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Sunday, July 30, 2017

InfinD Takes the Starship Titan to Family Day at Adobe's Corporate Headquarters in San Jose, California. The Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center Staff Visit a Local Escape Room. Theater Imaginarium.

InfinD Takes the Starship Titan to Family Day at Adobe's Corporate Headquarters in San Jose, California

Adobe Corporate Headquarters. San Jose, California

The Titan Arriving at Adobe in San Jose
"Have Starship will Travel" is one of many mottos applicable to our good friends at InfiniD.  This last week Casey Voeks, Skyler Carr, and Brooks Heder powered up the Titan's warp nacelles, checked the oil and the dilithium crystals, cleaned the windshield on InfiniD's pickup truck, and set course for the San Jose settlement on the planet California in the Liberal Constellation.  They went to help Adobe celebrate "Family Day".  Employees and their families gathered for games, contests, and entertainment.  The Titan was one of the event's highlights.

Casey sent this subspace communication about their experience. 
Working with Adobe this week was a great experience. We flew missions with around 1,000 Adobe team members and their kids. I love every new peak our team is able to climb. The reflection at the end of these awesome experiences is incredibly rewarding. We have a lot of hard work ahead of us but tonight I'm going to just feel good about how far we've come.
Family Day. Adobe. San Jose
These were the first Voyager inspired Space EdVentures to be flown in California putting Calfornia firmly in the sights of InfiniD Learning.  It is only a matter of time before InfiniD computer lab simulators start popping up in other states. Utah can't be greedy with this innovative experiential based method of learning.  It is time to take the concept to the world.  What a journey this dream has taken toward new lands to explore and vistas to conquer.  

The Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center's Staff Visit a Local Escape Room. A Staff that Plays Together Stays Together (Or So They Tell Me)

How does the staff of a local space education center celebrate the end of the summer space camp season?  The staff of the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center have a new, two-year-old tradition; they visit a local escape room.

Sadly I was unable to attend due to a mission previously scheduled on the USS Voyager at Renaissance Academy, my stomping grounds.  I missed last year's grand outing and vowed not to miss this year's which I missed because I'm too old to get my dates and scheduling right.  What really makes me happy is they consider me just tolerable enough to invite even though I'm technically not a member of staff.  

I like to think of myself as Space Center Director Emeritus, which means I get to stop by once in awhile to enjoy the spirit and enthusiasm of the staff and volunteers without having any responsibility (as long as my visits usually include sugary treats and a Dr. Pepper for a certain weekend assistant director). How cool is that!   

Directing the CMSEC for Twenty-three years was long enough, thank you very much. Space Center Directing is for younger people and Mr. James Porter is doing a fantastic job of it.  I mean, look how much fun he's having clinging to that, whatever it is.  Maybe it's the ship's smokestack?  It can't be - this is Treasure Island; you know, sailing ships with sails unfurled. Maybe the ship's mast.  Maybe just a random pipe in the room painted black (kind of like the USS Voyager's "Blowline Digester", the pipe that occupied the hallway just as you came through the ship's turning door from the stage).

With the summer space camp season nearing its end the CMSEC staff turn their attention to the 2017-2018 school year field trips.  Thousands and thousands of students will be anxiously waiting the field trip of their lives and this group of folks you see in the photo above will provide it.  

Congratulations Staff and Volunteers of the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center in Pleasant Grove for a great camp season. Good Luck with the coming school year. 

And Finally
These folks influenced my life and played a part in the Space Center's inspiration.

The Star Trek Greats: Capts Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, Archer
They influenced my life

Theater Imaginarium
The best gifs of the Week Edited for a Gentler Audience



Friday, July 28, 2017

Historical Archived Posts and Pictures from December 2000. So Many Things Happened in December 2000 as the Space Center Developed and Evolved. The Imaginarium. People Mentioned: Stephen Porter, Soren Seibach, Landon Hemsley, David Merrell, Charlie Heaton, Justin Leavitt, Lorraine Houston, Matt Long, Brian Hawkins, Allan Stewart, Kyle Herring, Dan Adams, Mark Daymont

The Magellan After the December 2000 Remodel
November 30, 2000
The Culture of the Space Center. Sayings, Mannerisms, Insider Jokes, etc.
By Stephen Porter

For those of you not in the know...Let me fill you in on some of the sayings and inside jokes at the space center.(and their origins)

-Kyle "The Fish" Herring (Cause a herring is a fish, get it?)
-"Shut up" Randy (Since we say it so much, people think that it is his name)
-"KneeHoleo" (this is too funny to reveal the identity of this person)
-"Jonesey" (Bryson Lystrup, cause we have 2 Bryson named people)
-"Bobie-0" (Tanner Edwards, just cause)
-Soren "I before E sept after" Siebach (so you can remember how to spell his last name)

Tanner Edwards Getting His Bars for Seniority from Mrs. Houston
-"It's better to look good than to feel good." (referring to the fact that if you look nice then you feel better.
- (What is the codeword that tells you that somebody is coming to attack the bridge?)
-"Whats on your back?" (by saying this you are pulling rank...referring to the color of the shirt you are wearing ie:
Blueshirts) Like if Landon tells to clean something I look at him questioningly and say, "um... whats on you back?"
-(sitting in the control room) *BOOM BOOM* (on the wall) means Mr. Williamson needs something.
-(sitting in the control room) *BOOM BOOM* (on the table) means Mr. Williamson wants you to shut up... he is trying to work
-(sitting in the control room) *BOOM BOOM POINT AT FLOOR* means pick up that garbage/Costume piece.
-(sitting in the control room) *BOOM BOOM POINT AT THE TV* means to pause and go to B you dolt... its playing!
-"Are you caught up on your printing?" means, Hey 2FX, wake up and get to work.
-"whats left on the (damaged system)?" means, wake up and get to work.
-"Who wants to do video on the Galileo" means, Who is the new guy?
-(Stephen says) "pass the pop." Means, pass the pop to me now....don't pour yourself a cup and pass the pop around the table.
- (Mr. W. says) "Who should I sleep in the Odyssey?" means, Who snores the loudest... hmmmm....
- (Mr. W. says) "Who thinks they can do Stephen's Job?" means, if you raise your hand or say "me" then you will be cleaning the toilets from now on. with your toothbrush.
-"You're down" means you're down.if there is a blue shirt nearby... don't get up until they tell you... if there isn't then count to 240... slowly.
- *intentional double nudge to the head or leg or arm* means your up.
- voulenteer says "Aw man, when do I get to go to the bridge? when do we attack? can I have 4 phasers? I shot him first!  It IS clean...somebody messed it up. (Means, Hit me in the face with a baseball bat, cause I am being a dork.)
E-group post translations

"What music do they use?" means, set your e-mail to ignore all messages from me.

"this debate is stupid, everybody shut up." means, hey look... I can use the poddy all by myself... and I can push the submit button on egroups too. yeah!

"I spent a week in Idaho." means, I wasted a week of my life that I can never get back... thank, mom.

"for those of you going on PM1" means, 88 of you should skip this message.


Thanks for reading... if you guys can think of sayings that we use at the space center a lot... post them... I know I didn't get all of them.

Stephen Porter

December 1, 2000
The Winner of Odyssey's Best Second Chair Competition
By David Merrell

David Merrell (left) Receiving the Odyssey's Microphone from Chris Call.
It is how Set Directorship is passed from person to person.

For those who have been patiently waiting for the month to end, for one reason or another, is has finally terminated. The contest for best second chair of the Odyssey is complete. Forgive me if I am not as vivid as usual for something has thrust itself up my nose which is causing me discomfort. Anyway, to the matter at hand. The winner for this month is Charles/Chuck Heaton. The contest will pick up again, but December's weekends are so short, as is January, so I am throwing the two together. Since so super games have come out as late, the game is as yet undetermined. Again I encourage you to compete, we do so enjoy all the provinces of Rome fighting amongst themselves.....Until next time....
David "Why won't my nose stop running?" Merrell

December 7, 2000
Charlie and Justin Earn their 500 Point Pillow Case. December's Overnight Camp Working Schedule (See who used to volunteer all those years ago)

Volunteers and Staff Receiving their 500 Point Mrs. Houston Pillowcases During an Honor's Night

Hello Troops,
A special note to say congratulations to Charlie Heaton and Justin Leavitt for reaching their 500 point mark. Lorraine is busy sewing their space Space Center 500 point pillow cases. Both Charlie and Justin and fine examples of the quality volunteers that work at the Center. 

Their pillowcases will be awarded on their next overnight missions. 

Mr. Williamson

Latest Working Schedule:
Hello Troops. 

Please look over the new overnight camp working schedule. If there are any open missions you are free to work them. Just send along a request and I'll see what I can do.

December 8 (Friday) OVERNIGHT MISSION 
1. Stephen P.
2. Bryson
3. Randy J.
4. Josh W.
5. Matt L. 
6. Soren S.
7. Brandon C.
8. Bryant B.
10. Bryce
11. Daniel
12. Tanner
13. Rio
14. Jamie 

December 15 (Friday) OVERNIGHT MISSION
1. Stephen P.
2. James P.
3. Randy J.
4. Josh W.
5. Scott S.
6. Soren S.
7. Brandon C.
8. Brady Y. 
10. Landon H.
11. Andy Heaton
12. Chase W.
13. Bryson
14. Ryan P. 

December 20 (Wednesday) OVERNIGHT 
1. Josh W.
2. James P.
3. Stephen P.
4. Randy J.
5. Soren S.
6. Rick C. 
7. Bailey H,
8. Wayne S. (If Galileo is opened for this mission)

December 16, 2000
Matt Long and Landon Hemsley Earn Their 500 Point Pillow Case

Hello, Troops!
I'm pleased to announce that Matt Long and Landon Hemsley have both achieved the 500 point mark for volunteer hours at the Space Center.  Mrs. Houston is sewing their special "Spacey" pillow cases. The 500 point pillow cases will be presented on their next overnight missions.

A special thank you to all for your outstanding service to the Center!

Mr. Williamson

December 19, 2000
A Park City Teacher Heaps Praise on the Space Center

Hello Troops!
I received this email from Barbara Lewis from the Park City School District. The compliments she gives are for all of us and I wanted all of you to read it. 

I will be terminating my employment with Park City School District at the end of January. My husband has been called to be a mission president, and I need a half a year to prepare for this leave of three years. Chris Fournier will replace me and will be taking the students from McPolin to Space Camp. Martha Crook will take over my administrative duties. You will be hearing from them as time draws near.

I have to tell you that you have the most spectacular space camp of any that I have seen. The fact that you base it on problem-solving makes it ideal for academically gifted or advanced learners. I have advertised your program all over the place.

Victor, you are extremely talented yourself to have engineered such an exemplary project. Thank you so much for allowing my students to tap into your program for the past ten years or so. I began with Jackson Elementary in Salt Lake City School District.

Have a wonderful Christmas and holiday.
Barbara Lewis

Troops, Thank you all for your support of the Space Center and long devoted volunteer hours. This Center is here because it is a place for dreams to be lived and minds to be expanded. It is a place for children to come and learn about the stars and their relationship to the universe around them. 

The vision that started this Center is rooted in two simple statements - "What if?" and "Why Not?". 

All the Best Troops!
Mr. Williamson

December 20, 2000
The Pioneer and Voyager Volunteering Clubs are Full with 30 Members in Each

Hello Troops!
We have reached a milestone! The Pioneers have reached 30 members. The Pioneer club is now full. All new applicants will be held in waiting until openings occur within the Pioneers. 

The Voyager Society will be increased shortly to 30 as well. New members of the Voyager Society will be drawn from the Pioneers. New Voyagers will be announced in a post before the end of this year. 

All the Best!
Mr. Williamson

December 21, 2000
Programming Classes Offered by Brian Hawkins and Allan Stewart

Brian Hawkins Today. Brian is a permanent law clerk at the United States District Court
for the District of Colorado. He reports the Space Center is still in his blood.
He and his boys are making a ship of their own at home!
Hello Troops!
Many of you have asked me about the programming classes to be held at the Center. I'll tell you what I know and then let Brian fill in the holes. Brian Hawkins, our chief programmer, has suggested a multi-level course starting with:

1. Basic design in Hypercard: A class to teach basic HyperCard and appearance. Once you finish this class you will be given a Certificate after completing your class programming project.

2. Advanced Hypercard: A class to teach advanced Hypercard programming and stack design. A certificate is awarded upon completion of the coursework and your class programming project.

3. MicroMedia Director: A beginning class in Director. Only those with both Hypercard certificates will be admitted into this course.

A note to those that took Allan's Hypercard class. It is possible to "Test" out of the Basic class with an oral quiz and an individualized programming project. You can work that out with Brian. 

There will be a charge for all of these classes. Each class session lasts 1 hour 30 minutes. That includes 45 minutes of instruction and 45 minutes of computer time working on your own programming assignments

This class will be open to all staff, Voyagers, and Pioneers that have the ability and high interest level to learn our programming language. In addition to our people, the class will be open to students from the District's Gifted elementary and junior high units.

Some of you have asked why you need to pass off Hypercard before taking the Director class, that's a good question that Brian has a good answer for so I'll let him explain the reasons for that. 

Please look for the poll that will offer the classes in the next few weeks. 

Thank you troops and start talking to your parents about taking the class. Again there will be a charge for the classes but the charge will be reasonable.

All the Best!
Mr. Williamson

December 23, 2000
Great New Things Coming to the Space Center. Magellan Being Remodeled into a DS9 Starbase. The USS Ranger Makes its Debut on the Magellan. Announcing a new Magellan Mission:  Tora, Tora, Tora

The Magellan's Control Room After the December 2000 Remodel. Josh Babb is sitting at the Second Chair Position.
Notice it faced the flight director back then.

I want to let you all know of the new and exciting things that are happening in the Magellan during this Holiday Break.

#1 The Magellan is being completely repainted. It is becoming a much darker blue that matches the Discovery Science Room. So far the people that have seen the "change in progress" have had positive feelings towards the color change.

#2 The Magellan has gotten rid of the clocks that were on the walls. They will be replaced by large pipes and things of that sort to make it look a little more "sci-fi".

#3 If you look at the subject line of this post you will notice that it says, DSS Magellan. We have dropped the U on USS and replaced it with a D to represent Deep Space Station Magellan.  Also the registry of the station has been changed from NCC-2000 to DS-13.

#4 The two side panels that light up in the Magellan, most commonly called GN/DN are being replaced with a little more "Star Trek" looking signs.

#5 When patrons go into the Magellan they will now have the capablilty to control more than just the Magellan. The Magellan is now, in a sense, two simulators. The Magellan now has a ship that is assigned to it at all times. The USS Ranger, a Defiant Class Starship is permanently assigned to Magellan and is controlled by two members of the bridge crew. This is going to bring the Magellan and its storytelling abilities to a whole new level
. Thanks go to Mr. Williamson for the ideas and Soren Siebach for the implementation of the program.

#6 The Station of Special OPS is being done away with and the station of Flight/Weapons/Records is being changed. Special OPS will now be called Weapons Management. They will control the Weapons in more ways than can be properly described in a post. Flight/Weapons/Records will now become Flight Control/USS Ranger Support.

#7 Just to review for those who have not been to the Space Center for a while, the Magellan is no longer a Federation Starbase. It is now a Cardassian Station run by the Federation. This opens up new and unexplored possibilities for storytelling.

#8 The Magellan's 2nd chair position has changed to be something almost completely different than no one has worked before. More about this change and the working of the Magellan bridge will be discussed during the staff/Voyager meeting on the 30th.

More news to come once some of the existing projects are complete...

I invite all of you to come in and see the new Magellan once we are complete with the new enhancements.

Also stay tuned. The Magellan will soon have another mission online. Tora! Tora! Tora! will be up and running this coming month.

December 28, 2000
What Are We Doing to the Simulators Over Christmas Vacation? The Magellan. The Galileo Upgrade. Getting Ready for the Oceanography Missions. The Falcon is Converted to a Ship. Odyssey Getting a Dark Room Door and New Entrance.

A Falcon Overnight Camp Crew. Mr. Schuler Flight Director

Hello Troops!
I want to take a minute to update you on Christmas developments at the Center. 

1. The Magellan is getting a much needed face lift.
2. The Galileo is up on blocks! Yesterday Kyle Herring and Dan Adams hoisted the Galileo up and placed it on blocks so the wheel base could be replaced and the wheels repaired. 
3. The Galileo is getting new computer programs. Brian Hawkins, our hypercard programmer and a member of our education staff (Programming Classes) is getting the Galileo ready for the Oceanography Super Saturdays coming up in January.

The First Galileo. Mr. James Porter Pictured Celebrating his Promotion to Galileo Flight Director

4. The Odyssey is getting its submarine programs updated also getting ready for the Oceanography Super Saturdays.
5. Mr. Daymont is preparing the Falcon for its switch over to become a simulator. Its new stories will match the rest of our ship's for fun and excitement - full EdVentures on the Falcon are coming!

The Odyssey I's Control Room: Emily Paxman Training Adam Hall

6. Soren Seibach, our assistant Hypercard Programmer, is working to finish the Magellan's new computer controls. Due date is Jan. 2nd. 
7. Final touches are being put on the Discovery by Kyle Herring and Dan Adams. As many of you know, the Discovery is the Magellan's Briefing room and science center for Central Elementary. 
8. The Voyager is having its computers cleaned and black plastic cleaned. 

The Odyssey I's Original Entrance. 1999

9. The Odyssey is going to get a new entrance. The Center recently received a donation of a new revolving door just like the one on the stage to enter the Voyager. The new door will be placed on the outside of the Odyssey to assist with the "transition" from the real world to the world of make believe. 

The New Odyssey Revolving Entrance. January 2001

As you can see, the Space Center never sleeps. A special thanks to all our staff for the extreme dedication it takes to keep our sets up and running. I am amazed at the level of volunteerism and dedication our flight directors and volunteers display. Thanks to all for being a part of our team and making the Center one of the world's most unique learning Centers. 

Mr. Williamson

The Imaginarium