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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Prometheus Squadron Finished the Long Duration MIssion. Brylee Perry is the Newest Flight Director. Imaginez Théâtre

Prometheus Squadron, First to Complete the Eighth and Final Round of the Long Duration Mission

     "Mr. Williamson, why don't you like us?"  The question came from a visibly upset member of the Prometheus Squadron on Saturday.
     The question surprised me. "Mr. Williamson likes everyone," I replied in third person to dilute and deflect the criticism.
     "Well, if you like everyone, why haven't you posted about our mission on the blog," she responded.
     "You mean I didn't post about Prometheus squadron's last round?" I really didn't believe what she was saying. "That's hard to believe. I'm pretty good about posting LDM news." I could tell she wasn't going to let it go until I admitted my mistake.
     "Not ours," she insisted.
     "Well, I'll look into it."  She walked out of the room with a weight off her shoulders. She stood up for her squadron against the imposing Mr. Williamson and uncovered a serious injustice; an injustice I'm correcting today.

November 21, 2015

     Troops, I'm happy to report that the Prometheus Squadron successfully completed their eighth and final mission in the eleven month Long Duration Mission.  They were the first of five squadrons to tackle the final mission and did it with outstanding flare paired with brave, gutsy moves.

     Prometheus Squadron was blessed with a strong coaching staff made up of two former Space Center VIP's - Bradyn Lystrup and BJ Warner.  "They were easy to coach," Bradyn commented after their mission. "Just look at 'em."  Bradyn was right, Prometheus was an outstanding squadron made up of several talented, creative, can do people.
     The final mission was captained by Marissa Ohran with James Lakko acting as first officer. Hunter, Nathaneal, Lizzy, Andrew, Thomas, Mason, Michael, and Jacob made up the rest of the crew.

      The mission debriefing was held in the gym. Lizzy passed out cookies to celebrate. Their final score reflected a squad that knew exactly what they were doing.
     "Remember, Prometheus was the squadron made up of cadets who really didn't know each other. Most of the kids in the other squadrons were all friends before. My team had to start from scratch. They're awesome," Coach Bradyn reminded me.
     Speaking on behalf of the LDM staff, flying with Prometheus was always a joy.
     Congratulations Prometheus on your best mission yet!

Mr. Williamson

Brylee Perry, The USS Odyssey's New Flight Director

     Brylee Perry joined the Voyager Club in May of 2014.  She quickly became of the Space Center's star volunteers, rising quickly through the ranks to Magellan supervisor.  Her hard work and determination paid off last week when she succeeded in passing her Odyssey flight director test mission.
     Tabitha's last act as Odyssey set director was to present Brylee with her flight director's shirt. Brylee's enthusiastic smile reflects her joy at finally reaching her goal. Tabitha's smile is genuine relieve that her last Space Center responsibility was complete - she trained a new flight director to take her place.  All Space Center workers, as far as I know, are still under the prime directive I established years ago. Before retiring, all staff must have a fully trained replacement ready to take over.
     Mr. Grumpy (Devin Sudwicks) stood in the background struggling with his emotions. He knew this presentation was Tabitha's swan song, her last act as Odyssey Set Director. Her time was over, and his rule as the new Odyssey Supremo was starting.  Luckily for Devin, the Odyssey has a great set of flight directors able and willing to make him look good in front of the boss.
     Troubadour readers, you are required to offer Brylee your congratulations the next time you see her. Embarrass her if you can by shouting your congratulations across several aisles in the grocery store or across a few pews in church.

Mr. Williamson            

Imaginez Théâtre

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