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Monday, June 8, 2015

USS Voyager Update. The Imaginarium.


Pictures taken on Saturday.  The sheetrock is pretty much finished.  Soon....... very soon......  

The outside entrance to the USS Voyager.  Step through this door and you'll find yourself in front of the brig.  Just like the old Voyager.  The Brig has an outside entrance - handy for quick getaways.

Let's head up to the Bridge from the hallway which leads to the Control Room, Room of Requirement, and Briefing Room.

Turn left and walk up ramp.

The Bridge.

Notice the main ceiling is in.  The ceiling is a three parter.  You see two parts.  Another 'island' will go them under making it a three tiered ceiling.

This picture shows the hallway from the Bridge and Brig to the Sick Bay and Engineering.  The entrances are on the left.  That opening in the wall behind Alex is something you don't see.  Repeat after me - "I don't see the opening behind Alex".  
Good, very good....

The Imaginarium

 Now that you've destroyed your old tv, GO BUY A NEW ONE.

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