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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Team Phoenix Starts Round 5 in the Long Duration Mission. The Artemis Charger in Venezuela Under Construction. The Imaginarium.


Phoenix Squadron (Just Barely) Survives the First LDM Round 5 Mission Challenge.  

Don't let their jubilant appearances fool you.  The Phoenix Squadron barely, and I mean just barely, survived the first Round 5 mission in this year's Long Duration Mission.  
"We barely made it," Captain Jonah would have said had I remembered to ask how he and the crew did. 
"Round 5 is different than all other rounds," Flight Director Emily emphasized in the pre-mission briefing.  "This mission will really go anywhere you take it. There are no set mission objectives except to say that you should get back into Federation space at some point."  
Emily, Connor, and Brittney manned the Magellan Control Room ready and waiting for the Phoenix crew's decisions. The crew set course and the story arc followed - no suggestions, no prompting, no subtle hints were given.  
Sure Team Phoenix made a few tactical errors. Sure they got themselves into a pickle. Since when is that new to a Space Center mission?  Did the mission end in a royal cliffhanger?  I'll answer by telling you that no crew, in all of the four previous rounds, was as happy to hear their time was up than the Phoenix crew yesterday. They've got a lot of thinking to do.  
The Phoenix crew was the first of our five LDM teams to bravely go over the top into 'No Man's Land'; they challenge the other four teams to just try to do any better. 
"They don't know what's coming," one of them would have answered had I remembered to ask how the other squadrons should prepare. 
I want to thank Phoenix for a job well done. You made my time on the bridge scoring you very interesting and exciting.  Great Job to Captain Jonah and the entire team!

Mr. W. 
P.S.  Sorry Jacqueline for not informing you about the LDM. 

Captain Jonah discusses options with his subordinates.  

Jonah isn't happy with First Officer Marinn's suggestion of surrendering and spending the rest of their short lifes in a Romulan Prison Camp.   Security Officer Ryan was quick to point out that no scumbag Romulan would take him alive.
"They'll torture us to get information," Zeddy added to the already depressing conversation. His voice quivered in fear.  
Affan was having none of that defeatist talk and told Zeddy to "Man UP!"   

 Cedric is one of the newest members of our Farpoint Voyager Club. This was his first LDM mission adventure. "Wow, my first mission and I'm taking Mr. Williamson's advice. He told me I could either cry about our situation or smile and make the best of it. Does the panic show in my eyes?" 

 Jeffrey is the oldest member of the Phoenix Squad.  He took their situation of utter despair in stride by practicing meditation to clear his mind. "One must face life's difficulties with a clear mind.  Once I'm in the zone - the way out for us will become clear to me.  Please, everyone stand clear while I begin."  

The Magellan's broken air conditioner didn't help the situation.  Fans were brought in to cool the bridge. 
"What's hotter, this bridge or me?" Aaron might have said to the crew if he wasn't so busy at the communication's station. 
"Please... Get Over Yourself. This is life or Death here," The First Officer I'm sure would have replied.   

The Crew at the start of the mission as they finished their rousing Phoenix Go Get 'Em Cheer!

Set Pieces for Dreamflight Adventure's Artemis Charter Simulator Under Construction

Last week we shared the progress of the IKS Artemis Charger’s building construction.  Today we have a sneak peak inside the shop where the simulator’s detailed set pieces are being built.
We’re super excited.  The lucky students in Venezuela have no idea what kinds of educational adventures await them.
The Imaginarium