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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Do You Want to Participate in a Four Month Long Mission in a Space Center Simulator? The Imaginarium.

Emily Paxman's Awesome Work
Cadet Squadrons Are Forming
     Now is the time to enroll in the Farpoint Voyager's Long Duration Mission Program (LDM's). Farpoint Cadets received their applications in their last general membership meeting held at the beginning of December. LDMs start in February. The LDMs will be flown in the USS Magellan at the CMSEC.  
     Members of the cadet squadrons will fly one long mission, broken into eight episodes, spanning the four month program. Teams fly two, 2.5 hour missions, per month.  Missions are held early Saturday mornings and Tuesday or Wednesday afternoons and evenings.  Each mission segment is followed by a debriefing with the squadron's adult coaches.  The squads will have two weeks between segments to work on their teamwork, leadership, and communications skills. The LDMs will require some homework to solve curriculum challenges that pop up during the mission. 

     Each squadron will have 9 to 11 cadets, all between the ages of 11 to 17.  Cadets can form their own squadrons with friends or join a squadron as a single player.  The cost is $40.00 for the four month program.  Applications to join may be obtained by emailing
Remember, all participants must be members of the Farpoint Voyager Club.  Visit for information on becoming a cadet. 
     LDMs are competitive in nature as teams compete against each other for the coveted title "Top Team".  Squadrons are evaluated during their missions on teamwork, leadership, communication, and problem solving. Points are posted online. 

The Cobra Squadron's Logo. Each Squad has its own logo.
Cadet's earn ranks and pins (like the ones above) for their LDM performances.

     Adult volunteers act as coaches for each squadron.  Coaches watch their squads from the simulator's control room. Coaches help their teams improve by conducting mission debriefings after each mission installment.  Coaches are current or former Space Center employees or volunteers, donating their time to help keep operating costs to a minimum. The LDM program is sponsored by The Space Edventures Foundation, the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center, Renaissance Academy, and the Discovery Space Center. 
     Contact me for more information.

Mr. Williamson   
The Imaginarium

The First Christmas, A Pure Imaginational Delight as told by the Children of St Paul's Church, Auckland, New Zealand.
Disclaimer: These are religious videos. They are posted not to endorse a specific faith, but to highlight the imagination behind their creation. After all, this is The Imaginarium. 

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