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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Two Upcoming Events in May You Must Attend. Yes, This Means YOU. An Honors Night to Celebrate the CMSEC's Heritage and the Grand Opening of the USS Hyperion. A Flight Director Heads to Antarctica to Research and Teach Online Lessons. Theater Imaginarium.

     OK Troops, Today's post has TWO upcoming events requiring your attention and attendance. While not an order, I'm saying these invitations carry a strong expectation that you'll attend. Get out your calendar and put both down as absolutely necessary.  If you don't show up you'll be blackballed in proper Society, rejected to live a life of fast food, Netflix, and uncouth friends who fart out bad puns as intelligent conversation in mosquito infested backyard barbecues. 

So There.
Mr. Williamson

The Space Center Diaspora to Gather for Old Times Sake and Celebrate the Past and Present at Honors Night at the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center.  Please Come. Without YOU it Won't be Any Fun. 

Mrs Houston Will Be there Looking for YOU.
How long has it been since you've visited with Mrs. Houston, Space Center Teacher and Matron?
Time to Make up for Lost Time.
(Those not attending will be promptly removed from her Christmas List.)

And Now, the Formal Invitation from Mr. James Porter with the RSVP Link you should use if you're coming and expect to receive a warm welcome.
         Former CMSEC Staff,
On May 17th at 7pm, you are invited to the Space Center's Honors Night.  At this honors night we want to pay tribute to past staff members as a thank you for your efforts to get us where we are today.  We hope that local staff members will be able to join us in the festivities.  Please RSVP by filling out the form found on this link.  I hope this message reaches all our old staff so we can get together for a big hurrah as we celebrate the past and announce some exciting events for the future.
-James Porter
Space Center Director
Just in Case You're Wondering Who Will Be in Attendance

Some of those pictures above will be attending. Except Connor of course who is serving a mission deep in Romulan territory.  Apparently he is doing well, except for that brief mishap with a barrel of Romulan Ale
 and box of lavender biscuits.
Rumor has it Mr. Williamson will make an Unannounced Appearance to eat all the refreshments
and Monopolize the Conversation.  Be Sure to Attend and Rescue Anyone Caught trapped
 in his web of half truths and soiled reminiscences.

Two of these ripe old timers may be there with just a bit of arm twisting....
Bradyn, Jon, and Morgan

Now these really are old timers.
Those not suffering from dementia and still reliable in the bathroom will be attending.

This is the Second MUST Event for your Social Calendar. Come Celebrate the Grand Opening and Launch of the Telos Discovery Space Center's Hyperion Simulator.  Bring your Friends and Family

Dear Space Fans (Especially citizens of the Space Center Diaspora Wherever You Are) ,
     Please mark your calendar and attend Telos Discovery Space Center's Grand Opening of the Hyperion Simulator.  I'll be there and so should you.  There will be lots to do and see, including mini missions in the Hyperion, the newest Space EdVentures Starship Simulator.
And do me a favor, spread the word. Let's get a great turnout of current and former Space Center staff and volunteers.  

Admiral Williamson
That is All....

Come join us on May 26 for delicious food, fun activities, fantastic prizes, and great deals at the joint grand opening of the USS Hyperion—the latest simulator of the Telos Discovery Space Center—and the T3 triathlon shop.
What will you get at the grand opening?
1. Enjoy a FREE mini simulator experience. Team up with your friends and family to try out the new controls and the new effects of the latest Space Edventures simulator, the USS Hyperion. Get a sneak peek at one of our new missions, “The Capella Incident.”
2. Enter to win one of two Telos Discovery Space Center prizes:
a. A FREE spot in one of our three day or five day summer camps.
b. A FREE 2.5 hour private mission.
3. While you are there, enjoy the photo ops with sci-fi movie cosplayers,
4. Browse board games for sale from Blakfyre Games and join in a game with friends.
5. Pick up a tasty treat from one of several food trucks,
6. Learn about local resources for out of the box educational and therapeutic assistance.
7. Participate in other fun activities.
Then hop on over to our sister company, T3. Check out and demo their triathlon gear and other athletic equipment. Snag some great deals at their sidewalk sale. Pick up another treat from another set of food trucks (why not?), and enter to win some great prizes there.
All you have to do to enter the drawing for the free prizes is leave your email address at the register at both locations, T3 and the USS Hyperion at the Telos U location of the Telos Discovery Space Center, and then take a selfie at our locations and tag us on your social media. That’s it!
The Open House and USS Hyperion demos will run at the Telos U campus at 600 South Geneva Road in Orem from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Bring your friends and family and join us for a stellar experience!
Connor Larsen Encounters Resistance on Magellan Way
Artfully "lifted" from the CMSEC's Facebook Page

Not a good street for door to door evangelizing as Connor discovered.  
1.  A man named C. Alexander gave him a right dressing down, something about stolen documents missing from his garage.  
2.  There was the Pennae family who pressed him for help regarding racial discrimination. 
3.  While he was there he witnessed an attempted kidnapping, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Perkikoi. Luckily he was there to stop it.  Now he is a local hero.

News from our Friends at Dream Flight Adventures.  Admiral Rigorious Heads to Antarctica and You Get to Participate Online. 
By Admiral Starblayze

At Dream Flight Adventures we typically report on daring missions brimming with educational value—all set in a fictional universe.  Today, however, we're celebrating a real-life mission of epic proportions.  Mike Penn—a.k.a. Admiral Rigorious—has been selected to join a PolarTREC expedition to Antarctica during the 2018-19 Austral summer.
Mike will be working with a team of scientists from the University of Wisconsin installing and maintaining Automatic Weather Stations all over the continent—sometimes where no human has ever been!
The team extends the AWS (Automatic Weather Station) using the tripod. At South Dome on the Greenland Ice Sheet. Photo by Jim Pottinger (PolarTREC 2011)

Mike will teach his students (and students all over the country) about Antarctica, meteorology, geography and all of the science that he and his team will be doing.

This past week Mike ventured into the bitter cold of Fairbanks, Alaska to begin training for his adventure.
You can follow Mike's expedition and journals here as they unfold over the course of the year.  We'll post periodic highlights here on our cozy, warm, but not-so-adventurous blog, but be sure to check out Mike's journals for all the exciting sub-zero details!

Imaginarium Theater
The Best Gifs From Around the World Edited for a Gentler Audience

Saturday, April 28, 2018

That Temptress Fortuna Strikes the Space Center. Four Computers Down in One Week. The Young Volunteers Complain. The Blue Shirt Rangers Aren't Nice. Huge Class Sizes Overburdens the Staff. Praise for Bill Schuler and Lorraine Houston. Control Room Changes. The Historical Posts of 2002 Continue. Plus The Imaginarium.

The Lonely Job of the Voyager Ship's Doctor on the Overnight Camps
Trent Blackman. June 2007

Space Center Journal. Fortuna On the Hunt and the Space Center the Target.  Tragedy Strikes Multiple Times in One Week.
March 31, 2002
People Mention:  Jennifer Remy, Charlie Heaton, Mr. Daymont, Bradyn Bodily.

It was a dark and stormy week. Fortuna, the Goddess of Fortune, hid her head. A gray, pale gloom lingered in the air. I caught a wisp of it on Monday as I unlocked the door and stepped into the Briefing Room at 8:00 A.M. 

"Did something die in here?" I wondered as I glanced around in the corners thinking to see a mouse, poisoned by one of my traps. Nothing. What was that faint order? Then I remembered. I hadn't smelled that since for months but memory reminded me of what came to pass the last time. If I were a ship's captain I would shout, "Batten down the Hatches! Trim the Sails!" Something Wicked this way comes............................

Monday went by ...... no problems........... Perhaps the calm before the storm or maybe I was misunderstanding the ordure. 

A Happy Camper in the Phoenix
June 2007

The First Computer Goes Down...

Tuesday. Jennifer Remy came in and told me one of the Damage Control computer was downThen there was the problem with the Damage Control Hypercard Stack. We didn't have a master back up. Something that slipped between the cracks when it was originally loaded. We now have no spare computers. Our spares are in the shop. "It Starts......" I whispered waiting for the other shoe to drop. 
Wednesday. Nothing to report. Office day for me. No missions. The eye of the hurricane.

The Second Computer Goes Down in One Week

Thursday. Good school. Great flights. Evening comes. Nothing. Fortuna was back upon high Olympus. Then I found out that one of the Magellan's  control computers just went down. A computer was quickly pulled from the Falcon. We have no spares. The Explorers came for their first meeting. That went well. I was finally able to put faces with the names in the Waiting Pool of volunteers. The question on our minds was what would we put in the Falcon to replace the computer we needed for the Magellan?

USS Voyager Security Station
June 2007

The Third and Fourth Computers Goe Down in One Week

Friday. Jennifer Remy came in and told me that the Right Wing computer was down. We had no spares. We got it to come up but know from past experience that if we shut it down it would not come on again. I told the staff to leave that computer on from now on until we get more spares. I sent in an order for 4 new computers. $4000 + but what can one do? We will replace the Imacs in the Galileo with IBooks. That will lighten the simulator by 200 pounds. We will take the Galileo's computers and use them as spares. I was swamped with summer 
registrations. Instead of getting to unwind at home before the overnight camp for a couple of hours I got home for 30 minutes. The overnight started. They seemed like great kids. The missions were going reasonably well until I discover that another of the Magellan's control computers had crashed! That's 4 computers in one week! 

A Boy Collapses on the Overnight Camp 

Saturday. Its 7:15 A.M. We were getting ready to get the boys up in the Voyager. Charlie Heaton rushed in and told me that one of the campers, a diabetic, was in a seizure. I rushed down to the crew quarters. He was on the ground. He had an insulin pump. We had his medical kit but what was I to do but the basics? I rushed to the phone and dialed for 
an ambulance
and in the same breath telling Mr. Daymont to rush down to the boy and take charge down there. Once the paramedics were called I called the boy's parents. I could tell they were terrified by the sound in their voices. I told the father that they would take the boys to A.F. hospital. I rushed outside and a minute later 2 police cars arrived. They rushed down to the crew quarters. The emergency fire paramedic arrived. Then a few minutes later the paramedics came in the ambulance. Ten minutes later the boy was stabilized and out of the seizure. A great weight was lifted from my shoulders. I called the boy's family and gave them the good news. A special thank you to my whole staff for working so well and keeping the camp running while we handled that emergency. 

Later Saturday I learned that the Queen Mother had died. Those of us that are students of English history and culture are saddened by this news. I served a mission in England and know of their love for her and what she represented.

The Voyager First Officer Looks a Bit Worried
June 2007

Bradyn Bodily Shatters his Leg
Later Saturday afternoon I was called to the hospital. My nephew Bradyn was jumping on his tramp, fell , and completely shattered his femur bone (thigh bone). I spent the afternoon with him. The doctors couldn't operate until Monday so he spent the weekend in traction and agony. 

What a week and now we start another. 

Life gives you good and bad weeks. Its your family and co-workers that make the difference in how they affect you. 

The air is smelling better today (Tuesday). It's warming up outside. I think there is a lull in the fighting. Fortuna is looking our direction once again. We are coming out of the trenches for a stretch. I see smiling faces and yes, I believe that is laughter. Let's enjoy the calm before the next storm. Wait a moment, There....... do you hear it? There is a faint rumbling coming from the horizon.

Mr. W. 

James Porter Reacts to Several Posts Regarding Older Staff Treating New Pioneers Badly.

April 4, 2002
Man, what a bunch of whiners! You guys don't know what being picked on is. I don't want to hear anymore comments about people being picked on unless the person who is posting has talked to Ryan Davis. Until you actually understand what being picked on by the older staff is, I don't think you should complain. We treat each other very well, just because you aren't included in every little thing doesn't mean you get to cry. I have worked at the center for 4 1/2 years, I have put in the time to get to know almost everyone, and I have had to deal with everything; most of you haven't even been baptized by Bill Schuler.

-James P.

FYI: The previous was written after having to redo an term paper.

The Lull Before the Storm.
The Voyager Bridge at Red Alert. June 2007

 Brady Young Reacts to Several Posts Regarding Older Staff Treating New Pioneers Badly.
I would like to comment on the recent posts of two volunteers. I have to agree with James Porter on his recent post about all this. Most of you guys/girls haven't gone through what us older staff have. Just because you get pick on sometimes doesn't mean no one likes you. We joke around with you guys to blow off steam from missions that didn't go well or a bad day. If no one liked you than we wouldn't talk to you at all. The point is don't take things so dang personally. 

If you want us to leave you alone then just say something. Take Ryan Parsons (a voyager) for example. We joke around with Ryan about not wanting to talk very much, but he knows that we are just joking around and that we are having fun. Blue Shirts aren't cocky. They just like to show off their hard work they have done to earn their rank or 
position at the space center. I also agree that we need to keep our volunteers happy too though. In my opinion I think that flight directors should show us volunteers some respect too. If it weren't for us volunteers they wouldn't have a ship to control or a job at the center for that matter. I can just about guarantee that when you guys (voyagers, explorers, and pioneers) get up to our level (blue shirt) you will do the same thing with the new volunteers that come in.

I would like to express again 6 words that will keep you happy and going strong at the space center. DON'T TAKE THINGS SO DANG PERSONALLY!!!!

Brady Y
GO BYU!!!!!!!

The Voyager Doctor (Trent Blackman) Treating his Patients with Magic Medicine (M&Ms) in the Voyager's Lower Sick Bay.  June 2007

Matt Long is Constructing a Home Simulator. Needs Help
April 5, 2002
Help Wanted, Reward Given.

As many of you know, I am currently constructing a simulator in my basement. The USS ######, well the name is currently in question because it is being changed, but I should have one soon.  I had previous controls made for my ship, but I have decided I don't like them and i want to do something different. But the first thing I need is a new template for the programs to be made in. Like the ones at the Space center, with the Station Name at the top, and the Bar on the Side. Except it doesn't have to look like the space centers. It just needs to be a generic template so that all of the programs can be put into it. You can make pictures of your ideas and send them to me at I will look through all the ideas, and if I like yours, and use it, there will be a prize given to the 'winner'.

And yes, the previous name of the simulator was the USS Morpheus, but after deep consideration... I have been persuaded to change the name to that of another...

Matt Long

The Magellan Unknown Camper.
June 2007.  This young man would now be around 23 years old.

Space Center Journal. Voyager Control Room Changes. Admiral Schuler's Video Editing Station Leaves the Projection Room. Class Sizes Are Getting Bigger Due to Budget Cuts. A Salute to Bill Schuler and Lorraine Houston. Praise to the Staff and Volunteers and Our Mission to Educate. 
April 7, 2002

People Mentioned: Bill Schuler, Lorraine Houston, Chris Call, Metta Smith, Landon Hemsley, Kyler Herring, Matt Long, Mark Daymont, 

Hello Troops,
A busy week has concluded. I'm enjoying this Sunday. I hate to sound like a sinner but I could grow to enjoy having church on TV every week!

The Voyager's Control Room Changes for the Better

There have been some changes made during the weekend. After the overnighter our great computer techs loaded the new Voyager 2FX stack onto the 2FX station. Where there were 2 computers there is now 1. The entire function of both the 2FX stations has been compacted onto one computer. That freed up one to become the new tactical computer. 
The G4 was taken from the projection room and put at Mr. Daymont's station. Mark moved his computer over where the G3 sat. The G3 will be put in the Falcon

The Magellan Mid Mission. June 2007

Video Tape Editing Station Leaves the Voyager Projection Room for the Briefing Room

The video editing station is no longer in the projection room. This frees up the station to be used 24/7. Mr. Schuler will be able to edit any time without the hindrance of a mission in the Voyager. 

These computer changes are being made to save several thousands of dollars in new equipment. We are utilizing our computers more efficiently. Matt Long is working on compacting the work of the two 2nd chair computers in the Falcon into one station. That will free up another computer. The Galileo will also be replacing its two back Imacs with 2 ibooks. This will lighten the ship and make the two back stations a bit less crowded. We need all of these computer for new stations or spares. 

Those of you that have your Voyager 2FX pass will need a refresher now that everything is condensed into one station. The same is true of the Falcon.

I hope several of you flight directors will make use the new editing station in the Briefing Room. Let's build up our library of visual effects and story tapes. If you want to book editing time please send an email to Bill Schuler for approval. He has first dibs to get his summer tapes finished.

Extra Large Classes Here and Coming.  The Galileo is Needed Almost Every Day Now.

Large, Large classes this week. I want to thank Kyle Herring for going above and beyond the call of duty and coming in on Thursday and Friday and running extra Galileo missions to accommodate the large numbers. We did something for the very first time on Friday. We ran two Galileo missions during the school day! 

Friday we hosted two classes of 32 students each from Lindon Elementary. We need the Galileo once we go over 28. The morning was normal. We operate with three ships often. The flight ended at 11:45 A.M. Usually Kyle goes home. We close the Galileo because the 
cafeteria is full of Central students and noise. Today, due to the large numbers, we had to run a Galileo afternoon mission. The Galileo crew entered the ship at noon, the busiest time of the day. The ship was pushed up as close to the wall as possible. Luckily the crew 
needed about 35 minutes to train. That is done by tape and headset. If the cafeteria is too loud they can turn up their tapes. The cafeteria is usually fairly quiet by 12:40 P.M. - just in time to fly. 

I'm hearing rumors that extremely large classes will be the norm for next school year. Most of our schools in the Alpine School District are cutting back on teachers due to a budget cut by the legislature. Central is losing one teacher and our computer aide. One teacher told 
me to expect 40 students in her class next year. What do we do? 

More Flight Directors Needed!

We will need flight directors - no doubt about that. We will need people to run the Odyssey (if Chris Call's schedule will not allow it), and the Galileo (the missions Kyle will not be able to do because we will have to run the Galileo twice a day). Those of you in High School that may have some time to do release time, or have enough credits as seniors that you don't need to be in school all day, please consider learning to operate a simulator. Even if you can only do one of the two daily missions. Our first mission goes from 9:45 A.M. to 11:45 A.M. Our second mission runs from 11:55 A.M. to 1:45 P.M. 

We are training Matt Long to operate the Galileo. Landon Hemsley has expressed an interest. Metta Smith is training in the Voyager and will be eligible to begin training under Chris Call or Kyle Herring once this school year is finished.  If you feel you have the talent and an interest in becoming a Flight Director please begin planning now. Take as many credits in school as you can as a 9th and 10 grader. That may give you some time in 11th or 12th grade to come in every other day or so to operate a simulator.  

All Flight Director Training Starts with Me in the Voyager. The Proper Way to Train Flight Directors

The training for something like this needs to begin early. I won't approve someone to run a simulator until you've spent months with me in the Voyager learning my way of doing missions. All of our Flight Directors started with me - learning the ropes and how I do things.  Learning how to run a mission and handle kids in an educational and politically correct way. Once I felt they understood the art and science of doing flights then they were assigned their own simulators. That is when each Flight Director develops his or her own style. That is good. It adds variety and spice to each of the five simulators but still all very much the same - based on the model we are all pioneering.

All Flight Directors are working hard on their summer missions. I encourage all of them to get their stories to me as soon as possible so we can go over them. I've received the Falcon's only so far and April has started. 

We need some work done at the Center by professionals. 

1. We need some painting done in all of the ships. Do you know a painter that would be interested in the job. Someone that would give us a bit of a price break considering we have to pay for this ourselves. 2. We need some carpet repaired. Know of anyone?3. We need a few walls repaired (drywall). Know of anyone?4. We need some carpentry done. Know of anyone?5. We need some electrical work done. Know of anyone?

I would rather keep all of our maintenance in house. That means done by our own volunteers or family members and friends of our staff and volunteers. People that may be inclined to give us a discount.  Please let me know if you know of anyone with the skills we need. I want to have all of our simulators in tip top condition before summer. 

Always remember to track your points in the egroup database. We have another Honor's Night coming up in May. 

Always the Happy Staff.
June 2007

High Praise for Bill Schuler and Lorraine Houston

There are a couple of people I want to mention in this Journal entry.  Please let's all take a minute to thank Bill Schuler and Lorraine Houston for going the extra mile and setting the volunteer example. Bill Schuler has been our plastic modeler for over a decade. He is 
responsible for the display case outside of the Briefing Room. That adds a lot to the School and the Center. Visitors always stop and admire the models as they wait for their missions or their children. Bill is also responsible for taking over the school's fish tank near the office. He cleaned it up, made many improvements, and restocked it with a crayfish and fish. The fish tank and display case give the Center's/ School's lobby a better, more educational look. Thank you Bill for your hours of unpaid time and effort. 

Lorraine Houston we all know is responsible for the pillow cases, blankets, birthday cakes, treats, suppers, refreshments, uniform repairs etc. etc. etc................ I'm honored to have people of this caliber working at the Center setting an example to me and others of unselfishness and dedication. 

The Magellan Didn't have a SickBay of its own like the Voyager so it made do with the wrestling mats and a few cots.
June 2007

The Spirit of the Space Center and Your Importance

Everyone at the Center exemplifies the finest spirit of community service. You are all examples to me and I'm grateful that my life has been blessed by knowing you and getting to work side by side with you

I tell the students that come to the Center that if they study hard in school and support the dream of space travel - then some day, humans will fly to the stars on grand starships. When that day comes, I hope your descendants remember what you did to make that day come true. You and I Ignite sparks of creativity and imagination in the minds of children. We point to the tiny specks of light in the blackness of the night and say, "Come with me. I have a story to tell." 

It all starts in the imagination. We must believe we can do it. We must dream it can be done. Then it shall be. 

"What heading Captain?"
"There, that one. Second star to the left and carry on until morning."
"Aye Aye Sir. Second star to the left."


Mr. W. 

The Imaginarium