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Saturday, December 20, 2014

The IKS Buccaneer Takes Shape at Stewart Elementary in Pennsylvania. Dream Flight Adventures Introduces New Flight Directors. The Imaginarium.

Hello Space EdVenture Fans!
     School is over for the rest of the year!  It's time to relax and enjoy The Troubadour, along with the upcoming holiday festivities of course.
     Today we get a news update from our friends at Dream Flight Adventures in Pennsylvania along with a large Imaginarium.
     I'd write more, but I'm feeling the first signs of a cold coming and feel an urge for a good lie down.

Mr. W.

More News from the IKS Buccaneer

by Admiral Starblayze
This just in!  We have some exciting news from our Terran shipyards—the IKS Buccaneer, based in Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania, is rapidly approaching its launch.  Our sources have supplied some recent photos of the bridge.

Here we see the bridge of the IKS Buccaneer, with its massive 70-inch main viewscreen.  The bridge will seat a full complement of 17 crew members, who will work together as a team to accomplish challenging cross-disciplinary missions.  The Pilot and Navigator will sit front and center, guiding the Buccaneer as it travels through time, into the cosmos, under the ocean, and into the limitless realms of imagination.

Here's a view of the bridge looking backward, toward the raised tier where the Captain, First, and Second Officers will sit to guide the crew through their daring adventures.  The LED rope lighting is being put into place.
The IKS Buccaneer has come together extremely quickly—a tribute to the focus, urgency, and drive of the entire staff at Stewart Elementary.  The resident construction gurus, Agent Rod and Agent Jeff, have wrought a fantastic ship that will soon power the dreams of countless students.
The Buccaneer will begin internal test flights this month and will likely hold its public unveiling in January 2015.  Stay tuned for more updates!

Get to know Dream Flight Adventures' newest Flight Directors

by Admiral Starblayze
We've talked a lot lately about the exciting new simulators that are popping up all over and rapidly approaching their launch dates, but today we want to step back and spotlight a few of our resident miracle workers—our Flight Directors—who are the wizards behind the scenes making the magic happen.

Heather-OrosHeather Oros

Also known as Admiral Perseverous, Heather Oros joins Mike Penn as a Flight Director of the IKS Titan at Shaler Area Elementary School.  Heather has been teaching since 2001 and at Shaler Area School District since 2006. Over the years she has taught 5th Grade, Reading Intervention, and currently serves as the Teacher of the Gifted and the 5th Grade Chairperson.
At Shaler Area Elementary School her role is to develop and provide enrichment opportunities for 4th-6th grade students in the classroom. To enhance the learning experience some of her time is spent as Flight Director for the IKS Titan where students take an active role in their learning by being immersed in an engaging and exciting learning environment.

Melissa TamburrinoMelissa Tamburrino

Going by the alias of Admiral Yonce Summer Perry, Melissa Tamburrino is the Flight Director of the IKS Dreamcatcher at Penn Hills Elementary School.  Melissa has worked at the Penn Hills School District for 12 years, has taught a variety of grade levels, and is currently the gifted coordinator at Penn Hills Elementary. When she was in elementary school, her favorite subjects were science and social studies. As a child she enjoyed cooperative learning activities that involved problem solving and science experiments.
Now, as an adult she has the opportunity to be a Flight Director in the Imaginarium. In this role she will use her creative side and become part of a virtual world. Melissa is looking forward to this wonderful opportunity and is excited to share in these flight adventures with her gifted students. She is looking forward to what lies ahead as she embarks on this wonderful journey.
Three of Melissa's colleagues—Jeff Dervanik, Matt Bilinsky, and Jeremy Rega—are still in hiding... but fear not, their secret aliases and photos will not elude us for long.

Brian-ColganBrian Colgan

Also known as Admiral Octavius, Brian Colgan is the Flight Director of the IKS Buccaneer at Stewart Elementary School.  Brian has spent the last 18 years teaching in the Burrell School District, where he grew up and attended school. He spent the first 15 years of his career coaching high school baseball for the district. He started as a personal care assistant working with autistic children for 2 years, then taught Kindergarten -5th grade science for 12 years.
Brian is currently the Elementary Science Specialist at Stewart Elementary School, a 4-5 STEM building, where he models/coaches/instructs inquiry based education, teaches robotics using Lego Mindstorms, and organizes the school's 4th/5th grade Science Olympiad.
Brian is also a K-3 Gifted Support Teacher for Burrell School District's primary building, Bon Air Elementary. He feels honored to have been chosen to be the Flight Director of the IKS Buccaneer and is very excited to begin flying missions for his students at Burrell School District.
We're thrilled to have these incredible educators on our team, bringing magical experiences to the students they serve.  Welcome aboard!

The Imaginarium

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