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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Welcome Back Cmdr. Scott After 340 Days in Space. News From the Simulators of Dream Flight Adventures - Another Set of Missions on the IKS Highlander. The Imaginarium.

Another Rousing Set of Missions Aboard Dream Flight Adventures' IKS Highlander in Pennsylvania
Admiral Huckelberry of the IKS Highlander continues to run epic missions with the students of J.E. Harrison Middle School, Pennsylvania and as icing on the cake he’s put together some fantastic videos showing his students in action.


8th Grade Social Studies Students have completed a Dream Flight Adventure Mission at HMS!  These students completed the Succession Mission as well as the Succession Mission Ops STEAM Classroom activities.
While participating in the Succession Mission, Social Studies students embarked on a journey to locate a missing Oracle, appoint a new king and restore peace to the planet Megara. They then had to work with four different view points of government to construct a “New Way” of governing for the Megara People.
While working in Mission Ops the students participated in a Two Sided Political Debate.  Representing two of the fictional factions that vie for the throne, they discovered that the only way to deal with the political upheaval on Megara is to work to understand these differing views of governing.
The students then began to collaborate, create and compromise when constructing a “New Way” of governing for the Megara People.  Students had to construct new forms of government and a process to select leaders to govern.


6th Grade Health Students have completed the a Dream Flight Adventure Mission at HMS. These students completed the Pandemic Mission as well as the Pandemic Mission Ops STEAM Classroom activities.
While working in Mission Ops the Carnegie Science Center supported our Curriculum with their Anatomy Adventure Science on the Road exhibits. These hands on activities directly connected the content covered in Health Class to the content learned in the Pandemic Mission.
While participating in the Pandemic Mission, Health students embarked on a journey to save a sick delegate and restore peace between two nations. They had to locate viruses in the sick delegates body systems and stop them from spreading.

Space News

Astronaut Scott Kelly Returns to Earth

Soyuz TMA-18M backs away from the ISS. NASA TV.
Astronaut Scott Kelly has spent the last 340 days in space. He now becomes the highest-space-time American in NASA (Russians still hold the record). On Tuesday evening, the Expedition 46 crew separated from the International Space Station, and then performed braking maneuvers to prepare for re-entry. About six hours later, they were safely landed in Kazakhstan.

Helicopter sighting of the Soyuz slowly descending into the cloud bank over Kazakhstan.
 Kelly and his Roscosmonaut partner Mikhail Kornienko have been part of a joint NASA-Roscosmos project to study weightlessness in space, preparing for long journeys to Mars. Scott Kelly was in the fortunate position in that his twin brother, Mark Kelly (now retired from NASA) agreed to also participate in the study so that doctors could compare the two brothers to see how the changes of space affected Scott. One effect was obvious already, Scott's spine has straightened over the last year so that he is now two inches taller than his identical brother.

Thumbs-up from Kelly as he is helped out of the Soyuz capsule.
With the return of Expedition 46 to the Earth, the current ISS Expedition 47 crew (NASA astronaut commander Tim Kopra, ESA astronaut im PEake, and Roscosmos cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko) await the arrival of the second half of the crew. They will launch from Russia on March 18, with Jeff Williams, Oleg Skripochka, and Alexey Ovchinin.

By Mark Daymont

The Imaginarium

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