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Sunday, March 26, 2023

Two Magellan "Has Beens" Reunite at the Home for Retired Space Center Staff and Make Plans for a Daring Escape. The Space Center's Newest Blue Shirt Mentor. Plus, Enjoy This Week's Imaginarium Theater

                   Conner and Metta at their recent meeting up in North Carolina

It was a dreary long afternoon at the Home for Retired Space Center Officers, and Conner was feeling particularly grumpy and bored. He pondered the possibility of filling an hour or two by playing the old Wurlitzer organ in the dining room as the residents gathered for the afternoon bingo. They loved to hear him play the old Space Center mission music remembered so fondly from their days in Starfleet. But after a moment's thought he waved the idea away like an annoying fly buzzing around his head. He could only stomach so much of The Last of the Mohicans and Crimson Tide. No, his decision was final, he'd spend the afternoon staring out of his window, watching the raindrops slide down the glass. That's when he heard a knock at his door.

Conner enjoying a microphone sandwich in the Magellan's Control Room

"Who could that be?" he grumbled to himself as he made his way to the door. He opened it to find a familiar face: Metta, his old shipmate from the Starship Magellan from those good old days.

"Conner! It's been ages!" Metta exclaimed, throwing her arms around him.

Metta Helping with Breakfast on a 3 day summer camp

Conner was taken aback. It had been years since he had seen Metta, and he wasn't sure how to feel about her sudden appearance.

"Metta, what are you doing here?" he asked, trying to mask his surprise.

"I live here now," she replied, gesturing around the room. "I did my best to avoid coming here but having retired a few months ago from civilian life, I discovered that this was the only place I could afford on my Space Center pension. I had no idea you were here too!"

Metta at home in her favorite simulator, the Magellan

Conner sighed. "Yeah, well, I've been here for a while now. It's not exactly glamorous, but it's better than living on the streets, I suppose. I do OK. I have my pension and I play the organ for the local Catholic parish on Sundays and the occasional Lutheran church for funerals. It gives me enough to afford this room and two meals a day."

Metta nodded sympathetically. "I hear you, Conner. It's tough being a retired space center staff these days. The glory days are long gone."

They sat down at Conner's small kitchen table and caught up on old times. They reminisced about their adventures on the Magellan, the strange alien worlds they had visited, and the hair-raising situations they had found themselves in.

But as they talked, Conner couldn't help but feel a sense of bitterness creeping over him. He had always dreamed of retiring to a life of luxury, but instead, here he was, living in a cramped room with no prospects for the future and nothing but memories to keep him company.

Conner with admirers, staff, and volunteers

Metta must have sensed his melancholy mood because she suddenly clapped her hands together and exclaimed, "You know what we need, Conner? A good old-fashioned adventure!"

Conner looked at her skeptically. "An adventure? Metta, we're retired. We're not exactly spry anymore."

Metta waved a dismissive hand. "Nonsense, Conner! We may be old, but we've still got plenty of life left in us. Besides, what else have we got to do? Sit around and watch the rain?"

Conner couldn't argue with her logic. He had always been a bit of a thrill-seeker, even in his old age. The idea of going on one last adventure with his old friend was tempting.

"Alright, Metta," he said, grinning. "You've convinced me. But where do we start?"

Metta leaned forward conspiratorially. "I've heard rumors of a hidden planet on the edge of the galaxy. They say it's full of treasure and adventure, just waiting to be discovered."

Conner raised an eyebrow. "And how exactly are we supposed to get there?"

Metta stood up and put her hands on her hips. "Easy, Conner. We'll just steal a spaceship. The Space Center has six of them. And if we can't steal one of those - there is always the Voyager at Renaissance.

Conner shook his head in disbelief. "Metta, you're crazy. We're retired officers, remember? We can't just go around stealing spaceships."

Metta winked at him. "Who said anything about getting caught?"

And with that, the two old has-beens set off on one last adventure, determined to prove that they still had what it took to be space heroes. Whether they succeeded or not, one thing was for sure: they were going to have a lot of fun trying.


Conner will be returning to Utah to attend graduate school at BYU.  

Michael W. Presented the Royal Blues as a New Christa McAuliffe Space Center Mentor

     In a prestigious ceremony held at the Christa McAuliffe Space Center, Fleet Admiral James Porter awarded Michael Wiltbank with the Royal Blues for his exceptional contributions to the ongoing mission of the Space Center. With the Royal Blues come an appointment as a Space Center Mentor where he will guide new starfleet cadets as they embark on their training aboard the starships Cassini, Magellan, Odyssey, Phoenix, Galileo, and Falcon.
     Wiltbank, a veteran of many missions, some of which are classified, has been recognized for his exemplary service and dedication to his field. As a mentor, he will lead by example and inspire new cadets to become officers of distinction. His responsibilities include answering their questions and providing guidance to help them achieve their fullest potential.
     There are rumors among Starfleet's top brass that Wiltbank is positioned to continue his training and may soon be admitted into Command School. From there, he may one day have a ship of his own. Wiltbank's appointment as a mentor is a testament to his expertise and experience in the field of space exploration.
     The Royal Blues is a prestigious honor awarded to those who have made significant contributions to the Space Center and its missions. Wiltbank's recognition as a new mentor at the Christa McAuliffe Space Center is well-deserved, and we congratulate him on this achievement. We have no doubt that he will excel in his new role and continue to make valuable contributions to the advancement of space exploration and the molding of new officers, staff, and volunteers.

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Sunday, March 19, 2023

Micah Clegg, From Revolutionary Leader to Cassini Supervisor. And, The American Heritage School's Space Center Goes Retro with an Odyssey and Voyager Recreation, And InfiniD Offers Programs to All Schools, And, New Planetarium Program, And The Imaginarium Theater


 Micah with his Dress Blues

As a child, Micah Clegg was found by a band of Orion Pirates in a life pod jettisoned from the Starship Galore. He was sold to a warp housing factory on the distant planet Quasaria and raised by the factory's kindly supervisors, Aleta and James Clegg. He was raised to be an honest and hard working.

During those early years, Micah witnessed firsthand the oppression and injustice of the ruling class. Micah could not stand idly by, and so he joined a revolutionary movement that sought to overthrow the oppressive regime and establish a new government that would be fair and just.

For years, Micah led the movement, inspiring people to stand up against their oppressors and fight for their rights. He risked his life countless times, but he never wavered in his commitment to the cause of bringing Quasaria into the United Federation of Planets.

Micah, Leader of the Revolution!

Eventually, the revolution succeeded, and a new government was established. Micah had played a pivotal role in the movement's success, and he was hailed as a hero by his fellow citizens. But the years of fighting had taken their toll on Micah, and he realized that he needed a new purpose in life.

It was then that he decided to join Starfleet. He had always been fascinated by space exploration and the idea of discovering new worlds and civilizations. He knew that serving aboard a Starship would be a new and exciting chapter in his life, and so he began his training.

Micah quickly proved himself to be an exceptional officer. His experience leading a revolution had given him a unique perspective on leadership, and he was able to inspire his fellow crew members to work together towards a common goal.

He was assigned to the USS Cassini, one of the finest Starships in the fleet. Micah threw himself into his work, studying everything from astrophysics to warp field theory.

Micah found a new purpose in life serving aboard the Cassini. He was no longer fighting for a cause, but instead, he was exploring the galaxy and making new discoveries every day. He felt fulfilled and content, knowing that he was contributing to the greater good of humanity in his own way.

Nearly two years passed, and Micah continued to serve aboard the Cassini, earning the respect and admiration of his fellow crew members. He had found a new family, one that shared his values and beliefs.

As Micah looked out into the endless expanse of space, he knew that he had found his true calling. He had led a revolution on a distant planet, but he had found a new life among the stars.

In a statement released today, Admiral James Porter's office rewarded Micah's dedication to the Cassini and announced Micah's promotion to the position of 2nd Officer and Supervisor aboard the USS Cassini, one of the finest starships in the fleet.

As part of his training, Micah spent countless hours under the close supervision of his superior officers, Commander Ella and Commander Hyrum, and has undergone grueling observations and lectures from the Cassini's aging captain, Jon Parker.

Despite the challenges, Lt. Clegg has risen to the occasion and has demonstrated remarkable leadership qualities, earning the respect and admiration of his fellow crew members.

In a statement, Captain Parker praised Lt. Clegg for his dedication and hard work, stating that "Micah is an exceptional officer who has shown an unwavering commitment to the mission of the USS Cassini. He has proven himself time and time again, and I have every confidence that he will continue to excel in his new role as 2nd Officer and Supervisor."

Lt. Clegg's promotion is a testament to his hard work and dedication, and it is a proud moment for the USS Cassini and the entire Starfleet community. We wish him all the best in his new role, and we look forward to seeing him continue to achieve great things in the years to come.

The American Heritage School's Space Center Goes Retro with an Odyssey and Voyager Recreation

Alex Debirk and his gifted staff of high school students at American Heritage School are recreating and upgrading the original Odyssey's Engineering Crawlspace (Jeffries Tube) and the original Voyager's Bridge Engineering Station.  News like this warms this old man's heart and should bring joy to all those old campers from years gone by who gouged their heads open on the protruding screw in the Odyssey's hatchway.  And let's not forget the bumps bruises from exiting the tube incorrectly.  There were many times when I had to make a decision between a bandaid or stitches :)

     Alex and team are mindful of our shared history and will make adjustments to meet all OSHA requirements for a safe and happy engineering station.

The engineering platform with engineering crawlspace beneath in the 
Discovery at American Heritage

     The platform will be accessible by using the same ladder hundreds of engineers used on the Voyager during its 23 years at the Space Center.  And sitting atop the platform over the crawlspace will be the engineering desk rescued from the Voyager before the school was demolished.  

The Voyager's Bridge with the raised Engineering Station 

The Voyager's engineering station and ladder

The Voyager Engineering Station during a crew's training

The Notorious Odyssey Engineering Station and the "Enter at Your Own Risk" hatchway 

You can see the brave engineering in the crawlspace

Another picture of the engineering station behind the kid's head.  The Odyssey had 
4 bunks for the Overnight Camps.  

InfiniD Learning for Your School

Skyler Carr and Casey Voeks embarked on their journey to bring innovated, experiential education to the masses when they started volunteering at the Space Center years and years ago when they were in junior hight. That love of space and education led to the creation of InfiniD Learning.
Today, InfiniD Learning announced a FREE version of the program available to all teachers and classrooms everywhere. Sign up at and start using this incredible National Science Foundation program. Tag your kid's teachers to get them plugged in!

The Christa McAuliffe Space Center Offers a New Program for the Planetarium

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Sunday, March 12, 2023

The Voyager Club Returns To the Christa McAuliffe Space Center. Read About Saturday's Meeting and Learn About the Club's Departments. Imaginarium Theater


The Voyagers Learn About the Engineering Department from Jade Hansen

The Voyager Club is the name for the Christa McAuliffe Space Center's volunteering organization. The original Voyager Club started at the Space Center in the 1990's. Today's Voyager Club is composed of young space enthusiasts who share a common goal - to excite people to learn about space and what human space exploration offers mankind.

The Voyager Club at the Christa McAuliffe Space Center offers our cadets (members) an opportunity to learn about space and explore the unknown by expanding their understanding of the universe beyond Earth. The club's goal is to create a space faring civilization, because we know that human space exploration has the potential to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, and explorers to pursue careers in space-related fields, which could lead to technological advancements that benefit society as a whole. It also provides an opportunity to address important challenges facing humanity. By learning and promoting human space exploration, young people can help shape the future.

The Voyager Club blends science fiction and science to excite young people about space and to encourage them to excel in their school work. Science and science fiction have long been sources of inspiration for young people to learn more about space. Science provides the facts and the understanding of the physical laws that govern the universe, while science fiction offers the imagination and the possibility of what could be. By combining these two sources, young people are able to see beyond what is currently known and consider what may be possible in the future.

Science fiction stories, films, and TV shows often depict space travel, alien life, and futuristic technologies that capture the imaginations of young people and encourage them to learn more about space and science. In turn, this can inspire them to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields and contribute to the exploration and understanding of the universe.

Volunteering at the Space Center and / or working in a department is a requirement for membership in the club. Our Voyager cadets volunteer in both the starship simulators and the planetarium and can join any of the Center's four departments.

The Voyagers were introduced to the Space Center's support departments during the meeting. Each of the department heads spoke about their departments and encouraged the cadets to participate.

Engineering Department. Jade Hansen

Join the Engineering Department. If you're interested in engineering, space travel, and science fiction, this club is perfect for you. You'll have the opportunity to work on maintaining state-of-the-art starship simulators, complete with advanced propulsion systems, life-support technology, and other high-tech gadgets. You'll work with a team of like-minded individuals to ensure that the ship is in top condition for its next mission, whether that's exploring new planets, defending the galaxy from alien threats, or simply cruising through the stars. Join us today and be a part of shaping the future of space travel!

Writing Department. Brylee Perry

Are you passionate about writing and fascinated by the possibilities of futuristic space travel? Join the Writing Department and explore the endless possibilities of the universe through storytelling! As a member of our group, you'll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share your love for writing and science fiction. Together, we'll create exciting stories and simulator missions that transport readers to distant stars and spark their imaginations. Whether you're an experienced writer or just starting out, our club provides a supportive and collaborative environment to develop your skills and unleash your creativity. Join us today and let's embark on a journey to the stars!

Acting Department: Tyler Weight and Kyla Hansen

Are you a lover of science fiction and the arts? Do you dream of exploring the vast expanse of space in the Voyager Club while honing your acting skills? If so, then our acting department is the perfect place for you!

Join us on a journey through the stars as we train actors to perform in theaters unlike any other - aboard the Space Center's futuristic starships. Our department specializes in science fiction theater, where you'll have the opportunity to bring our missions' favorite characters to life and immerse yourself in thrilling and imaginative storylines.

With our expert trainers, you'll develop a range of skills that will serve you both on stage in the simulators and off. From character development to stage combat, our training will equip you with everything you need to succeed as an starship actor.

And the best part? You'll be performing in a truly unique and exciting environment, surrounded by the wonders of outer space. You'll play a vital role in transporting our visitors to new worlds and new dimensions with every performance

So if you're ready to take your acting to the next level and embark on a thrilling journey through the stars, join us in our acting department today. The universe is waiting for you!

Media and Programming Department: Hayden Senske

Attention Voyagers! Are you interested in learning valuable skills that can help maintain our starship simulators and shape your future? Look no further than our media and programming department! We are seeking enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about programming and graphic design to join our team.

As a member of our department, you will have the opportunity to learn essential skills that can be applied to a variety of fields. You will have the chance to work with cutting-edge technology, and collaborate with like-minded individuals to create stunning visual content that will be used to maintain and enhance our starships.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced coder, our media club is the perfect place to develop your skills and take your knowledge to the next level. So why not join us today and become a part of our community of innovative thinkers, problem-solvers, and creators? Your contribution to our ships' maintenance and the Space Center will be greatly appreciated!

New Club Members were Introduced

New club members were introduced during the Voyager Club meeting on Saturday.  

The Newest Members of the Voyager Club were Introduced

Education in Every Meeting

Every Voyager Club meeting has time reserved for space education and exploration. Brylee Perry did a planetarium presentation for the cadets at Saturday's meeting. After her lesson, Mr. Porter did a demonstration of the planetarium's new laser show. Awesome is the only word for both planetarium presentations.

The cadets in the planetarium

The next Voyager Club meeting will be held in April.  Visit the Space Center's website to learn more about volunteering - the doorway into the Voyager Club.

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Sunday, March 5, 2023

The Starship Phoenix has New Uniforms, Each Housing the Finest in Technology and Protection. The Core Belief of the Voyager Club. Imaginarium Theater

 (paid, professional Starfleet Models. The uniforms may not look as good on you)

     Audrey Henriksen Starfleet Outfitters produces the finest in Starfleet Uniforms.  Recently, she was awarded the contract for a set of uniforms for the USS Phoenix at the Christa McAuliffe Space Center.  With work order in hand, Audrey's design department went to work on the uniforms' appearance.  Various colors were considered from fluorescents to pastels but in the end, the general consensus was to hold true to the darker, more space appropriate colors like black and navy blue. 

With a finished design and approved color scheme, Audrey's elves set to sew the six uniforms.  Working night and day, skipping a meal or two to meet production goals and quotas, and forgoing planned time off, the team finished the order within an hour of the contracted deadline.  The uniforms were done, fitted, and ready for use.  

Audrey's new Starfleet uniforms are designed with the latest technological advancements in mind. Made from a durable, lightweight material, the uniforms are resistant to weapon fire, heat, and radiation, making them ideal for even the most hazardous missions.

The uniforms feature integrated medical sensors, which monitor the wearer's vital signs and provide real-time health data to medical personnel in the event of an emergency. Additionally, the emotional registers embedded in the fabric of the uniform can detect and monitor changes in the wearer's emotional state, providing invaluable insights into their mental wellbeing.

In addition to their protective and diagnostic features, the uniforms are also designed with comfort in mind. They feature breathable fabrics and ergonomic designs that allow for ease of movement and comfort during long missions.

Overall, the new Starfleet uniforms are a significant advancement in space-faring technology, providing increased protection, diagnostic capabilities, and comfort for the crew members who wear them.

Meet Audrey Henriksen

Meet Lieutenant Commander Audrey Henriksen , a Starfleet officer and Christa McAuliffe Space Center Head Supervisor who moonlights as a Jedi Knight. Audrey is a skilled pilot, diplomat, and tactician who has served in Starfleet for many years. She is known for her calm and collected demeanor under pressure, her strategic thinking, and her commitment to justice and peace.

But Audrey's interests go beyond the realm of Starfleet. She is also a member of the Jedi Order, an ancient order of peacekeepers who use the Force to uphold justice throughout the galaxy. Audrey was trained in the ways of the Jedi by her mother, a former Jedi Knight herself, and has honed her skills over the years through rigorous training and practice.

In her Jedi persona, Audrey wears a traditional Jedi robe and carries a lightsaber, the iconic weapon of the Jedi Order. She uses her knowledge of the Force to augment her physical abilities, such as speed and agility, and to sense the emotions and intentions of others.

Audrey's dual identities as a Starfleet officer and a Jedi Knight have made her a valuable asset in many situations. She has used her diplomatic skills to negotiate peace treaties, her tactical expertise to lead successful missions, and her Jedi abilities to sense danger and protect her fellow crew members.

While some may question the wisdom of Audrey's moonlighting as a Jedi Knight, her dedication to both Starfleet and the Jedi Order has never been in doubt. She believes that the two roles are not mutually exclusive, and that her unique combination of skills and knowledge makes her a more effective leader and protector of the galaxy.

The Core Belief of The Voyager Club

(Meaning, if you don't believe this, you're in the wrong club :)

The quote "There is nothing so far removed from us to be beyond our reach, or so far hidden that we cannot discover it" by Rene Descartes suggests that there is nothing in this world that is beyond our grasp or impossible for us to uncover. It means that there are no limits to human curiosity, ingenuity, and perseverance, and that we have the capacity to overcome any obstacle and uncover any truth, no matter how remote or inaccessible it may seem.

The quote encourages us to embrace a mindset of exploration and discovery, and to have faith in our abilities to overcome challenges and achieve our goals. It also implies that nothing is ever truly out of our reach, as long as we remain open-minded, determined, and willing to put in the necessary effort to explore and uncover the mysteries of the world around us.

Voyagers, we have much to do and only a limited lifetime to do it. Let's get busy. Our first Voyager Club meeting will be held at the Christa McAuliffe Space Center Planetarium this Saturday, March 11 from 8:30 - 10:00 A.M. Contact me for more information.

Mr. Williamson

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