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Sunday, December 14, 2014

See the Titan, Utah County's Newest Simulator Under Development. Space and Science News. The Imaginarium.

The Titan, DSim's Newest Simulator
     While it might not look much to the eye, Discovery Simulation's (DSim) newest simulator, the Titan, is under construction inside a trailer similar to the one pictured above.  I don't have a real picture of the trailer. It has been parked at a top secret DSim facility to prevent people without proper security clearance from having easy access to the awesomeness developing inside. 
     DSim secured a $25,000 donation to build the Titan from a local tech company. The trailer itself came to $4000, leaving a pretty sizable chunk of change to create the magic inside.  
     The Titan will can easily be towed by any standard sized pickup truck, making it the perfect simulator to showcase what DSim is all about.  "Mobile simulators are the future," said Casey Voeks, Chairman of DSim. "We can take the Titan to companies for team building experiences. We can take it to schools, to malls, to state and county fairs. It can go anywhere. It will make describing what we do so much easier." Casey went on to explain the real need for a trailer simulator. "Trying to explain what a simulation is to people who've never been here is tough. We can show them with the Titan."
     The 5 to 13 person Titan will be finished and ready for blast off in February. 

Space and Science News

Dark Matter Found! 
     After a decades-long search, astronomers may finally have found the first sign of dark matter. That's the invisible substance that scientists believe makes up the bulk of our universe, since visible matter accounts for only about 20 percent of our universe's mass.
While scientists can observe dark matter indirectly by looking at its gravitational effects on visible matter, they have struggled to come up with tangible evidence that proves the stuff exists--until now.  Read More
Super Earth Found by a Ground Based Telescope. A First for Astronomy

The Nordic Optical Telescope on La Palma — one of the Canary Islands off the west coast of Africa — observed 55 Cancri e, a planet twice the size of Earth, as it passed in front of its parent star and caused a dip in the star's brightness, according to a new study. This is the first time a planet in this "super-Earth" size category orbiting a sunlike star has been observed by a ground-based telescope using this detection method, the researchers say. Read More

Did Deadly Gamma-Ray Blasts Cause Mass Extinctions?

     A gamma-ray burst, the most powerful kind of explosion known in the universe, may have triggered a mass extinction on Earth within the past billion years, researchers say.
These deadly outbursts could help explain the so-called Fermi paradox, the seeming contradiction between the high chance of alien life and the lack of evidence for it, scientists added.  Read More

The Imaginarium

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