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Monday, June 22, 2015

The New USS Voyager Gets Paint. The Most Accurate Map of Our Galaxy. The Imaginarium.

The New Voyager Gets Paint

Hello Space Fans!
The new USS Voyager at Renaissance Academy is getting paint.  The first coat was applied on Friday.  I took these pictures last Saturday.

The first of two turning doors is in place. This door separates the Engine Room and Sick Bay from the hallway leading to the bridge, control room, transpod, and briefing room.

The SickBay with Diagnostic platform installed.

Imagine how many M&M's and Skittles will be dispensed in this room over the next few decades.

The hallway from Engineering and Sick Bay to the Brig / Quarantine.  

The second of our two revolving doors goes here.  Brig / Quarantine is on the left. 

Walking up the ramp from the Brig to the Bridge.

It's nice seeing paint on the walls.  It is coming along nicely.

Looking toward the front of the Bridge from the back.

Looking toward the back of the Bridge from the front.

The other entrance to the Bridge.  

The revolving door from the other side.  The control room, transpod, and briefing room are through the doorway to the left.

The control room.  

The Most Accurate Map of our Galaxy

What's it like to draw a map of the vast galaxy in which our solar system is embedded? NASA has likened the task to drawing a map of your house without ever having ventured from your living room. Pretty hard, huh?
But now, with the help of a new mapping method, scientists have created what they're calling the most accurate map of the Milky Way. It confirms our galaxy is a four-armed spiral and shows in unprecedented detail a series of star clusters at the galaxy's edge.

The Imaginarium

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