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Sunday, October 14, 2018

The 2018-19 Renaissance Space Academy's Young Astronaut and Voyager Clubs Launch. Space Center Fashion: What Paris, London, New York and Moscow Don't Have. From the Archives, Pictures From the Past. Stazi is Going Great! Many Staff Announce Retirement. Two Promotions to Five Bars. The Imaginarium Theater.

The 2018-2019 Renaissance Space Academy's 200 Young Astronaut and Voyager Clubs Started the Year on Friday.

     It was an exciting time Friday afternoon. The Jumpship Voyager was primed, armed, equipped, and crewed by some of the finest officers in Terran Space Command. The 6th Grade Tiger Squadron was briefed on their mission to the Neutral Zone, which separates Terran Space from the Cardilir Empire, our foes on the Great Diaspora Council at Capital Point. Waiting for the Young Astronaut squadron was a collapsing star and a exhaustively troublesome Dr. Marcus of the Cardilir Science Department. 

Mark at the helm and Paige at Operations
     The young officers met in my classroom at 3:30 P.M. for an introduction to the Young Astronaut Club and an overview of the club's objectives. They know they must maintain their grades in math and science to keep their flight ready status in the fleet.  

Isaac at Sensors and Savannah at Communications
     The Space Academy has 200 Young Astronauts (grades 3-6) and Voyagers (grades 7-8) divided into squadrons of 10 cadet officers to a squadron. Their pledge, 
"I pledge my best efforts to learn about space and further the cause of human space exploration. I will work to improve my grades in math and science and be the best I can be at home, at school, and in my community.

Mr. Bracken Funk, Assistant Director at the Space Academy, reviews the Damage Control Station
with Liam, Porter, and Audrey.

     Before boarding the Voyager, I had the pleasure of briefing the cadets on their mission.  Along with the briefing was a full detailed description of their Jumpship Voyager. In addition to the occasional Star Trek story, the Space Academy has adopted the Farpoint Universe using both Interstellar and Thorium Software Controls. The Voyager is one of five top of the line ships in the Farpoint Capital Fleet:  Voyager at Renaissance Academy, Hyperion at Telos University, and the Everest, Dauntless, and Valiant at Canyon Grove Academy.  

First Officer Quinton and Captain Jackson Review their Command Controls
     The sixth grade cadets were excited over the realism and attention to true science written into the Farpoint Universe. For example, gone are the deflector shields, in their place - a double hull with various options for repair. They expressed some doubt over their ability to remember the many steps to correctly operate a large Jumpship.; not to mention the complexities of flight, hyperspace, and maintenance.  
     Gone are the days when technobabble solves the day's problems. The cadets are also excited about the business aspects of the universe. They have a ship budget to live by along with accounting that must be done over both finances and ship inventory.  

Lalith at Counter Intelligence

      After all diplomatic means to resolution have failed and going into battle for the defense of the planet becomes absolutely necessary, the cadets have been taught that the object of battle is not to kill and destroy but to cripple and capture. They thought this aspect of the Farpoint Universe was "pretty cool". The Diaspora does not take kindly to losing a ship. The costs of building a modern jumpship run into the high billions.  Why destroy when you can capture?  Capturing another Houses' ship and crew leads to monetary rewards and large savings to the government. 

Isaac at the Sensors Station
     The Tiger Squadron will meet again in a few weeks.  Their next meeting will include a space physics lesson on star formation, the lifespan of stars, and the events leading up to a supernova. They promise to be strong contenders for the coveted "Top Team" award.  Good Luck Tigers!

Mr. Williamson 

Lindsey, Lissa, and Audrey Wearing their New Upscale Space Center Outer Wear.
Photo compliments of Audrey.
Space Center Fashion: What Paris, London, New York and Moscow Don't Have

      Just in time for the Autumn fashion shows from the planet's top designers comes the Space Center's line up of impressive, durable, fashionable, and futuristic Fall outerwear.  Modelling the year's best jacket designs are three top Space Center models, flight directors, and supervisors: Lindsey, Lissa, and Audrey.  
     The zippers are made from the sturdiest Rigellian steel imported by Galactic ACME and shipped to Earth by their partners Ferengi Interstellar Shipping who specialize in Next Month Delivery as long as no questions are asked.  
     The material is a special weave of carbon filaments intertwined with Vulcan mesh engineered to dissipate the energy from a full phaser blast.  You'll live, but the 2nd and 3rd degree burns will keep you up at night.  

     Have you thought about what you'll wear under your chic Space Center Jacket?  Please consider these two trendy frocks from the leaders in galactic design.  Both will result in a mountain of debt, but you'll be the best dressed, in Vogue volunteer or staff when you make your fashionable arrival to your next mission.  Ask about these, and other designs for the well travelled space enthusiast, the next time you visit the Space Center's Gift Shop and Emporium.  

From the Archives:  A  Voyager Crew lined up outside the school's stage doors for boarding.
Notice their rank badges. July 2007

From the Archives. Space Center Journal
December 2, 2002
Stazi (Midnight Rescue) is Doing Very Well for a New Mission. Jason Hills, Chase Wooten, Bryce Redd, and Charlie Heaton Announce Their Retirement. Julie Collett and Landon Hemsley Promoted to Five Bars. Alex DeBirk and Jameson McDougal to Star in Their High School Plays.
Space Missionaries to be Filmed at the Center. School Safety and New Equipment (VCR/DVD) Purchased. 

Hello Troops,
I apologize for not maintaining a regular journal. I could say I've been busy.  That would be partly true. Another excuse would involve an explanation thaeverything is running the same as always and nothing of importance has transpired. Again, this is partly true. Could there be room for a spell olaziness? Oh, perhaps. Don't we all sit down at times and attempt to "write" and find we always have mountains to say but very little to write? Human nature I guess. I need a computer that will sit on my lap and let me talk to it. As if by magic my words would appear on the screen, spelled correctly and grammatically `on the mark'. 

The Galileo's Crew in the first Galileo.  Summer 2007

News of the Space Center:
The new Stazi mission is going well. I am enjoying telling Stazi. It 's a mission with a definite "bang" for an ending. Ask the staff and interns about the cheering we get as the crews cross the Stazi border and sail out of weapons range of the dreaded Stazi and Klingons. I'm pleased to report that classes are coming well prepared. We can attribute that to the fantastic pre-visit curriculum Jennifer Remy prepared. 

In the Galileo.
Summer 2007

We've started working with the Mesa Clubs from the Jordan School District. They come right after school. I wasn't sure how they would take to Stazi considering their age and coolness factor. My fears were proven wrong. Secondary students enjoy the mission even more than elementary. I think they understand the concepts of diplomacy, international law, diplomatic 
immunity, and the function of a country's embassy in a foreign land better than the younger kids. Briefing them before their missions is fun.I keep throwing problem after problem at them. I tell them the situation is fluid and changing minute by minute. That perks their interest and motivates them to get out into the simulators and get down to business. 

The Phoenix Captain and First Officer
Summer 2007.  For a little while there the Phoenix was a full sized Galaxy Class Ship.
 It made it easier to share video tracks and stories with the Voyager.

Staff News:

We have a few retirements to announce. Jason Hills, Chase Wooten, Bryce Redd, and Charlie Heaton have all announced their intentions to retire and move on to other opportunities. We will say goodbye to them at Honor's Night, December 4th. I'm going to miss these outstanding volunteers and wish them good fortune as they set sail and continue with their interests and schooling. 

Julie Collett and Landon Hemsley will be promoted to five bars on Thursday.  Both have been training extensively and have received certification to begidoing private missions – a requirement to receive the rank of five bars.

The Voyager's Captain and First Officer

Lorraine Houston's son has entered the MTC. Landon Hemsley received the rank of Eagle Scout. Alex DeBirk stared in Lone Peak High School's production of "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers". Jameson McDougal stared in Orem High School's production of Les Miserables. Report cards came out. I'm very pleased with the grades our volunteers are getting. Way to Go!!! And Keep it up! 

I received a letter from Josh Webb. He is doing fine in the MTC. He writethat his missionary friends call him the Trekkie and give him the Spock salute every time they see him. He said he tried to explain what the Center is but they just don't get it. There is good news also. Josh has been made aAssistant to the President and supervises the other missionaries during the evening, – kind of like a chaperone. He attributes this leadership position direct result of his training at the Center. 

The Voyager's Security Officers giving the Thumbs Up. They think they are ready for anything my staff
has to dish out.  Little do they know....

Other News:
Rowland Hall Saint Marks Academy borrowed our famous squeaking cots for a school play. 

There is a student made film being shot at the Center. "Space Missionaries" is the working title. The director and producer tell me they hope to release the video to the LDS seminaries next school year. Will it happen? I have my doubts a seminary teacher would show it - but never mind. We are getting paid for the use of the facility so we come out in the black regardless how the video does. 

A very happy camper on the bridge  of the Voyager
Summer 2007

Security of the Center is an issue. We had several kids in the building last overnighter. They got in through the doors by the kindergarten room. Randbrought it to my attention. I went down and chased them out of the building. I discovered they got into the school because the custodian forgot to lock thoutside main doors. We also find the outside gym doors open on a regular basis before we leave in the evening after the Voyager's private missions.  
encourage everyone to be mindful of the school's security. Always check thschool's doors and windows after school hours. 

We will be moving the Falcon's cabinets to the Galileo side of the cafeteriaBob Lindstrom, Central's chief custodian, will be returning from surgery. Hhas been absent nearly a year with two knee replacements. The cafeteria has been thoroughly cleaned over the Thanksgiving break to give him a nice clean school to start with. 

The Voyager's Communications Officer

New Equipment:

The Center has purchased a new ibook for the Galileo. We have a new DVD/VCR combo unit for the Briefing RoomThe Odyssey's video system was overhauled last weekend. Kyle Herring and Chris Call spent several hours installing the new, simplified system. I consider this a real improvement to Odyssey operations. 

I've rambled on enough. End of Journal Entry.

Mr. Williamson

Imaginarium Theater
The Best Gifs from around the World Edited for a Gentler Audience

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Farpoint Becomes Renaissance Space Academy. Supernova is a Hit With an Internationally Known VIP at Telos. The Voyager's Serious Upgrades. Veteran Flight Directors Have a Home. A Space Center in England?! From the Archives: Josh Enters the MTC. Lorraine Houston's Car Vandalized. Theater Imaginarium.

Dr. Anderson and Staff in the Hyperion's Control Room

A Internationally Known Pulitzer Prize Winning Author, Film Writer, Playwright, Columnist Visits Telos Discovery Space Center's Hyperion. Supernova Was a Hit.

     Dr. Ryan Anderson, Executive Director at Telos Discovery Space Center sent the following two emails celebrating a hit with Supernova, One of my Favorite Missions with the Conceited Egotistical Mad Scientist Dr. Marcus of the Romulan Academy of Science (A Part of Love to Play).

     Today, as a part of Telos U's family days, we are running a mission for a group of our students and their parents. One of the parents is actually a very well known author, film writer, playwright, columnist, etc.  Sadly, due to confidentiality, I can't tell you who it is, but I'm sure you would recognize his work. Anyway, he has specifically expressed a lot of interest in taking place in the mission, and we'll be putting him through my updated Farpoint version of Supernova today. I'll let you know how it goes!
Ryan Anderson, Ph.D., LMFT, MedFTExecutive Director, Telos Discovery Space CenterProcess Addiction Specialist, Telos Programs

Victor     So, Vic, you have a Pulitzer Prize winning author who has fallen in love with your old Supernova story. That's very high praise! In addition to loving the story, they had a wonderful time. They liked it so much, in fact, that he and his wife (who both teach at a prominent university) are going to be bringing a group of their acting and writing students to come fly with us. Lol! I'm trying to figure out which is the next mission we want to send them on.      Vic, I hope that you can find a sense of real accomplishment and validation that your work holds up under scrutiny from someone of that level of accomplishment in the field of writing and directing. 
Ryan Anderson, Ph.D., LMFT, MedFTExecutive Director, Telos Discovery Space CenterProcess Addiction Specialist, Telos Programs

The Farpoint Space Education Center is Now 
Renaissance Space Academy

The Bridge of the Starship Voyager at the Space Academy
     This seems to the be season for rebranding. The Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center was rebranded into The Christa McAuliffe Space Center complete with a new logo. 
Not wanting to be left out, Farpoint Space Education Center is now the Renaissance Space Academy with the shortened day to day name of Space Academy.  It was decided the FSEC was a bit too long.  Renaissance Space Academy reflects 1) Our school, Renaissance Academy. 2) Space Academy signifies our mission and purpose - education.  RSA's mission is to use experiential education to create a space faring civilization - pure and simple.

The Voyager's Control Room. An Overhaul Extraordinaire. New Everything but the walls.
A Major Investment into the Program by Renaissance Academy 

The new Voyager Control Room
     Renaissance Academy is home to Utah's Space Academy. The Starship Voyager is the Academy's starship simulator - a Farpoint simulator in the Space EdVentures family of simulators. Thousands of dollars have been put into the Voyager this last month in a series of upgrades: new computers, a new server, new chairs, lighting, etc. The new server alone is making an enormous difference in the quality of the missions.  
     Bracken Funk was the "thorn" in the school director's side - a constant visitor in Mr. Ursic's office.  Each visit started with a knock on the door followed by an extended hand holding a wish list.  
     "It's a space center rule that whenever you get new computers and furniture, you need to do a deep clean and reorganization of the control room," Bracken said. And with that, the Voyager's control room was gutted and redone in true Funk style.  

The Flight Director's Station
      I'm having a hard time deciding what excited Bracken most, the new server or the new
flight director's chair pictured above (complete with lumbar and neck support).  Please notice the empty desk space on the flight director's right.  My desire has always been to create a friendly, welcoming place for the Space Center's veteran flight directors to come and fly.  I know many of you experience mission withdrawal symptoms from time to time. Let the Voyager be your rehab.  The Voyager is set up so a flight director can fly missions without having to control anything but your music and the voice changer. The second and third chairs take care of everything else - under your direction of course.  I fly missions all the time, not having a clue how any of this works.  The staff take care of the technology - I focus on the story, the crew, and the curriculum.  
     Veteran Flight Directors - come talk to us. We also need NEW missions. I'm sure you've had several great mission ideas pop into your head over the years you've been away.  Let the Voyager be the outlet for all that pent up imagination that once flowed through your voice and into a simulator.  Remember the feeling of playing Master of the Universe with so many young lives in your hands?  You're feeling the itch again, aren't you?  Come visit us.

Mr. W.  

Bracken went on a labeling spree.  Even the microphone has been named.
The Voyager's Away Team Cart complete with mobile speaker system, lights, cords, etc.
Setting up an away team in the school's hallways or gym has never been easier.
The New Flight Director's Chair can lay all the way back so a Flight Director can Imagineer in Comfort.
Here Bracken is mimicking my flight directing posture.  Let's set the record straight, I never directed
a mission in the prone position. The hand up to the forehead with eyes closed as if I'm working to contain a massive headache is a mannerism I will claim.    

The English Space Center? 

     One of our travelling Troubadours found this in England.  What has Mr. Porter been up to?  On the other hand, perhaps this is the Big Announcement advertised on the Telos Discovery Space Center's Facebook.  Or.... maybe Mr. Williamson has had a bit of something on the side for several years now, being a big Anglophile and all.  Hummmmmm, what are your thoughts? 

Mr. W.     

Campers Arriving for Another 3 Day Camp
Summer 2007

From the Archives:
Space Center Journal: November 10, 2002

Josh Webb's Missionary Farewell. Thank You to Our High School Interns Metta Smith, Josh Webb, Alex DeBirk, Matt Long, Julie Colette, and Landon Hemsley. Praise for Lorraine from a Teacher, Attack of the Killer Spiders has a Name, Lorraine Houston's Car Broken Into on Overnight Camp.

Hello Troops,
It has been a few weeks since the last Journal. I'll do my best to update you. I'll begin with Josh Webb's farewell. Josh entered the MTC on Wednesday, October 30. His farewell was the Sunday before. It was well attended. He was given the topic of "Temple Covenants" to 
speak on. Sound a little crazy to you. Yes, and it did to me also. Why wasn't the topic some basic, simple gospel principal I don't know.  Asking a new missionary to speak on temple covenants is like asking a Catholic priest to teach a course on the basics of a happy marriage.  All book learning with no practical experience. Josh handled it well except for his opening statement. His girlfriend of a few years played a piano solo before he spoke. Afterwards Josh stood up and started his talk by saying, "I don't know what was prettier, the piano solo or the girl that played it - a girl I won't see for two years." I squirmed in my seat in the back. 

Campers Arriving from all over Utah for one of the Space Center's 3 Day Camps
Summer 2007

I've enjoyed having Josh in my home. Some of you may not know but Josh lost both his parents when he was nine years old. Josh was raised by his aunt and uncle until last February when he came and lived with me to finish high school and get on his mission. I'll miss almost everything about Josh. Notice I said almost everything. I won't miss the endless hours of Nintendo. I think I know the music to all the Mario games by heart! 

A Camper Arriving for one of the Space Center's 3 Day Camps
Summer 2007

Josh says he would like to hear from all of you that knew him fairly well. Mail is very important to a missionary so if you have a spare moment please drop a note to both Stephen Porter and Josh Webb. I'll do the same. Also, keep them both in your prayers.
Serving a mission is hard work and physically, mentally, and spiritually challenging.

Campers Arriving from all over Utah for one of the Space Center's 3 Day Camps
Summer 2007

I want to thank our outstanding high school interns for all the time and efforts they put in to making our field trip program successful. Our interns; Metta Smith, Josh Webb, Alex DeBirk, Matt Long, Julie 
Colette, and Landon Hemsley, arrive on time and stay later than required. Their help, along with the dedicated service of Lorraine and Aleta, has made our program unique, educational, and very enjoyable. The feedback I've received from visiting teachers has been all positive. Last Friday Mrs. Fossum, from Wasatch Elementary School, told me how much she enjoyed the field trip. She emphasized the classroom experience and said she could sit and listen to Lorraine teach all day. 

Campers Arriving from all over Utah for one of the Space Center's 3 Day Camps
Summer 2007

We've had some good groups for the last couple of overnight camps. Kyle Herring has finally named his overnight mission for the Magellan. We've been calling it "The Attack of the Killer Spiders," simply because I couldn't think of anything else the first time I introduced the mission to the kids. "The Treaty of Timeer" is the title. Chris Call and Landon Hemsley are experimenting with taking their private 2.5 hour missions and stretching them out into overnighters. "Doomsday" was on the menu Friday evening. The Voyager did "Mercy Strike". 

We had a serious misfortune on the overnight mission of November 1. Mrs. Houston's car was broken into. The driver's side window was shattered. She was parked behind the school. The thieves stole her purse. The first charges on her credit cards began at 5:00 A.M. that same morning. She immediately canceled her credit cards and put a hold 
on all checks. The thieves spent all last week attempting to cash her checks. They even used a stolen cell phone to call her. It has been a rough week for Lorraine. I'm worried about all our cars on the overnight camps. To date Kyle's car and Lorraine's cars have been vandalized. I don't know the solution except to say it may be best to park away from the 
school in the neighborhood or park out on the road near a streetlight. 

The Phoenix First Officer During a Red Alert
Summer Camp Season 2007

We are in a season of large classes. We've got some classes coming up that hit 36 students per class. Classes get really ugly when you hit those numbers. We max out at 32 in our simulators (in an emergency we can go up to 35). It will be an interesting November. 

On November 8th we celebrated our 12th birthday. Some interesting numbers can be found in our database "Attendance Totals". 

That's about it. I may have forgotten some things and If I have please let me know.

Take Care Everyone and keep in touch. Let me know about important things in your life that I can announce in the group. This is the group for current and former space center staff and friends to stay in touch.

Theater Imaginarium
The Best Gifs of the Week Edited for a Gentler Audience

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

From the Archives: Ukrainians Visit the Space Center. Stazi in the Groove. Attack of the Killer Spiders! New Odyssey Missions. Hypercard Programming Class. A Thank you for 12 Years of EdVentures. A Mammoth Imaginarium.

A Phoenix Captain and her Crew.
Summer 3 Day Camps 2007

Space Center Journal: October 19, 2002

Hello Troops,
So ends another week at the Space Center. A busy week as usual. This week we serviced Northridge Elementary School. Some very large classes this week but Friday brought the largest by far. The Spanish Immersion Class from Northridge came with 38 students. Then there was tiny Tabiona Elementary School with 19 students. We made it by taking the Odyssey crew from Northridge and placing them with the Tabiona kids.

The Galileo Crew on Break
Summer 3 Day Camps 2007

The teacher seem bewildered when I reorganized her class but I had to do it or it would have taken a lot longer to leave it to her. Once we got everything organized and the kids training I learn that 6 of the Northridge students weren't from Northridge at all; they were 
. A visiting delegation with their teacher. Why they didn't tell me that at the beginning? Instead of separating these students from the class and making them observers (due to their lack of English) they mixed them with the other kids and gave them  assignments - and I'm not talking decoding either. My Voyager First Office was one of them. Chris Call got hit the worst with 4. 

We hosted the A.L.L. (Gifted Class) from Lakeridge Junior High for this week's overnight mission. The Voyager ran Stazi. The Magellan ran Kyle's new overnight mission (the mission with no name so I call it "The Attack of the Killer Spiders!"). Stacy ran the Falcon. Alex - the Galileo, and Chris - the Odyssey. The kids had a good time but the wildest, most enthusiastic comments came from the Magellan crew. They loved it and made sure everyone knew about it. Once again, Kyle wants me to thank the well trained staff of the Magellan. 

The Magellan Crew in Briefing.
Summer Camps 2007

News from the Simulators:
Voyager: Nothing except to say that Stazi is FINALLY IN THE GROOVE!

Odyssey: Good job Chris Call. He puts in nearly 40 hours a week running mission after mission, after mission. He puts in more missions than I do yet always happy, alert, and energetic. He was dead tired on Saturday after the overnight mission but was back at 2:30 P.M. for a private mission even more tired than he was when he left but as a true pro - did an outstanding job.

Magellan: Kyle has changed the look of the Magellan control room by adding a desk extension to his station. Next time you come to the Center go into the Magellan control room and see what he has done. 

The Phoenix Crew Getting Briefed in the Briefing Room

Julie Collette ran part of the Galileo's private Saturday mission. She is on the fast track to becoming a Galileo Flight Director. 

Falcon: Stacy C. ran the Falcon on the overnight mission this week. She is also doing an incredible job.

Other News:
Landon H. has finished his first mission for the Odyssey. The video track was completed on Saturday. He is planning on running his flight for friends and staff so be looking in for further information. 

Josh Babb. is working on his new Odyssey mission. Look for upcoming news on that as well.

The Phoenix Crew

The Space Center will once again be offering a Hypercard programming class.The class will be taught on Thursday evenings from 7:00 - 8:30 P.M. in the Magellan. Soren, Matt, and Scott will be the teachers. The class is open to any volunteer or staff member that has 
a real desire to learn Hypercard and is willing to put in the time necessary to master the language. Look for further information.

I know many of you are looking for additional ways to earn class hours. Aleta Clegg has given me a list of classes she is willing to teach to help you reach your goal for rank advancement. Look for further posts.

I was contacted by an advertising company this week. They are looking to shoot a 30 second TV commercial on technology and Utah Schools. They want to use the Space Center as their example with a few words by former U.S. Senator Jake Garn. They've received permission to use the Center from the Superintendent. This will be a public service 
announcement on all the local channels. Look for more information to come.

A Happy Odyssey Crew with a worried Captain
Summer 3 Day Camps 2007

I want to wish Julie Collette, Rio Downs, Bailey Hodson, and Randy Jepperson a very happy birthday!

Well, I think I've covered everything from this last week. Let me know if I've forgotten something. Take care troops, Remember we are nearing the end of the first term. Report cards will be coming out. Check your grades so there are no surprises!

Be Good and work hard.

Mr. Williamson

The Voyager Crew with a happy volunteer doctor.
Those uniforms have seen a lot of mileage. We use them today on the new Voyager and they're in great shape.

A Thank you to the Volunteers and Staff of the Space Center on its Twelfth Anniversary
November 8, 2002

To the volunteers and staff,
The Space Center would cease to exist without you. You are appreciated. Every one of you leaves your mark on the Center and those who come here. Thank you for your time and efforts. I hope all your jobs throughout your life can be as fun as this one is. 

To Mr. Williamson,
Congratulations on the greatest teaching tool invented. You really have done something marvelous. If you had not sunk your life into it, it would never be what it is. So thank you for 12+ years of dedication to make this place what it is. I know, as many others don't, just what it has taken. 

The Odyssey Engineer

On behalf of all my kids who have benefited from it, THANK YOU for the incredible amount of time, the sweat, the countless hours of doing the same thing over and over, the worry, the lack of sleep, the money, the countless hours of doing the same thing over and over, the imagination, the creativity, the countless hours of doing the same thing over and over, the hassles with staffing, the hours of registration, the times you've stared at the answering machine with its 75 messages received in just a few hours, cleaning up after sick children, nights walking the halls with worried campers, warball, the yelling when needed, the fun, the jokes, the ice cream, the times you have skipped activities to fine tune missions, and so much more. 

You are the spirit of the Space Center. I am sure you will be walking the halls and doing missions for years AFTER you die. Please give the walls a hug and sing them Happy Birthday from me. Thanks. 

A grateful patron, Pat Bown

The Imaginarium

Especially when someone parks like this