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Friday, June 12, 2015

Prometheus Squadron Takes Top Team in the LDM. The Imaginarium.

Prometheus Squadron Wins Top Team for the Long Duration Mission's Round Four

The results of this year's Long Duration Mission Round Four were announced a few weeks ago and Prometheus Squadron took the Top Team position for a job well done!  Here are the point totals.

Long Duration Mission Round 4 Points Squadron by Squadron
1.  Prometheus:  52.38
2.  Scorpio:  51.88
3.  Phoenix:  49.88
4.  Nautilus:  46.13
5.  Kraken:  43.13

Round 5 will be carried out over the summer months.  Rounds 6 - 8 will be held on the Magellan and the new Voyager.  The competition will end in October.  It is still any team's game!

Sign ups for the 2015-2016 Long Duration Mission competition start at the end of September.  

Thanks Troops!
Mr. Williamson  

The Imaginarium

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