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Sunday, November 10, 2019

Christa McAuliffe Space Center Honor's Night and Birthday Celebration. Josh Anderson Retires After 10 Years. Matt Ricks Finishes his 5 Years Sentence at Hard Labor. Jon Parker is Getting Older. Upcoming Space Center Weddings. The Imaginarium Theater and Memes.

Celebrating the Space Center's 29th Birthday with an Honor's Night. The Last Birthday in the Original Location
     Last Thursday was the last Space Center birthday to be held in the original Space Center.  The Space Center as we know and love will be gone next spring when the new Christa McAuliffe Space Center opens in the new Central Elementary / Space Center building currently under construction.  For that reason it was a bittersweet occasion.
     The call for an Honor's Night was issued on all subspace bands by CMSC director James Porter. Staff and volunteers from all corners of the Federation answered the call, travelling to the Home Port by any means possible be it star freighter, luxury liner, starship, or by Tardis as in the case of the Center's resident Time Lord.


     The gathering included the youngest  and the oldest - spanning the Space Center's full 29 years.  Mason's lanyards held the history in physical form. He wore both his old CMSEC lanyard (complete with the old simulator logo pins and Volunteer League Membership Card)  and his new lanyard with the simulator's new pins. 

     After a warm welcome, Mr. Porter drew everyone's attention to a recent picture of the new construction just to the west of the current building. "This is where the Cassini will be," he said.  

     The following slide showed the locations of the other simulators, including the "Future Ship" which is yet to be publicly named.  Yes, I know the name but I'm not a liberty to share that with you Troubadours at the present time.  Other slides showed a 3d model of the new Magellan and the new Cassini logo options.  

     In true democratic form, the assembled Troubadours were asked to vote on their favorite Cassini logo from the options given. The vote was split 50/50.  Jon Parker will make the final decision; after all, it will be his ship.
     Other announcements were made concerning titles.  The term Set Director will stay, for now.  Blue Shirt volunteers (we called them Rangers during the CMSEC time) will be called "Mentors".  Blue Shirt paid staff will continue to be called "Supervisors".  Planetarium staff and volunteers will wear burgundy shirts and will be called "Navigators".  

     The honors started with the welcome of the newest "Mentor".  Aaron received the very first "Mentor" shirt given under this new organization - a proud moment in Space Center history. Congratulations Aaron. 

     Natalie Anderson (Odyssey Set Director) awarded the Odyssey Service Pin to Hannah. Hannah has her Odyssey Second Chair and Bridge pass.  

     Jon Parker (CMSC Asst Director) wasn't to be outdone by the Odyssey.  Jon was pleased as punch to introduce Aaron and Preston to the congregation as fully graduated Phoenixonians; both full trained to work as Jordan Smith's wingmen and bridge supervisors.  Jordan is the Phoenix Set Director.  Jordan was unable to attend.        

     The homage Jon requires of these newly appointed pages is medieval in many aspects. Notice this young page kneeling before his Lord Knight to receive his badge of honor. 

     Each new Page is required to repeat the CMSC Knighthood Code as they are duly pinned.

I swear......
1.To fear Director Porter and his Liege Asst. Director Parker.  
2.To serve the liege lord in valour and faith 
3.To protect the weak and defenceless 
4.To give succour to widows and orphans 
5.To refrain from the wanton giving of offence 
6.To live by honour and for glory 
7.To despise pecuniary reward 
8.To fight for the welfare of all 
9.To obey those placed in authority 
10. To guard the honour of his or her fellows.
11. To eschew unfairness, meanness and deceit 
12. To keep faith 
13. At all times to speak the truth, especially if you broke something in the simulator. 
14. To persevere to the end in any enterprise begun.  

     It was Jake Hadfield's turn next.  Jake is the Magellan Set Director (I don't know how that bit of news got by our Troubadour field reporters but it did and we apologize).  For you old timer Troubadours, this is quiet Jake all grown up and talkative.  Jake welcomed Hayden and Preston into the Magellan Collective - each having proven his worthiness to sit in the same control room as the great ones who came before:  Brittney VandenBos, Nicole VandenBos, Metta Smith, Connor Larsen, etc. just to name a few.   

      Kneeling was not required. "All that is so archaic," Jake said. "The Magellan is a modern ship which deals with today's problems. The Phoenix can cling to the past."   

     Mr. Porter was willing to stand in for Galileo Set Director Brylee to award Preston and Aaron their Galileo Service Pins for Outstanding Performance in the Second Chair.

     The respect the volunteers have for Mr. Porter was obvious.  The carpet won't need to be cleaned for quite some time after have been washed by the tears of so many.

     The newest Pages were introduced as Apprentice Starfighters. Each has given over 100 hours of volunteer service to the Center. Please join us in celebrating Johnny, Kyson, and Kaden (missing was Danielle).  

     A strange tradition of placing the patch on one's forehead continues in Honor's Night.  I feel this may originate from Rimmer's forehead "H" from the Red Dwarf sci-fi series. Of course I could be wrong, but if I am, the Rimmer explanation would be far better than the truth.  

Rimmer.  Red Dwarf

     Victoria was welcomed into the Hitchhiker Assembly for 500 hours of volunteer service.

Matt Ricks Honored with a 5 Year Service Pin


     Matt Ricks received his 5 Years of Service Pin from Mr. Porter during Thursday's Honor's Night.  Matt actually passed his 5 years milestone some time back so the recognition was long in coming.  There are rumors that the only reason Matt still hung around the Space Center was to get the 5 year pin.  We may never see him again.
     Matt is an outstanding gentleman, scholar, and good judge of all things technical.  He is known as the Superman of the Space EdVentures diaspora. He appears at the Space EdVenture Centers when his superpowers alert him to a need.  Often he'll unexpectedly  walk into my classroom at the Renaissance Space Academy saying, "I'm sensing you are having a problem with ...."  He then describes the issue and waits for the usual response.
     "Matt, we don't have a problem with that."  
     To which he replies, "You will in a matter of minutes."  And true enough, minutes later Bracken will walk into the classroom in a state of near panic.  Bracken's description of the problem always matches Matt's clairvoyant prediction. 
     Speaking on behalf of all I want to congratulate Matt on his many many years of service.

Josh Anderson Receives his Ten Years of Service Pin and Officially Retires from the Christa McAuliffe Space Center

     What can you say about someone like Josh Anderson? He was a friend to all, greatly loved by all those he worked with. Josh started years ago as a camper, then moved into the Explorers, then Pioneers, then Rangers, and eventually found his Navy Blues (flight director) shirt at the end of the rainbow in February 2012.

Josh as a young black shirt volunteer.  Josh's promotion to a Magellan Supervisor

Josh as a new Odyssey Flight Director

     On one of his first solo overnight camps as Odyssey Flight Director Josh scored a perfect one as seen in the photo above. He was trained by Christine Grosland, the Odyssey Set Director at the time.  
     Josh is all grown up now and lives up north in Washington Heights and works for Rock Exotica.  Living so far away made it difficult to continue his work at the Space Center. Sadly, Josh announced his retirement from the CMSC and was honored for his service at Honor's Night. 
     This is the video made for Josh's retirement and shown at Honor's Night.....

     Accompanying Josh at Honor's Night was his fiancee Jordyn Bumm. They'll be getting married on January 4th.  Shoot Josh a message if you'd like to attend the reception.  He would love to see all his current and old Space Center friends.
     Congratulations Josh on your engagement, your ten years at the CMSC, and living your life as an example to the many younger up and coming Space Center stars. 

Two Engagements Announced at Honor's Night

     Josh Anderson is engaged to Jordyn Bumm as mentioned in the section above.  Another engagement was announced at Honor's Night. This is a true Space Center engagement, a couple who met each other out amongst the stars. Jake Hadfield is engaged to married Lissa Eagar.  Jake is the Magellan Set Director. Lissa is a Magellan Supervisor.  

       Many good things have come from my decision to create the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center way back in 1990, but the one thing that never crossed my mind was how that decision would bring people together. Space Center staff and volunteers would meet each other marry, have children, and new histories made.  Untold generations will trace their start through a connection made on board a Federation Starship way back in the day.  These star children are already out there with more to come I'm sure.  
     Isn't it something....

Jake and Lissa's reaction at Honors Night at being called to stand and accept the congregation's applause
Jon Parker Celebrates his 29th Birthday
     While this was not mentioned at Honor's Night, I want to take a moment of your time to celebrate Jon Parker's 29th Birthday.  Jon was born on November 9, 1990 the day after the Space Center opened.  Jon is the CMSC's assistant director. He knows the Space EdVenturing business inside and out. He is one of the Space Center's greatest assets. 
Happy Birthday Jon!

Jon was kind enough to come spend a few minutes with the old man at Honor's Night. He asked about my work at the Space Academy. He made sure I was taking my medicine and checked to see if I needed assistance to get back out to my car. 
What a gentleman.
     Honor's Night ended with a rousing chorus of "Happy Birthday to You" sung to the Space Center by the Space Center staff and volunteers.  Afterwards there was cake, cookies, and Bombardment in the school's gym.  What better way is there to end Honor's Night?

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