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Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Voyager II and Its State of the Art Tactical Screen. Theater Imaginarium.

The Voyager's Tactical, Alex Anderson's Masterpiece

Hello Space Fans!
     Alex Anderson is the Voyager's I.T. mastercraftsman. Recently he stopped by my classroom at Renaissance Academy and invited me to join him in the Voyager simulator to admire and comment on his newest creation - the Voyager's tactical screen.
     Using the newly installed projector in the Voyager's Briefing Room, Alex demonstrated the split screen, dual image tactical.   

     The dual screen gives the flight director maximum flexibility in visual display. With one click of the mouse, the FD can alternate between divided screen (above) and full screen (below).

     Alex understands the importance we all place on continuing the spirit and look of the original USS Voyager.  The Voyager I had two main viewers: a TV above and a rearview screen beneath (below)

     The ability to display two live feeds to the bridge gives the crew double the information required to make informed decisions. It also just looks cool - period.

     Alex returns this week from Disneyland. He needed to take a break to recharge his imagination as we face the last of the programming needed to open the new Voyager II.  Matt Ricks and Isaac Ostler work with Alex in this great endeavor.  It is a team effort performed for the thousands and thousands of people who will soon be captivated by dreams of space exploration through our unique brand of experiential, simulator based edventures on the new USS Voyager. 

Mr. Williamson 

Theater Imaginarium

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