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Sunday, April 16, 2017

The USS Voyager Opens for Private Missions. The USS Magellan Gets a Flooring Upgrade. Theater Imaginarium.

The Voyager's First Private Mission. The Crew from Alpine Train at their Station
The Recently Launched USS Voyager's First Private Mission. A Milestone for the New Ship on the Block

I call yesterday's private mission on the new USS Voyager's first "private mission" because it was the first private party to book a mission and pay!! The Voyager made its first dollar!  Thank you crew of young 6th graders from Westfield Elementary in Alpine. 

The crew is briefed on their mission. "Midnight Rescue"
 The crew had already done the mission Children of Perikoi at the Space Center for their school field trip.  I suggested to the staff they tell Intolerance. The staff revolted, complaining that we tell Intolerance six time a week, week in and week out, as our Long Duration Mission for the Farpoint Squadrons. They wanted something different so we pulled off a telling of Midnight Rescue. 

I wrote Midnight Rescue years and years ago and told the mission hundreds and hundreds of times for field trips over the years, but could I remember the mission's briefing to save my life. NO. Maeson Busk flew the mission. He knew the mission. Isaac Ostler worked IIFX. On staff were Ethan Freestone, Brad Smith, Caleb Klein, and Jensen Caldwell. I worked the bridge with Jensen. I wanted to experience our first crew first hand. After all, the new Voyager had to live up to my first Voyager in all aspects.

The Captain learning about the ship at the first officer's station
It took awhile, but the mission came back to me. I like Midnight Rescue. It was one of my favorites to tell back in the day primarily because I had an awesome briefing to go with the mission.  It was the perfect mission to start the Voyager out of the gate. 

So, if you're interested in a mission on the new Voyager this is what you do:
1.  Send me an email

See how easy that is.  Be sure to include your phone number. I book our private mission by phone.
We can only do a couple per week so you get the personal touch.  The ship can take between 7 and 10 people and comes in at $150.00 for a 2.5 hour mission.

The Voyager's First Private Crew. Well done boys.

The Magellan Gets New Carpet. It Looks Good

The Magellan's 12 year old carpet
     After 12 years Mr. Porter made the right decision to replace the Magellan's carpet. The weird design is gone. 
     I was never a fan of that carpet. I used it for the Magellan because I got it cheap. Real cheap. In fact, for free. One day while the Magellan was being remodeled in the winter of 2005, I drove to the school district's maintenance yard and asked to see the carpet remnants stored in a large metal storage container near the perimeter fence.  The carpet we used was the only style available with enough left overs from classroom installations to do the entire Magellan.
Thankfully we say goodbye to that old stuff and hello to a new carpet with a fresh modern design.
     Oh, an another feature of the new carpet is that it comes in squares - easily replaced if soiled or damaged by marauding space pirates or overly excited crews.

Goodbye to the old stuff

The new carpet waiting to be installed

The miserable process of ripping out the old to put in the new
The new carpet. Doesn't it look fantastic?

Imaginarium Theater
The Best Gifs of the Week Edited for a General Audience

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