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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Wild Colors on Space Camper's Backs. Spiders Run Amok in the Odyssey Control Room. The Imaginarium.

Wild Colors at the CMSEC's Summer Space Camp. 

Hello Space Fans,
We start today's Troubadour post with these new psychedelic t-shirts.  Eye popping, no?

I know what you're thinking. You want to know what happened to the traditional black Space Center t-shirts?  Are they gone with the wind? Should you hang onto the one you own as a collector's item? Will the old black ones be worth mega-bucks some day?
The answer to your questions is "I don't know."
My philosophy regarding t-shirt colors during my time as Space Center director was the same as Henry Ford's regarding his Model T car.  When Henry was asked what colors people could pick from, for their new Model T he answered, "You can have any color - as long as it is black."
"Tradition!" some shout. "Go back to black!"
"It's time for new colors, AND new ideas," others say.  "Out with the old and in with the new.  Williamson is gone. He can take his basic black t-shirts with him." 
I reply with a sigh and a "I've already done so."  :)

Spiders Love the Odyssey 

The Space Center's Natalie A., points to her wanted sign for a criminal spider guilty of terrorising the Odyssey's Control Room and then getting away by dropping behind a counter.  Natalie's sure of the likeness, but I believe the spider's size is disputable. "I'm sure it was that big," she insisted while pointing to her sign. I explained her drawing looked more like a tarantula ant. My comment, and lack of sincerity to her dilemma, was unappreciated.  
"There's no reward. Wanted posters get people's attention because of a reward offered," I said.
I was ushered out of the Control Room and told I could return if, and only if, I captured or squashed the offending arachnid.    

The Imaginarium

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