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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Fly the Starship Voyager. Sign Up for a Summer Space Camp at Renaissance Space Academy. The Starship Voyager and the STEAM Festival. EMI Donates $1,000,000 to the CMSC. Construction Update. Imaginarium Theater and Memes.

     It's time to sign up for SUMMER SPACE CAMP! Hop on board the Voyager--the most advanced starship simulator of them all--and pick your adventure. Join us for a day camp, or treat yourself to a three day long space extravaganza! Follow the link for more details. Sign up soon. Slots tend to fill up fast!

The Space Academy's Starship Voyager was a Busy Place During Renaissance Academy's Annual Winter STEAM Festival

Bracken Funk at the Voyager Controls
     It was "All Hands on Deck" aboard the Starship Voyager for Renaissance Academy's Winter STEAM Festival held last Thursday.  Mr. Funk and Mr. Robinson ran short mini InfiniD missions to the throngs who attended the event. 

Leaving Space Dock aboard the Voyager at the STEAM Festival
Larry Vidinha aka "Major Vidinha"
     The STEAM Festival is the brainchild of Mr. Larry Vidinha, Renaissance Academy's award winning middle school science teacher.  Our Space Academy cadets know him as "Major Vidinha" from Terran Space Command.  Mr. Vidinha is a retired US army major who discovered a love of teaching after leaving the service. Our cadets attend Space Command Officer's Training with Major Vidinha twice monthly as part of the Space Academy program.
     Major Vidinha is a master of hands on, experiential education. He organizes the events and has his science students man many of the displays; actually doing the presentations.
     Renaissance Academy is a free public charter school located across from IM Flash in Lehi. It is the home of the Space Academy, which offers K-8th grade students the finest space education program in Utah. Contact the Space Academy for more information:        

Photos from the STEAM Festival:       

EMI Insurance Donates $1,000,000 Towards Building the New Christa McAuliffe Space Center

January 15, 2020 
     Educators Mutual Insurance (EMI) donated $1,000,000 towards the construction of the new Christa McAuliffe Space Center at Central Elementary School in Pleasant Grove.  EMI covers all Alpine District employees. The Alpine School District is the largest school district in the state with 59 elementary schools, 13 junior high schools, 10 high schools, and 8 special purpose schools serving approximately 78,659 students.
     Steve Morrison, Mike Greenhalgh and Ryan Lowther represented their very generous company at the Alpine School District #alpineschools board meeting. 
     James Porter wrote, "We assume this means phaser burns are covered under our policy now," in his 'Thank You' Facebook post.  
     On a side note, I've been insured by EMI for 37 years now and have had only positive experiences with them.  On behalf of the Space EdVenturing community I want to thank EMI for their generous donation to a program dear to our hearts.  And a special thank you Alpine District Asst. Superintendent Rob Smith for his efforts in obtaining these large donations.  Rob Smith is a true friend of the Space Center.

Christa McAuliffe Space Center Construction Update

     Construction of the new Central School and Christa McAuliffe Space Center continues even in mid-winter. I took this photo today showing the new Space Center (from the crane to the existing school) part of the school.  The new school and Space Center will open sometime in late spring.

Photo shows the new Space Center (left) and the old Voyager built in 1989-1990 on the right (white building)
The existing school and Space Center will be demolished once the new school is open.
This will all become a parking lot and playground. 

Imaginarium Theater
The best videos from around the world edited for a gentler audience

Imaginarium Memes