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Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Space Center's News Roundup. The Magellan Clock. The Phoenix Armrest. Theater Imaginarium. The Imaginarium with the New Wizarding Schools Just Announced.

The Space Center Weekend Roundup

Hello Troops,
     I glanced at the blog and realized how behind I am in reporting the latest news from the Space Centers; which is why you see today's post titled "The Space Center Weekend Roundup. 
     In today's news roundup, I'll cover a few topics or minor interest to most and great interest to a few, while leaving myself a couple good bits to post during the week.  Let's remember that too much of one thing isn't good for the digestion.  It is also worth noting that an overload of Space Center news can cause a rush of nostalgia, which prompts the brain to release waves of serotonin. The serotonin causes a sudden increase in body temperature which, while momentarily pleasant, opens the reader to the resulting emotional crash when he or she realizes how long it has been since he or she experienced the thrill of a space center mission.  Regretfully, the final outcome is depression - all brought on by this blog and my failure to ration the news.  I hope you understand and appreciate my thoughtfulness on your behalf.     

The New Magellan Clock

     You'd have to be a cold blooded sorry excuse for a human being if you're not completely blown away by the Magellan's new control room clock. Not only does it tell the hour and minute, it also displays the seconds along the clock's rim with LED red lights.  The Space Center offers a short, one minute long demonstration of the Magellan Control Room Clock to any interested camper for the nominal fee of $1.00. The fee goes directly to Jon Parker (seated above) to sooth his patience. Jon doesn't take kindly to people standing over him and breathing his air.  

     Two Saturdays ago I walked in and found Jon conducting a clock demonstration for a few of the volunteers.  They got the volunteer 50 cent discount.  They liked the way the seconds moved in a perfect 360 degree circle. I was confused why Jon was using a microphone to conduct the demonstration, considering they were all sitting right there beside him.  
     "I've flown so many missions, it's nearly impossible to talk without a mic in my hand," Jon replied when asked. "It's a real hassle, especially at school. Do you know how embarrasing it is to have to pull this mic out of my backpack everytime I want to talk in class!?  And don't even get me started about what this mic has done to my social life!"   

Natalie Anderson Takes the Phoenix Out for a Spin

     Natalie Anderson is an Odyssey flight director who is seeking to better her position at the Space Center by learning to fly other simulators - namely the Phoenix. I found her giving it a go a couple Saturdays ago. She was in the driver's seat. Phoenix Set Director Jordan Smith was in the passenger seat giving directions. 

     His nerves were obviously shot. His left eye was twitching. His voice quivered and I don't know what he had in that bottle.  Whatever it was, he kept it close. 

     After seeing what Jordan was doing to the armrest, I assumed things weren't going as planned.  Natalie seem oblivious to her mentor's approaching breakdown and chirped away into her microphone for her test subjects. 

     The Phoenix is a spoiled simulator.  Jordan thinks it is his 'baby', which makes former Phoenix set director and Space Center director Megan Warner see red.  "The Phoenix is MINE no matter where I live - California or Utah," Megan said during her recent visit to Utah. Jordan wanted to argue the point, but knew it was an argument he couldn't rationally win.  He stepped into the control room, shut the door, and took out his frustrations on the arm rest.  

The Odyssey Gets New Lighting

     The Odyssey is a beautiful simulator, wouldn't you agree?

     Take a look at the new blue lights installed in the roof support beams.  Tabitha and Natalie installed them in December. It was Tabitha's last contribution to her ship before leaving on an LDS mission. 
     The old Odyssey is very dear to many of you long time Troubadours. You get that warm nostalgic feeling every time you think back on your missions in that long gone, narrow, multileveled ship. But you must agree the new Odyssey is worthy of the name.  So, perhaps it's time to move on and do a mission in the new Odyssey. Give it a chance. I'm sure you'll enjoy the experience.     

Coming Attractions

Coming to The Troubadour in posts this week:  
1. Team Scorpio starts the 2016 Long Duration Mission.  
2. The Space Center's Honor's Night
3. Discovery Space Center's New Director.
4. The Voyager's Engine Room is Taking Shape. 

Stay Tuned!

Mr. Williamson 

Theater Imaginarium

The Imaginarium