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Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Space Education Center Takes a Vacation!

Hello Troops,
We’ve made it to Spring Break! There was joy throughout the land. I can’t describe how needed this vacation is for all of us at the Space Center. We’ve been working morning, noon and night running mission after mission trying to keep up with the demand. Crazy was one word used to describe it by one of the Flight Directors. I compared our numbers with last year and discovered we are running a record breaking season in attendance and missions run.
Most businesses would bless the increase but we aren’t most businesses. Our Center is run by one full time employee, a couple dozen part timers, and over one hundred volunteers - all busy with their own lives. Many are students with school pressures and teen age social lives
that require some of their attention. The 24 hour day can only be sliced into so many pieces. This increase brings in more money but perhaps not enough to compensate for the wear and tear on the employees and volunteers.
A message to my staff, Thank you for the time you give the Center. I know you could get a job almost anywhere else that pays more but you don’t. You realize that working here has some advantages - we are a really cool place and you work with tremendous people. You are a part of something not found anywhere else in the world but right here in Pleasant Grove. That keeps many of you here year after year. Our low turn over is a blessing to me. Running our simulators takes extensive training. It isn’t flipping burgers. A high turnover would lead to disruptions in service and that would lead to a lowering of quality.
So, in a nutshell we all need this vacation. Rest and do something completely different if you can. Let the batteries charge and come back a week from Monday ready to take the Center to the end of the school year.

Mr. Williamson
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