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Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Starship Odyssey's New Uniforms. They're Trending Now. The CMSEC Staff Fly on the USS Voyager - Canceling "The Void". The Starship Hyperion Makes Fast Progress. The Odyssey's New Safe Zone for Stressed Staff. The Imaginarium.

The Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center's Starship Odyssey Sports New Uniforms

Bradyn and Audrey Model the New Odyssey Uniforms
New uniforms are always a reason to celebrate, and the Odyssey's staff did just that upon delivery of their new uniforms loving made by Perry Starfleet Uniforms Inc. 

Month's ago Starfleet Command (Mr. Porter) approved the diversion of funds to new Odyssey uniforms. The money was reapportioned from research into new ship shielding. Apparently, one of the campers overheard another camper tell a third camper that he had mistakenly confused an Odyssey crewmember as an Orion Pirate because on the officer's lovingly worn appearance.

The fresh out of the box uniforms have that nice new uniform smell and feel.  I think I overheard one camper ask Natalie Anderson what detergent she used when washing the uniforms. "It feels so soft," she said as she rubbed the fabric across her cheek.  

The command uniforms come in both adult and child sizes. 

The next time you go to the CMSEC, ask to fly the Odyssey so you too can experience what it's like to be Space Center Cool wearing one of the Odyssey's new uniforms!

Mr. W.        

CMSEC Staff Fly the Voyager on an Expeditionary Mission into the Great Void

James Porter, Nicole VandenBos,  Matthew Robinson, Natalie Anderson and Erin Williams Wait to make a grand entrance in the Voyager's Transition Room

 It was bound to happen. Sooner or later the staff from the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center were honor bound to fly a mission on the new USS Voyager at Renaissance Academy in Lehi. Feeling the call of duty, Mr. Porter led some of his staff to the Voyager to embark on a mission of life or death in the Great Void.  

The CMSEC crew receive last minute instruction from flight director Maeson Busk.  Audrey sits in the Captain's chair anxiously wondering why it was called "The Great Void". I didn't have the heart to tell them that "The Great Void" got its name from the number of crews who have successfully finished the mission.  That set is Void.

The Voyager crew was composed of some the brightest, bravest, and cunning minds at Mr. Porter's disposal from his flight director's pool.  Minus those who couldn't come due to mission conflicts at the Space Center, and those not considered devious enough to try to stump a fellow flight director through lighting fast questioning and attempts at circumventing plot twists. What they didn't know was the ace up Maeson's sleeve.  Maeson had a crack staff of his own waiting in the Voyager's Control Room: Isaac Ostler, Spencer B., Jensen C., and Nathan B.  

The scene from the back of the bridge. Mr. Porter was a Damage Control. Scott manned Security. Nicole operated Right Wing. Erin was on the Left Wing. Matt was First Officer and Sensors, Natalie was responsible for Communications, leaving Audrey to Command

The CMSEC crew managed to squeak out a victory at the price of one of their own.  Matt will be remembered for his dashing smile, mild-mannered demeanor, and attention to detail - except when he "didn't see it coming".  

I guess we can no longer call it "The Void", for future generations will tell the story of that one crew who pulled off the impossible and voided - The Void.  

Telos Discovery Space Center's Hyperion Simulator Progresses Along Quite Nicely at Telos U in Vineyard

The walls are going up on the 3rd floor of Telos U in Vineyard, Utah.  In a couple months, the Hyperion will launch. 

More from the USS Odyssey: New Lighting Controls and a Safe Zone for when the Staff and Volunteers Experience Stress or Hurt Feelings

Matt Ricks recently installed new Arduino lighting controls on the USS Odyssey at the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center. Red, blue, green, purple.... you name it and the Odyssey's lights can produce it with the help of this new lighting control panel installed in the ship's control room. 

Matt was under pressure to deliver the panel on schedule. Not knowing where to turn for stress relief, Matt sought refuge in the Odyssey Control Room's Safe Zone behind the flight director's chair. "My generation needs special places like this," explained Odyssey Director Natalie Anderson while comforting Matt.  "Safe Zones are where we go to decompress and refocus on our inner self." She asked Matt to breath deeply before continuing. "There, there. Was I a bit too hard on you?  Relax and enjoy the peace the Safe Zone affords. When you're ready, step away and the chewing out will go on. After all, you're a few day's late with that control panel.... Oops, I forgot, you're in the sanctuary. Forget I said that.  Repeat after me; Serenity Now.... Serenity Now."    

The Imaginarium

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