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Sunday, November 29, 2015

We Don't Need No Education. Work on the New Voyager Continues (Slowly). November's Imaginarium Clips. The Imaginarium.

Hello Troops!
     Before Tuesday morning's first bell, one of our Voyager cadets (Marinn) wrote "We don't need no education" on my classroom whiteboard.  Several of my better students noticed she'd made several spelling and grammatical errors and asked if I'd let them make the appropriate corrections. "Have at it," I said.  
     I photographed the result of their collaboration. 

     They were proud of their work and demanded it be displayed on The Troubadour for all to see.  "Peoples needed to know that you teached us good, and we learned," Aaron reasoned. 
      Yes friends, I do teach them well. Everything I know is mixed and seasoned into swallowable and learnable dishes, served daily in the London Room at Renaissance Academy.  Come join us anytime.  
Work on the New USS Voyager Continues 

     I know it seems like the new Voyager is taking forever to finish and open; but never fear, work continues - slowly but surely.  

     Alex Debirk started work on the engineering room module.  A few design modifications are needed for the engine core to fit properly in the ship's engineering section.  The core will be built off site and reassembled in the Voyager.  Alex's dad and uncle are helping.    

     Alex Anderson has been busy with several projects - all done in his limited spare time. Another example of the community effort put into the Voyager by many of the Space Center's veterans. 

     The computers and monitors have arrived.  Getting them to stand upright in the new desks is a challenge. Let it not be said our team lacks imagination!  We've added styrofoam to the essentials list, along with duct tape and WD40.   

     Matt Ricks and Brent Anderson collaborated on a new design for one of the Voyager's isolinear chip panels.  The Voyager will have both chip and, if I get my way and Brent and Matt can creatively think of a way to do it cheaply and effectively, isolinear rod panels. Again, we've got the dream team when it comes to building a state of the art starship simulator.  These guys are professionals and it shows in their work.    

     Getting one of our Raspberry Pies to control the Voyager's Brig force field was another major accomplishment for the weekend. Brent spent a good hour in my classroom writing the code. His cheers rang through the school when he got the Pie to understand what it was suppose to do. 
     I'm hoping everybody is ready to get back to work and school. While we enjoy the time off, it is always nice to get back to the daily routine. And if you can't agree, then you're in the wrong job, or need a slight attitude readjustment.  Remember, hard work is the cure to unemployment and poverty :)    

Mr. Williamson

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