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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Jake Hadfield Gets the Coveted Supervisor Blue Shirt! James Porter Offers Teachers a Sweet Deal. The Imaginarium.

Farpoint Cadet Jake Hadfield (aka Jake H.) Gets His Space Center Blue Shirt!

     Jake H., started volunteering when I was the director of the CMSEC back in the day.  At the time Jake was regarded as a painfully shy, softly spoken, wet behind the ears youngling volunteer who showed great promise and enthusiasm.  Jake's enthusiasm for the Center and its mission didn't diminished over the next few years, regardless of the effort and patience it took to scale Olympus' dangerous cliffs and treacherous outcroppings.  
     Jake reached the pinnacle yesterday and was welcomed by the Olympians into their ranks.  In a brief, non televised ceremony, Mr. Porter bestowed upon Jake the coveted Supervisor's Blue Shirt and the paycheck that goes with it!  

     As Supervisor, Jake will be able to look down on his former comrades in the volunteering core.  He will have the right to use commanding tones when giving volunteers instructions and the responsibility to nicely, yet firmly, order campers around.  Because of his natural soft spokenness, Jake has taken training on developing his Supervisor's voice from his fellows in the Order of the Blue Shirt .  I'm told his lessons have come along nicely. His command, "YOU'RE DOWN!" was heard over the Magellan's sound effects and music in a recent mission. He looked surprised when the campers heard him, and shocked when they actually obeyed his command and fell to the floor.  Those in the Control Room were equally surprised.  High Fives were passed back and forth along with a few hoots and hollers followed by a chorus of "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow!"

Jake getting his Magellan Bridge Pass back in the day

      "I knew he had it in him," James Porter whispered to Jon Parker as his eyes misted with pride for his new Supervisor.  
     Jon agreed and stood upstanding. "I believe this calls for a bit of the ole Bubbly!"
     "Here Here!" replied the staff and volunteers.  Jon left the Magellan Control Room and promptly returned with a bottle of effervescents.  He popped the lid and poured everyone - minors included - a cup of Chateau La Sprite vintage 2014.  The toast:  "To Jake, May His Crews be Victorious, His Voice Heard,  His Commands Obeyed, and his Eyes Sharp - for Whatever Can Happen, Will Happen.  So Say We All." 
     "So Say We All!" was the reply.  


Congratulations Jake.  I hope to always hear great things about you.

Mr. Williamson

P.S.  Sorry Jake that I wasn't able to come by the Center myself to congratulation you.  I was volunteering at a chess tournament all day.  What I wrote above is how I envisioned the day's events.  Was I close?   

James Porter Offers Teachers A Sweet Deal.  Tell Your Teacher. 

Dear Teachers,

We need your help as you are the main promoters for our program.  If you haven't yet and are willing, would you please hand out the attached flyer to your students and explain that if they sign up for a camp, $1 of the price goes towards paying for your field trip.  As an additional incentive, if just one student signs up from your class, we will send you a voucher for 25% off one of our 2.5 hour private missions.  That is an $18-$37 value that you can use yourself or pass on as a motivational incentive to your students.

If you can please hand out the flyers this week, and perhaps even put up our poster in your room, we would greatly appreciate your help in sustaining our program.  Also, don't forget to pass on this information to your fellow teachers in 5th-8th grade.  To get a voucher for your class simply email us the name of a student who has registered and we will send you the voucher.

As an additional encouragement, any teacher that fills out this form will be entered into a drawing for two 1-Day Flex Passes to Thanksgiving Point ($60).  You must hand out your flyers by Dec 10th to be eligible.  I'll email those who participated to announce the winner on Dec 11th.

James Porter
CMSEC Director

The Imaginarium

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