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Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Spirit of the New Voyager. See Some of Its Technology in Action. A Video Tour of the New Voyager. Theater Imaginarium.

The Anderson Brothers. Alex and Brent

Hello Troops,
     A few video updates are on today's schedule, brought to you by the Anderson Brothers (Alex and Brent) and Renaissance Academy's new USS Voyager experiential simulator. Alex and Brent spend a few hours in the Voyager every Saturday working on the simulator's intelligence. All the ship's programming, from sound effects to video to lighting to music to just about everything is controlled by their FLINT operating program. It's too technical for me,  but just to be on the safe side, I am going to ask them to install a failsafe off switch somewhere in the control room just in case FLINT becomes SKYNET and the Voyager turns on us in a nasty and fatal way. 
    Brent and Alex are proud of their work; they should be. Their creations will affect the lives of thousands of children over the years.  Thank you Anderson brothers. You've done well. You've given the ship of dreams its spirit. 

Mr. Williamson    

Brent Introduces You to the Voyager's New Voice Changer

Alex Introduces you to the Voyager's Cool Brig / Containment Room 

     To wrap up today's post I present a video walk through of the new USS Voyager. It is nearly finished. May 1 is our deadline.  

A Tour of the New Voyager

Theater Imaginarium

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Flight Director Academy: Training the Semi-Secret Society of Flight Director's Next Generation. Lion Squadron Tackles Round Two. The Imaginarium.

Emily Paxman Teaching the Basics of Sound Effects
The Space EdVentures Foundation's Flight Director Academy: Training the Next Generation of Flight Directors

     Renaissance Academy's Voyager Club and the Space EdVentures Foundation co-sponsor Flight Director Academy (FDA).  The FDA is a ten week course taught by master flight director Emily Paxman with occasional guest appearances by Supreme Master Flight Director Mr. Williamson :)  
     Most Thursday evenings from 6:00 to 9:00 P.M. you'll find these future flight directors gathered on the USS Voyager's bridge at Renaissance Academy learning the science and art of flight directing and story telling. Correct use of sound and special effects was the topic of last Thursday's class.  
     Once certified, these younglings will be released into the general population of simulators in search of apprenticeships with the ultimate goal of being entrusted with our profession's light saber - the microphone.  

     The FDA is for current flight directors who want to perfect their skills and those wanting to join this semi-secretive society. Secretive because of the nature of our work. We are the invisible ones who exist but don't exist. We are heard, but not seen. We play god with the fictional lives of our audiences in imaginary universes conjured in our minds.  We are today's troubadours, telling stories of brave knights battling impossible evil in the depths of unknown time and space.

     This is the FDA's first class of padawans, learning at the Voyager's Temple.  More will follow as they're discovered in the ranks of the Voyager Club, and the volunteering organizations at the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center and Discovery Space Center.   

     If you feel this Force within you; if you have an overwhelming yearning to flight direct; if the space center simulators are your favorite places on earth, then make yourself known to us. Ask to be put on the contact list for the next FDA scheduled to be taught in late summer. Emily will be dispatched to analyze your midichlorian count.  Only those with 'the gift' are accepted. 

     We wish you the best as you embark on this quest to join our society. We're waiting, watching, and listening - because that is what we do.....

Mr. Williamson

The Magnificent Five Survive the LDM's Second Round

     They're called the Magnificent Five because they are just that - Magnificent. This is the Lion Squadron.  There are ten, yet only five tackled the second round of the Voyager Club's Long Duration Mission today.  
     Under the awesome leadership of Captain Alex, they successfully and skillfully operated the USS Magellan's bridge. That takes real, raw talent. 
     The Lion Squadron's Magnificent five exemplify the best of the Voyager Club.  Congratulations on a job well done. I really enjoyed watching you in action.  

Mr. Williamson 

The Imaginarium