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Saturday, January 9, 2016

For the Troubadour's Historical Record, A Few Interesting SpaceEdVentures YahooGroup Posts From Late Summer 2000. The Imaginarium.

Hello Troops,
Tonight I'm sharing a few more interesting posts from the Space Center's original blog, SpaceEdVentures, a YahooGroup. These posts come from late summer 2000. 

Mr. Williamson 

August 26, 2000

Here are some of the comments the students left us on their overnight camp surveys: 

1. Its real and it is challenging and fun
2. Its realistic and it's fun being able to act like I am really in
3. The stories were good and complicated.
4. You learn leadership skills and how to make the right choice at a
critical moment.
5. Hard, fun, really cool.
6. I like Star Trek
7. I love everything here. It's so cool and fun!
8. You can't do anything to improve it!
9. It's just plain fun.
10. The kids are in charge and there are volunteers to help if you
need it. It felt like it was real.
11. I love how you make it seem so real. It's fun to act, plus it
makes you think. I had a great time. Loved the uniforms and the air
12. Its really cool how the ships seem so reals and you need to
figure out problems.

At 2:00 A.M I was woken up by three quick power surges and then the power went out. Thank heavens we weren't running a  mission when it happened and the campers and staff were fast asleep. The school went black. This place can get really dark.  The beeps started from the Voyager's carbon monoxide alarm. I had to track that down and turn it off. The lights came back on at 3:32 A.M. 

Well, the school year starts Monday. Thanks to all for a great summer. Volunteers and staff, make sure you send me your September working and volunteering requests.  

All the Best My Friends,
Mr. Williamson

August 30, 2000


I like the death music at the space centre. I like how every Flight Director has a different style. Mr. Wall likes to play things from Spock, such as "Doctor! Doctor! Doctor McCoy!" Mr. Williamson once played "back in the saddle again". I don't know how the death music goes on the Magellan -- from lack of experience. haha. However, when and if I ever work at the Space Centre, I will revolutionise the Odyssey and its death music. You see, Mr. Daymont, David M, and others who run the Odyssey are FAR from equal to Mr. Wall when it comes to style and quality. It's just not the same. The first odyssey mission I work, I'm going to bring an aquabats cd and when the crew dies they will hear the random and spasmodic lines of "Super Rad!" Hey maybe I can make my own ska band! Who wants to be in my ska band? list name, ph#, and the instrument.
No Kazoos.

Wayne Sandholtz

September 1, 2000

Hello Voyagers,
I spoke to Apple Computers today and was given disturbing news about Hypercard. Hypercard as we all knew will no longer be  supported by Apple. It, like so many languages, will soon be dead and forgotten. The new Mac operating system 10 will not be  designed to run Hypercard - even though Hypercard will operate in system 10 Apple will not promise glitch free operations.  All Macs will ship with system 10 next summer. Over the next several years we will be forced to abandon Hypercard as we upgrade  our computers. This is a sad day indeed.

The Apple rep told me that, in his opinion, the Center should begin full scale training in MacroMedia's Director 7. He said that  Director will do everything Hypercard can do. He also said it can run on any computer Apple and PC. Another advantage is that All computers will run Director programs without needed Director itself. Any computer out of the box will be able to run our  programs. I see great potential in this. All of our bridge programs
can now be burned onto CD and sold in the gift shop or to schools  and organization wanting simulators of their own. They can pop our programs into their computers and they will run just fine.

The handwriting is on the wall. We must make a switch. Apple suggests MacroMedia Director. I


If we settle on Director then we will need a new group of programmers. We will arrange a Director class. We will need Director  instructors. 

Your opinions quickly so a decision can be made. We have the Magellan Deep Sea Base waiting...............

P.S. Anyone in this group familiar enough with Director that you feel you could do some sample programs for us? 

Mr. Williamson

September 7, 2000

Once again the Galileo breaks new ground...and this time it is not the cafeteria's floor. Yes, the most state of the art ship...Galileo is yet again the front runner in the technology battle. Galileo the first ship to have an ethernet network has been improved. Yes it still is a  box, but I am talking about technology. The Galileo was the first ship  to have a computer with a 400+ mhz processor. The Galileo was the first to have laptops. Galileo was the first to have all computers capable of  DVD. And Galileo has done it again. Galileo...the first ship to have
a DVD player. Yes, the laserdisc player that we (actually only Kyle) loved has a nice LCARS picture from Star Trek First Contact has  replaced the old circle. One more thing is that the sound for the  Galileo has been redone. No longer does the Galileo rely on the camera for it's sound in the control now has a new  microphone so that the sound will be sent back in a much more pleasing fashion. You all know how cramped the Galileo's control room  was....well not any more. The Galileo's control room has been 
rearranged and is now more organized and more more visually appealing  than even the Odyssey's.

Just for the record:

Galileo's firsts:

400+ mhz computers
DVD player
100 disc CD changer
All music is CD..not a tape in site!

Over and Out

September 3, 2000

Hello Voyagers!
I'm please to announce the appointment of 3 new members into the Voyager Society. AJ Birrell, Bailey Hodson, and Wayne  Sandholtz have been taken from the Applicant's in Waiting pool into the Society pending their approval and a review of their grades. Congratulations to all three. 

Also good news to others in the waiting pool - the pool has become smaller. A special thanks to all in the waiting pool for coming in to interview. The interview process was very benefical. It is good to match faces with email addresses.

Mr. Williamson

September 4, 2000

Congratulations to Soren,

I happy to report to all staff and members of the Voyager Society that Soren Seibach, a member of the Volunteer Voyager Society has been promoted to staff and will receive his "Blue Shirt". 

Soren started at the Center as a patron coming with his school on missions. Last year the offer to come to our Hypercard programming class was extended to his ALL class at Lakeridge Junior High. Soren accepted the offer and took the class. He excelled 
and was named top future programmer by Allan Stewart, our chief programmer. Soren applied to become a volunteer and was accepted. He completed his first volunteer mission on April 24, 2000. He has accumulated 640.5 points (at the time of this posting) and therefore in first place in the Voyager Society. 

Soren began programming for the Center this summer. His current projects include:

1. A Space Center Database of campers with the assistance of Stephen Porter.
2. A hypercard stack for the new Intolerance mission, this school year's primary mission.
3. The hypercard programming for the Galileo conversion to submarine. 
4. Assistance with the new Chiron simulator in the Granite School District operated by Pat Bown. 

Welcome Soren!

Mr. Williamson

September 11, 2000

Hello Voyagers!
We finished another good overnight mission. All flight directors agreed this last crew was very good. The crew's comments about  their mission are listed below:

"I loved the simulators"
"It was great! It made my Brain Think"
"The Missions were challenging and fun!"
"It was the coolest school I have ever been to"
"So Intensive"
"It seems real when you're in the simulator"
"The stations are cool and I love the missions. It lets me use my imagination!"
"It has tons of awesome stuff. It was so much fun"
"I like it here because it's fun and you get to use your imagination"
"I like that there was a job for everyone and it was fun."
"It was fun and educational"
"This place is the funnest place on EARTH!"
"You get to meet people, You have to think. I love being here. I will come back!"
"It ROCKS!!! It was so cool and your actors are very good. Thank you for letting me come!"
"I love everything about this place"
"The simulators, actors, and learning experiences are what I like. And everything else!"

A special thanks to all for making this place "the funnest place on Earth!"

Mr. Williamson

The Imaginarium

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