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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The New USS Voyager's Warp Core. Voyager Cadets Experience the Summer Camp Missions. The Imaginarium.

The New USS Voyager's Warp Core

     The new USS Voyager's warp core is being assembled at the Dan Adams Starship Yards in American Fork.  Starfleet Tech Sergeants Alex DeBirk and David Kyle Herring work on the core realizing the lives of hundreds of their fellow enlisted men and officers are in their hands should the core rupture during warp travel.
     "One screw out of place, one wire not secure, one scratch in the dilithium skirt and it's instant vaporization. It kindda makes you think," Sergeant DeBirk said while running his forefinger around the upper ring searching for imperfections. "Do you know anything about the Voyager's crew?" he asked.
     I hesitated to tell him that his precious warp core would be maintained and serviced by students of various ages and interests, but did out of professional courtesy.  He turned a ghostly white, crossed himself, mumbled a silent prayer, and continued his work. "That's one unforgiving learning curve," he said shaking his head.  
     "Tell me about it," I replied. 

Voyager Club Cadets Experience the Space Center's New Summer Missions  

     Members of the Farpoint Voyagers Club starred in the Space Center's Summer Missions Dress Rehearsals held last Friday evening.  They got to do the missions for free so the Space Center staff could practice the new summer missions.  

     I caught up with the crews of the Magellan and Galileo as they enjoyed their home packed dinners.  They seemed happy to see me, which surprised me since many of them are my students from Renaissance Academy and last Friday was the last day of school.  I expected screams and abusive curses when I entered the room.  Instead I was bombarded with mission stories all told at the same time as if I could understand them all at once. 

     Connor flight directed the Magellan mission with Space Center Director James Porter as his second.  Isaac stood behind interjecting comments and sound effects to lighten the stressful mood which normally accompanies all first tellings of new missions.

     The Phoenix crew took their supper later.

     They seemed more focused on the mission as seen in the picture above. Either that, or they had issues with pleasant conversation at the dinner table.
     The Voyager Club thanks the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center for giving our cadets this wonderful opportunity.  

Mr. W.  

The Imaginarium