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Friday, December 30, 2016

Jake Hadfield, the Space Center's Dear Leader. Ian Called to Russia. Audrey Promoted to Supervisor. Jon Parker has an Idea. The Imaginarium.

Jake, The Dear Leader

Jake Hadfield aka The Space Center's Dear Leader. He Who is Beloved, Kind, and Merciful. 

     Jake Hadfield started volunteering when I was the director of the CMSEC back in the day.  At that time Jake was a painfully shy, softly spoken, wet behind the ears youngling volunteer who showed great promise. Jake's enthusiasm for the Center and its mission continued to grow over the next few years. Before leaving for an LDS mission, Jake's efforts and patience was rewarded. He scaled Olympus' dangerous cliffs and treacherous outcroppings and reached the pinnacle. Jake became a flight director.

The Dear Leader's Portrait in the Discovery Room
     Jake is currently serving a mission in Poland, yet his presence is still very much felt at the Space Center as seen in these photos I found throughout the building.  From the evidence given, and speaking as the Space Center's retired founder and former director, I proclaim Jake Hadfield as the Space Center's Dear Leader. 

The Dear Leader in the Magellan's Control Room

The Dear Leader in the Odyssey's Control Room

The Dear Leader in the Phoenix Control Room
The Dear Leader's portrait on the Galileo
      The position of Dear Leader must go to the one whose picture is prominently displayed throughout an organization. While many of The Troubadour's readers would understandably think the title of Dear Leader would be mine considering I was the founder and director of the Space Center for 23 years, but that is not the case. There is one picture of yours truly taped to the wall in the Space Center's office.  Jake's profile, on the other hand, is everywhere; hence he is now officially given the title Dear Leader. 

Jake's photo welcomes people standing outside the Space Center waiting to come in for their missions

      Jake Hadfield, our Dear Leader, we salute you and wish you all the best in Poland.  

Other's in the Running for Vice Dear Leader and Somewhat Dear Leader of the Space Center

James Porter's photo can also be found if you know where to look. His photo is also on display on the entryway bulletin board with the rest of the Central School's staff. With two photos, Mr. Porter can be proclaimed Vice Dear Leader. 

Connor Larsen's photo can be found in the Magellan's Control Room if you know where to look.  Because of this, he is proclaimed a Somewhat Dear Leader

Former Space Center Director Megan Warner is also in the running for Somewhat Dear Leader with one photo prominently on display in the Phoenix Control Room.

Jon Parker is also in the running for Somewhat Dear Leader with one photo on the school's faculty board.

Ian McOmber Called to the St. Petersburg Russia Mission. Ian and the Dear Leader Jake Hadfield will be Close, Yet so Far.

     Ian McOmber is an Odyssey Flight Director at the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center. Ian is well liked and respected for his talent and personality. Recently Ian received an LDS mission call to Russia. He enters the MTC in February. 
     In respect to the Dear Leader, who is serving a mission in Poland, the CMSEC staff illustrated Ian's closeness to Jake in the photo above. Jake is in Poland. Across the great divide (represented by Tyler) is Ian in Russia. So close, yet so far.
     Congratulations Ian on your call. 

Audrey Promoted to Supervisor.  There is Great Celebration at the Space Center

     Jon Parker, Assistant Director of the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center, formally welcomed Audrey into the Family of Supervisors on December 13th.  Joining him for the induction ceremony were Lindsey and Scott. 
     Audrey started volunteering at the Space Center in April of 2015 when she was a sophomore at PG High School.  Audrey loves the Magellan. It is her favorite ship because it is the only ship with supervisors.  
     "We love having Audrey as a new supervisor," said Lindsey. 
     "It will be hard to say who the happiest supervisor is with Audrey wearing a blue shirt," Scott chimed in. "She and Lindsey are the happiest people on the planet. It will be happiness overload when they work missions together!"

The Magellan's EMU (Emergency Medical Unit)    

Jon Parker having an idea. Notice he stands alone. It is dangerous to stand too close to Jon when he conjures an idea.

     Many of The Troubadour's readers will recognize the USS Magellan's new sick bay beds from a previous post. I'm happy to report that Jon Parker, Assistant Director of the Space Center, had an idea in relation to the beds. 
     "I have an idea!" Jon exclaimed. "Why don't we call the two beds the Emergency Medical Unit. EMU for short!"  
     The idea stuck and is now official. Another piece of Space Center history is recorded. Great idea Jon.

The Imaginarium

The Key to a Successful and Happy Life

How I spend my weekends!

Look him up and appreciate what he did.

Not a reassuring sight