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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Overnight Camp Zombies. Pictures of DSim's Secret Titan Simulator Construction Site. The Imaginarium.

Hello Space Fans!
     Just came back from chaperoning another overnight camp at the Discovery Space Center.  Great camp with a good group of campers.  We had 21 boys and six or seven girls.
     "Boys, gather your stuff and line up here," I announced from the exit of the Discovery's Command Room.  The boys were enjoying their 'going to bed' snack. It was 11:10 P.M. and time to hit the sack.
     "We're not sleeping in one of those wedding rooms are we?" It was the second boy in line who spoke. He had a worried look on his face.

    "We'll be sleeping in the bigger of the two rooms - the one with the stage. Is that a problem?" I answered, wondering why someone would be afraid of sleeping in a wedding reception hall.
     "Yes there's a problem," the boys answered.  "You'd be afraid of that room too if you'd just been chased through it by a bunch of zombies!"
     His explanation made sense. I didn't have a reassuring response so I left his fear hanging in the air. I ushered the boys into the great hall, gave my going to bed instructions and waited while they went through the routine. They picked up an inflated air bed from the lobby and put it in the Great Hall.
They unrolled their sleeping bags, used the restroom, brushed their teeth and got themselves ready for a long winter's night.  The boy with the natural fear of zombies set up camp by the door nearest the restrooms. I questioned his decision.
     "Are you going to be OK sleeping here?"
   "If there are zombies, I think sleeping by the door is the best place." Everything except his face was enveloped by a blue sleeping bag.  I wanted to be sure he understood the pros and cons for sleeping next to the exit.
     "Well, what if this isn't the way out you think it's going to be in case of a zombie attack. What if instead this was the way the zombies get into the room.  You'll be the first to go- if you know what I mean."  His eyes widened. He understood what I was saying. It was all perspective, the glass is either half full or half empty depending on your perspective. "Maybe you'd be better off sleeping in the middle of that big group of boys," I said pointing to the large pack of boys camped out in the center of the ballroom.  "If the zombies attack, they'll have to work their way through them first before getting to you. They'll be so full, they might let you go."
     He bit his lip as he considered his options.  I waited.
     I wasn't trying to scare him worse than he was - as a younger chaperon might do for a laugh. Instead, I was selfishly trying to save myself a bit of grief later in the night.  Moving him before lights out would be easier than being woken up in the middle of night and doing it then.
     "I'll stay here and take my chances," he answered.
     "Whatever, you know where I am in case you need me." I pointed to where I could be found after lights out.  He nodded.  I gave him a 50% chance of making it through the night.  He surprised me. He did just fine.
Pictures of DSim's Secret Titan Construction Facility.

      I found the online file where DSim keeps pictures of the construction of their new mobile simulator Titan but couldn't gain access. This top secret starship is being built away from prying Troubadour eyes at a super top secret location known only to a few security cleared personnel (and now us). I'm told the Titan will be publicly unveiled at a time and place of their choosing.
     Did DSim really think they could keep this project under wraps? Did they think I couldn't find a member of their staff willing to talk with the right 'motivation'?  If so, they don't know their staff as well as they should.
     Tonight I've got the scoop and pictures you Troubadour readers have been waiting for. I cracked the location of their secret construction facility thanks to a tip from a DSim insider. He gave us the location of the top secret road leading to DSim's top secret building site. 

     I was met by my informant at the entrance, about a billion miles from civilization.

     He wore sunglasses to avoid being recognized by DSim's security.  We parked the car near the warning sign and followed him on foot for several miles down the road, then up the mountain you see in the background.   

     We hiked to the top of mountain, carefully avoiding the camera's hidden in the cactus.  From the top we had an unrestricted view of DSim's Area 13.  I wanted to get closer but the mine field around the base's side of the mountain made me think twice.
     We started down back toward the car after taking several pictures.  A sonic boom shook the area after we got to the valley floor. I turned around . A silvery object flew into view, then stopped suddenly. Our Troubadour's photographer snapped a photo.
     "That's the Titan making its test runs," our guide informed us.

     The Titan came closer. It had seen us.  "RUN!" our guide shouted.  We booked it across the flats to the waiting car, got in and sped down the road.  The UFO followed for a few miles before turning back to the DSim base.   
     Our DSim insider sent a text after we got back to Pleasant Grove.  "Can get you onto base. DSim security on the take at north gate. Meet me at >>>>>. Bring $50".  He gave a date and time so I should have more to share on the Titan in the next week or so.  You'll know everything went south if my posts to The Troubadour suddenly stop.  May I request a simple memorial service; no flowers please. Instead of flowers, please send money to my favorite charity, the Home for Retired Flight Directors.  

Mr. Williamson

The Imaginarium

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