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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

InfiniD Announces Two New InfiniD Lab Starships in Utah Scheduled to Open in August. 27 Starship Simulators in Utah! The Imaginarium.

Bonneville Academy and Layton Elementary School Scheduled to Launch InfiniD Labs in August. The InfiniD Network of Experiential Simulators Grows.

The Troubadour welcomes two new InfiniD Labs into the growing network of schools that house experiential learning simulators inspired by the original USS Voyager.  These two new ILabs take the official number of simulators both past and present to 50.  The Simulator Database is accessible by clicking on the top link on the blog's sidebar.

Are you curious about InfiniD?  Did you think there were only a small handful of starship simulators at a few local Utah schools: The Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center, The Telos Discovery Space Centers, Farpoint Space Education Center? The Lion's Gate?  If so, you are mistaken. 

InfiniD is the world's fastest growing network of school based, computer lab simulators committed to continuing the vision of simulator based experiential education pioneered in my 6th grade classroom back in 1983 and fine tuned and expanded with the building of Simulator 1 the USS Voyager in 1990. This upcoming school year over 21,000 students across Utah will have monthly experiences in an InfiniD Lab.

To summarize; InfinD's mission is to provide every school world wide with an experiential simulator of their own. That's a big goal and they're determined to make it so. 

Take a moment and learn more about the future of education with InfiniD.     

The Bonneville Academy InfiniD Labs (two labs)
Location: Stansbury Park, Utah in Tooele County.  Bonneville Academy is a new public charter school scheduled to open in August 2017. Both of its computer labs will be converted into InfiniD lab simulators. Grades K - 8 will participate in missions.  


The Layton Elementary School InfiniD Lab 
Location: Layton, Utah.  Davis School District. The Layton InfiniD Lab will fly every student in the school, K - 6th grade. Each student will participate in 8 missions throughout the school year.  

Twenty-Seven Starship Simulators in Utah.  The Number Keeps Growing!

Where are these simulators?  Here's a list.

Four Simulators: The Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center, Pleasant Grove.
              Odyssey. Magellan. Phoenix. Galileo
Three Simulators: The Lion's Gate, Lakeview Academy, Saratoga Springs.
              Leo, Apollo, Artemis
Two Simulators: Telos Discovery Space Center, Canyon Grove Academy, Pleasant Grove
              Everest, Pathfinder
One Simulator: Renaissance Academy, Lehi 
             USS Voyager
Telo's Discovery Space Center's iWorlds Mobile Simulator Valiant
InfiniD's Mobile Simulator Titan
InfiniD Lab: Edgemont Elementary, Provo 
InfiniD Lab: Elk Ridge School, South Jordan 
InfiniD Lab: Early Light Academy, South Jordan
InfiniD Lab: Holt Elementary School, Clearfield.
InfiniD Lab: Vae View Elementary School, Layton

InfiniD Lab: Provo Peaks Elementary, Provo
InfiniD Lab: Sunset Elementary, Sunset
InfiniD Lab: Valley View Elementary, Bountiful, Utah.
InfiniD Lab: West Point Elementary School, West Point, Utah
InfiniD Lab: Franklin Elementary School, Provo, Utah.

InfiniD Lab: Jordan Ridge Elementary School, South Jordan, Utah.
InfiniD Lab: Bonneville Academy Lab 1 and 2. Stansbury Park, Utah. Opens August 
InfiniD Lab: Layton Elementary School, Layton, Utah. Opens August
Telos Academy, Vineyard, Utah. The USS Hyperion. Opens Fall of 2017.   

The Imaginarium

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