black Hole scene you are the one that shouts out when the Romulan ship attaches the tractor beam and saves the Voyager.

2. Security Chief: This person works as a third security guard on the Voyager and assists the regular security officers. We need someone that can retrain them on the computers and lead them around so they do the right things, say the right things, and be in the right place at the right time. You supervise the handling of the Romulan visitor and the questioning of the Paklid and scientist. 

These parts will required a great deal of impromptu acting. If interested send in a request and the Voyager mission date you are interested in working.

Thanks Troops!
Mr. Williamson

Post from the Past. The Space Center Journal
October 21, 2001
Fred Olsen Returns. A Private School Messes Up. The Space Center Hosts a Slovakian Children's Choir. Central Elementary Faculty Does a Mission. The Voyager Returns to the Overnight Camps with Shadows. Happy Birthday Alan and Jameson. After Overnight Camp Gym Returns.

Hello Troops,
A quiet week for us at the Space Center. Mr. Olsen came back to regular daytime work. He has been on vacation in Mexico for the last 2 weeks. Another special thank you to Kyle and Marc for filling in the last few weeks.

Wednesday was an interesting day. A private school was scheduled to come with 1 class for the daytime field trip. There arrival time was to be 9:45 A.M. I grew concerned when they hadn't arrived by 10:15 A.M. especially knowing the school was located in American Fork. I called the school to make inquiries. The headmaster answered the phone. He was surprised to learn the arrival time was 9:45 A.M. He thought it was 10:45 A.M. I asked him if he had read the teaching materials. "No," was the response. I kindly and carefully explained the importance to preparing the children BEFORE they arrive at the Center. I explained further that time wouldn't allow a mission, lesson, and planetarium show. A compromise was reached. Their class came and received the lesson and planetarium show and will return at a later date for the mission.

Later on Wednesday the Space Center hosted a Slovakian Children's Choir. The choir was touring Utah as part of an Olympic touring program. Central Elementary was to host a choir from Austria but that appearance was canceled because many of the children's parents withdrew them due to recent events (terrorists, airplanes, etc.) The Slovakian
Choir sang at Grovecrest Elementary in the A.M. and came to the Center to tour in the P.M. The choir was composed of 23 teen girls and 11 adult chaperones. I took them on a 45 minute tour complete with music and sound effect demonstrations. I enjoyed torturing the translator. I explained the ships and the universe using the technical terms. The
translator was often without words for most of it. To my amazement some of the girls who watched Star Trek on their local station were able to help the translator. They left a CD of their music. Anyone interested?

Thursday was another interesting day. We hosted 2 fifth grade classes from Northridge. At 4:00 P.M. came the Central Faculty Flight. 17 of our own teachers entered the briefing room in good spirits and ready for a fine time. 12 of them were placed in the Magellan.
The others were assigned to Mr. Merrell and the Odyssey for Gourmet Torture.
had a great time! The stories they told after the missions during the communal supper were remarkable! They had nothing but praise for us. The stories were still circulating all day Friday.

Friday was like a rain storm in the desert - something rare; The Voyager flew in the overnight mission! Yes my friends - I've had 5 weeks off and enjoyed the peaceful rest of getting caught up. But all good things must come to an end. I was wondering if I would remember the Shadows mission. I did with help from Brady Young, Matt Long., AJ Birrell and Richard Orcutt. I actually had a pretty good crew. I love the mission but enjoy it even more now that we have the sound effects Stephen Porter incorporated into each Imac and the new Shadow costume complete with oozing blood through a chest plate skeleton. I think we did a good job of Freaking the crew out.

This last week we celebrated two birthdays. Alan Johnson and Jameson McDougal. Happy Birthday to both Voyagers!!!!!!

Saturday saw the return of Gym. Several of the staff stayed after the overnight mission and played the favorites and learned a new game the staff used to play years ago.

That is all. One more week gone. Halloween is coming quickly. I've had several staff ask if we are going to have a Halloween party. I'm not sure. Any suggestions?

Have a Good Week everyone. And feel free to post additions to this week's Journal if there are things I didn't mention.

Mr. Williamson

Time to line up for breakfast

Post from the Past. The Space Center Journal
October 28, 2001

A School Gets Lost. The Summer Camp Schedule is Finished. I Write that Mission - Saladin. Mr. Williamson Blows his Top When Someone Changes his Voice Settings. Chris Call Returns from the Philippines and is Set To Replace David Merrell as Odyssey Set Director. Stephen Porter is Just Awesome. So is Jennifer Remy. Brady Young Gets the Eagle Award.

Hello Troops,
I'm trying to remember something to say about last week. We flew on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. What do I remember about those days? I remember that Granite Elementary School got lost on its way here and ended up driving around Lindon. It was 10:20 A.M. when the bus finally arrived at the Center. They were only 35 minutes late. 
It was a short mission. It is amazing how little Tex said. 

We had Thursday and Friday off. I was planning on going to the NSTA (National Science Teachers Association) meeting. I neglected to register early and was facing a $200.00 dollar registration fee so I let the fee make the decision for me. I stayed at the school and caught up on a few things like:

     1. The summer schedule is finished. All camps are scheduled. We will have 2 five day camps. 4 of the 48 hour camps and several of the overnight camps. There is also a Day Camp thrown in for good measure. We all love those day camps.
     2. I wrote the Voyager's summer mission. Here is a snippet: A Federation Colony in danger of a home grown............ I told you it was a snippet. More to come? Yes, in June.
     3. I actually returned several phone calls. 
     4. I sat quietly.

Friday was the Level 3 overnight mission. We had the staff on their mission and a private flight for the Odyssey. My thoughts on the Level 3 mission.

1. It was the night of the school carnival. Happily the carnival was held outside. There was nowhere to park. I didn't care - I had my place. 

2. Not to make anyone feel bad.......but the steady, calm, reassuring voice of the Voyager's Central Computer was readjusted after 7 years. Mr. Williamson's blood pressure set new records. Steady breathing and the knowledge that sometimes change is good lead me back to my chair and to the web site of the Franciscan Brothers Monastery. Sometimes the life of a Franciscan seems so appealing but that part of 
giving up all worldly pleasure causes me to reevaluate my thoughts. 

3. I laid down to attempt slumber around midnight. Shortly a child came in (no, it wasn't Justin Leavitt) saying he was sick. I let the young camper call home."Mom, we met a Borg. I'm scared. I need to come home!" She didn't fall for it. 

4. I've never heard so much screaming, I'm talking screaming from 13 boys and 1 girl,screaming at the top of their lungs as they ran through the halls at speeds only attained by children so frightened their muscles are moving on pure adrenaline. Then I realized they were most likely just screaming for the sake of screaming. It was the crew, our brave staff, out in the halls on a landing party. I had to play the party pooper and quiet them down. It is amazing to see who the staff is more afraid of - me or the rabid clown. 
We welcome Chris Call back from his mission to the Philippines. Chris will be taking over the Odyssey once David Merrell leaves at the end of December. 

We want to say Happy Birthday to Jamie Catlett. Jamie has been on staff for a long time. She is currently at UVSC in the teacher training program. 

Mark Daymont finished his student teaching in Spanish Fork. Mark will be joining us for all afternoon missions.

Mrs. Remy has done an excellent job of rewriting the damage control stack of the Voyager so the station is easier to operate. Our fifth grade darlings were really struggling with the old wording. She also has created new pads for the Damage Control Station. 

Stephen Porter is just awesome. I want all of you to know that Stephen has been going above and beyond the call of duty. Stephen always comes into the Voyager during the day and helps out wherever needed. He has been a lifesaver on many occasions. Thank you Stephen. 

Stephen has also added a new feature to the Engineering station. The Voyager Engineer can now print his own damage reports when things are broken. 

Brady Young was awarded his Eagle Scout Award on Sunday. There was a real Bald Eagle present. The eagle handler spoke about the eagle and drew a comparison between the eagle and the Eagle award. I agreed with everything he said until he starting saying that Brady had those same qualities. That is where it fell apart for me. Charlie Heaton was there as well. I saw him shaking his head also. ;)

Good Job Brady!

Well, I guess there were a few things that happened last week. Thanks for your work and dedication to the Center. 

Mr. Williamson

The Imaginarium