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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Magellan Control Room's New Look. Meet the Newest Voyager Cadet. Adam Hall and His Light Switch Pass. Emily Enjoys a Popcorn Ball. The Imaginarium.

The Magellan's New Control Room Look

     The Magellan Control Room has a new look. The Flight Director cubicle is gone.  The new layout is similar to the Voyager's except in reverse.  The Voyager's flight director sat on the far right. Second Chair (2FX) was on the FD's left and followed by the video station.  The Magellan's FD sits on the far left, then Second Chair and finally Video.  It's easier for the Flight Director to run the whole show with the new arrangement.
     "I like it, but I feel exposed," Connor summed up his opinion on the matter.  "Staff and volunteers couldn't get to me before. That island was like a wall between me and them. Now I'm right here in arm's reach. My personal space is gone. I miss my bubble."
     I wanted to offer a sympathetic response, but Connor interrupted. "But its OK. I'll get use to it."
     "That's the Space Center spirit," I replied proudly. "You're out of your comfort zone and experiencing the world in a new exciting way!  Doesn't it feel invigorating?"
     Connor's facial reply told me I'd gone too far using the word "invigorating".

Meet our Newest Farpoint Voyager Volunteer

     Voyagers, I'd like to introduce you to Bronson. Bronson recently finished his observations and passed his interview.  He is officially a Voyager and ready and willing to help at the CMSEC (Bronson is on the left. Don't get him confused with CMSEC Asst. Director Jon Parker on the right shaking his hand).  Bronson is an American Fork High School senior majoring in just getting through and on with life :)  Be sure to introduce yourself if and when you have the pleasure of working with him.

     The Space Center relies on our Voyager Volunteers. They play an important part in the success of every mission. For example, Evan and Travis are shown above organizing the Magellan's costume closet during a lull in the Magellan mission they were working. They saw a need and stepped in to fill it.  

Adam Hall Is Confused as He Attempts his Odyssey Light Switch Pass

     Adam recently returned from an LDS mission and found his way back to the Space Center where he once worked as an Odyssey Flight Director.  "I've decided to come back to the Space Center part time," he said to me before attempting the light switch pass. "Mr. Porter got me on that darn reactivation clause you wrote into our employment contracts." 
     "OK are you ready?" Tabitha interrupted. I could tell she had other things to do other than wait around while Adam and I had a conflab. She takes her job as the Odyssey's Set Director very seriously.   
     Adam held out his hand to feel the room's vibes. "I'm feeling positive vibes. This could be the day. I think I'm ready." 
     "We're gasping with anticipation," Tabitha replied with a roll of her eyes. 
     Natalie Anderson spoke up for moral support. "You can do it Adam. Think LIGHT SWITCH." 

     Adam reached toward the wall, resting his fingers on the switch.  "This is it?" His announcement was more a question than a statement.   
     Tabitha was noticeably frustrated.  "How can I give you your light switch pass if you ask me if that's a light switch?"  Motioning toward Natalie, she continued the lecture. "Even Natalie got her light switch pass on the second attempt.  This is your what....... fifth?"
     "I've been gone for two years," Adam mumbled.
      "To where, the 17th century!" Tabitha replied sarcastically.  She walk out of the room to make her report to Mr. Porter who was waiting anxiously in the Space Center office for the results. 
     "Red, blue, white. That takes time you know," Natalie defended herself. 
     "This new Odyssey is a lot harder to fly than the old one," Adam convided.  I gave him a kleenex or two to wipe away the excessive moisture forming around his eyes and nose.
     "It's OK kid. We all have our bad days. You'll get it...... eventually." 

Emily Paxman Enjoyed a Popcorn Ball at the Discovery Space Center

     Popcorn balls are Emily Paxman's one true weakness and the second love of her life. Here she is seen gingerly picking her way through one at the Discovery Space Center. She was there conducting a flight director training workshop.  She did the research for the workshop, wrote the curriculum, and presented it to the DSC's freshman flight directors.  
     By order of Casey Voeks all DSC employees must undergo rigorous flight director training using Emily's proven techniques.  Emily knows her stuff, having trained under the world's best flight director in the Ship of Ships, the USS Voyager.  Not many people can say there were trained by the best and survived to fly the Voyager itself (if I say so myself). 

Mr. Williamson  

The Imaginarium

Monday, December 29, 2014

An Update on the IKS Dreamcatcher Simulator at Penn Hills Elementary School, Pennsylvania. The Imaginarium

Upgrades to Dream Flight Adventures, IKS Dreamcatcher 

by Admiral Starblayze


A few weeks ago we shared a glimpse at the bridge of the illusive IKS Dreamcatcher, the brand-new simulator located in Penn Hills Elementary School, Pennsylvania, which is scheduled for launch in January 2015.  We've received word that select groups of test pilots are being fitted for their training uniforms.There have also been reports of adventurous test flights, but as it turns out these reports were misinformed.The truth is that there simply has been an unexplained concentration of swamp gas in the area that has caused refractions of moonlight that merely appear as if a high-tech futuristic vessel is landing and taking off. Likewise, the recent surge in student excitement and cafeteria gossip is purely coincidental.
But enough with the rumors—let's stick to the facts.  First, we know that the IKS Dreamcatcher is the keystone component of the "Imaginarium" room at Penn Hills Elementary School.

Next, we know that the Dreamcatcher has recently undergone a facelift to improve the overall aesthetic.  The walls have been painted with a nice metallic sheen, and the color scheme has been enhance to help the Dreamcatcher's intrepid crews focus on their missions.  Check it out, in all its beauty: Stay tuned for more updates as the Dreamcatcher's launch approaches.
The Imaginarium