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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Getting Ready for Summer Space Camps. Behind THAT Door in the Magellan. The Imaginarium.

Getting Ready for the Summer Space Camp Season

Hello Space Fans!
The Space Center (CMSEC) at Central School spent last week getting ready for this summer's space camps.  Several test missions were run for the new missions.  One of the test missions involved the dreaded "Red Dot" hallway activity I created years ago as an overnight camp landing party expedition.  It was my creative (meaning cheap) way of creating a laser security system for an alien ship.     

Christine's crew had to navigate the security system installed on the ramp.  It involved some highs, some lows, and some crawling on the belly.  

There was a Vulcan on hand to supervise.

The Galileo ran a test mission on Saturday with Alex DeBirk at the controls.  The Galileo is a beautiful simulator.  

 The Magellan and Odyssey were taken apart, cleaned, repaired and reassembled.  It's what you do when you prep simulators for summer campers.  

The Magellan Control Room

The Odyssey Control Room

The equipment from the Odyssey Control Room.

An alien stowaway found on the table holding the Odyssey Control Room's equipment. Is it a much feared Denebian Slime Devil?

If it is a Denebian Slime Devil, is IT responsible for the damage I found inside the ship?  Or was this another example of repairs being carried out during the CMSEC Maintenance Week? 

The Odyssey wasn't the only simulator with its inners spread out on tables.  This is Magellan stuff in the Discovery Room. 

And of course, maintenance was being done - perhaps not by everyone, but it was being done.
Here you see Space Center Director James Porter working on one of the Magellan's sound amps.  Conner was on hand to provide stability if needed.  James gets light headed at great heights. Jon was supervising as required by Utah State Risk Management and was ready to spring into action even for the slightest misstep.  Jake mistook Jon as a mannequin and continued his dusting. 

Ever Wonder What's Behind THAT door in the Magellan Transition Hallway?

That small room behind THAT door in the Magellan Transition Hallway used to be called the Fish Tank.  The original plans for the Discovery Education Room called for a large fish tank in the back corner of the room.  That idea was put to pasture after a cost analysis proved it too expensive for my tastes.  Four TV's were installed instead and used for several years.  The TV's were removed after my departure from the CMSEC.  The room is used for storage.  

I can't believe there are this many phasers left after my bulk purchase of Space Blasters several, and I mean several, years ago.  Many of you remember using these as campers and volunteers.  

T-Shirts are stored in this back room.  I also found this relic from the Space Center's past hiding in the room.  We used to call them blunderbusses.  This may be the lone surviving Blunderbuss. If so, I consider it a museum piece.  Space Center management, I'm holding you responsible for its preservation.  

Finally, the walkie talkie drawer.  The Voyager was the only ship which religiously used walkie talkies for the command officers.  I bought them in bulk like I did the phasers.  I'll negotiate for their release and repatriation to the new USS Voyager.

Mr. W.  

The Imaginarium

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