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Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Latest News form the Space Centers. The Home for Distressed Flight Directors. Jorden O., and Precious. The DSC's Flight Directors. Space and Science News. The Imaginarium.

Hello Troops,
     We can't control every aspect of our lives because our lives interact with so many others.  What we can control is our attitude and ability to overcome and live with the hand fate deals us.  This video demonstrates that fact.  Take a few minutes for inspiration.

The Space Centers This Weekend

     The Magellan flew "The Children of Perikoi" for a young crew Saturday afternoon.  Old Mr. Connor was brought out of the home for the event.  The Space Center staff were so kind and so attentive to his needs.  They let him sit in the Flight Director's chair and gave him a microphone to play with.  They even remembered to bring his favorite blanket from the Nearly There Home for Distressed  Flight Directors.  
     "You're so kind," Mr. Connor exclaimed as Farpont Cadet Nick settled him in the chair and tucked the blanket around him.  "What did I do to deserve this?"  
     Mr. Connor started to hyperventilate from the excitement.  "Quick, get his pills and inhaler from his manbag on the wall," Jacqueline said with urgency. "And get me a happy bucket.  Remember what happened last time we took him out and he got excited?  It took us a week to get the smell out of here!"
Two pills under his tongue and a shot from his inhaler later, Mr. Connor was right as rain. 
      The staff ran the mission from the 2nd chair position.  Mr. Connor held the mic and repeated what he heard - thinking he was the one directing the mission.
     Andrew turned to one of the volunteers and said, "Isn't that cute.  He thinks he running the mission." He stood  up and gave Mr. Connor a thumbs up.  "Go get'um tiger."  Mr. Connor bounced up and down in his chair (pictured above) and giggled with glee.  
      The bouncing wasn't a good idea.  The happy bucket didn't get into place fast enough.           

      I made the mistake of crossing the tape with the toe of my left shoe during the mission.  The tape is there to warn people from getting too close to Mr. Connor and distressing him.  Mr. Connor thought I was coming to take him back to the Nearly There Home for Distressed Flight Directors and kicked back in his chair. He used the microphone as a club and swung widely in my direction with the intent to do great bodily harm.  My quick reflexes saved my leg.  We calmed him down with a few more Chill Pills and convinced him he would get to stay until the mission was over.  

     This is Farpoint Cadet Nick demonstrating the correct pose for someone able to double type in the Magellan Control Room Saturday afternoon.  "He's going for his two hand typing pass. He's got a long way to go," reported Supervisor Jacqueline.  "He knows where to put his hands, but getting him to type with all his fingers will take time."

     This is Farpoint Cadet Lissa going for her 'sitting in the background and offering encouraging words' pass.  She's been a Godsend when it comes to dealing with Mr. Connor.  "You should see how fast she can jump up and fix Mr. Connor's microphone when accidentally drops it and picks it up the wrong way around," reported Jacqueline.

     This is Farpoint Cadet Jake going for his video pass the 17th time.  "He gets 'play' and 'pause' mixed up all the time, bless his heart," said his Supervisor Jacqueline.  "They both start with the letter "P"."
I'm told the 18th time is a charm.  Good luck Jake!

     This is Farpoint Cadet Nolan showing off his straight A report card.  Nolan is an inspiration to everyone.  If Nolan can get straight A's, then every one of our Farpoint Cadets should be able to do the same.  :)

It's All Go at the Discovery Space Center

     The staff of the Discovery Space Center are in shock after witnessing the appointment of Mr. Jorden Osborn to the Set Directorship of the Columbia simulator.   DSC Director, Casey Voeks, was about to speak on Jorden's virtues, talents and abilities when Jorden suddenly reached out and yanked the Set Director's microphone right out of Casey's hand.
     "It's my Precious," Jorden shouted.  With microphone in hand, he darted behind the desk, crouched down to the floor, and began caressing the Columbia microphone.  "It's my Precious...... MINE..... no one will take my Precious from me."
     "Jorden, it's time to put the microphone back into the Columbia's control room."  Casey walked closer to Jorden and held out his hand.
     Those who were there to witness what happened next reported seeing an explosion of rage contained in black.  "Casey was there, then Jorden like, exploded all over Casey.  It was like, so fast we couldn't get to him in time," said Skyler.  "Blood was everywhere.  It was so sick."
     Jorden was picked up shortly thereafter by the good orderlies from the Nearly There Home for Distressed Flight Directors.  He sat in the back next to Mr. Connor.
     Casey is recovering at home from a concussion and  multiple stitches to his left arm and shoulder.  

DSim's Production Team Hard at Work

     Our Troubadour readers know they can count on us to bring them 'the good stuff' on all things Space Center related.  You will not be disappointed with today's Scoop.
     I walked into the production studio at the DSC under the ruse of wanting to say hello to Kevin Roberts, a CMSEC former volunteer and staff member.  My real intention was to snap the photo above showing a few hand drawn images of DSim's new starship computer controls still in development, without them knowing what I was up to.  My deceitfulness paid off.  They didn't suspect a thing.

I said 'Hello' to BJ and Kevin, engaged them in a bit of light chit chat to throw them off the scent of my true purposes, and got the information I needed.  I can't believe how easy it was.  They had no clue!
     In addition to the drawings, I faked interest in Kevin's general welfare to give him a false sense of my innocence before asking my loaded question. "What are you working on?"  Kevin didn't suspect a thing.
     "I'm working on a new and improved simulator loading video for the ships," he blurted out.
     I can't believe how trusting the DSC staff are, and how good I am at disarming their suspicions.
Give me another week or two and I'll have all their expansion plans and trade secrets ready to share with you, our Troubadour readers.  

The DSC's new field trip classroom.  They can teach up to 50 students at time in this new room.

Behind the Scenes at the DSC

     DSC Director, Casey Voeks, has forbidden me to post pictures of the DSC's mission control rooms.
     "You don't ask a magician to show how he does his tricks, do you?" he explains.  That ban makes it difficult to post news about the DSC's flight directors....... Notice I said 'difficult', but not impossible.

Saturday's DSC Flight Directors and Farpoint Cadet Volunteers at Work

This is Scott W.  Scott was the Columbia's afternoon Flight Director.  He is pictured looking at something of great interest.

This is Bradyn Lystrup in the Atlantis Control Room.  He is shown in the photo above very frustrated with aldsfjasdjfa because of ;aldsjfa;djafldsj and a;lsdjfa;sldjfa.

This is Atlantis 2nd Chair / Supervisor Sarah Glad shown looking at the ................   It was interesting to see how she ........................... and .......................

This is Farpoint Cadet Dayna speaking on some kind of mobile communication device.

Farpoint Cadets Dayna, Alex, and Jace are barely visible in the blur of the photo above.  I had to snap this picture quickly before someone saw me.  I'd like to explain was all the stuff is behind them, but my life isn't worth the price I'd pay for the scoop.

Have a Great Weekend,
Mr. W

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