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Friday, February 28, 2014

The News and The Imaginarium

Hello Troops,
Here is the news, views, and opinions.

The USS Leo on TV
Lakeview Academy's USS Leo simulator was featured on FOX news.  Read the report and watch the video.    Congratulations to DSim and BJ Warner for surviving his first TV interview.

The IKS Titan's One Year Anniversary.
Dreamflight Adventure's first simulator, the IKS Titan, celebrated its first anniversary.  Read about the event. 

DSim Invites Tesla's Elon Musk to Come Fly One of the Spaceships.

What if We've Completely Misunderstood our Place in the Universe?

Over at Slate, I've got an article about astronomer Avi Loeb's latest theory, which is that life may have evolved when the universe was only about 15 million years old — at a time when there was very little solid matter, and there were giant stars but no galaxies. Loeb explains how life would have evolved back then, during what he calls the "habitable epoch" over 12 billion years before today. And then he points out how this could change everything we know about the cosmos:

It's Raining Worlds ! A Comparison of the Size and 

Mass of the Gas Giants, the Sun and Earth.

Killed or Crippled by Their Own Experiements

Nobody ever died reading The Imaginarium

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Something to Ponder and Wednesday's 99 Imaginations in the Imaginarium

Ponder on this for awhile...

Wednesday's Imaginarium
Why, because it's Wednesday.