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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Your Awesome Long Duration Mission Flight Team. Voyager Construction Update

The LDM Flight Team:  Brittney, Skyler, Emily, Conner, and Jacqueline

The Few, The Proud, the Certifiably Insane.  Your Long Duration Mission Flight Team  

Round 4 of this school year's Farpoint Voyagers Club Long Duration Mission has been exciting, stressful and as far from your normal "walk through the park" mission as could be.  All of this excitement is brought to the Voyager cadets through the hard work and sleepless nights of our behind the scenes staff.  As the grand and exalted leader of this dream team of practitioners of the Space EdVentures Arts, it is my duty and privilege to introduce them to you.  These photos are untouched and unrehearsed.  They show our team in their natural habitat, doing what they love to do - flying squadrons in space and blowing them up at every possible opportunity.  

The look on Emily Paxman's face tells it all.  She and husband, Skyler, are on the hunt for a mission strike.  They've cornered the Magellan and sense a weakness in the captain's plan.  "Kill them, Kill them!" Emily shouts as Skyler maneuverers the mouse as deftly as a seasoned surgeon removing a pair of worn tonsils.   

"STRIKE!" Emily shouts.  Yes, another Romulan ship crossed that line in the sand.  The cadets on the bridge moan in pain as the flight team celebrate another victory.  Ah, the sweet sounds of success.  The thrill of the hunt manifested in the faces of adults blessed with morbid senses of humor :) 

Conner and Jacqueline hear Emily and Skyler celebrating on their side of the control room and feel frustrated.  Jacqueline is chastising Conner for not delivering a strike for their score.  "I'm doing the best I can," Conner replies.  "I'm a flight director, not a tactician."    

Emily and Conner take a breather after the crew's second strike.  "What else could we be doing tonight?" Emily asked.  
"Nothing this entertaining," Conner replied. 
"True, so true," sighed Emily. 

Troops, your LDM Flight Team.  They deserve your respect and admiration.  They are the epitome of volunteerism.  Without them there would be no LDM this season.  I admire them for their talents and willingness to make this a reality.  

Mr. Williamson

A Voyager Construction Update

A few pictures to show construction is underway on the new USS Voyager at Renaissance Academy.

Dave Daymont, Alex DeBirk and Alex Anderson check on the progress.

The Anderson brothers along with Alex Debirk, the construction foreman, and Renaissance Director Mark Ursic review the plans.  The ship's walls go up next week along with the first electrical work.

Today work was stared on the entrances to the engine room and sick bay.

Stay tuned for updates.
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Mr. W.       

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Prometheus Squad Rocks the Magellan. Meet Two New Farpoint Cadets. Matt Long - Exterminator. Disney's Starship Simulator on their Dream Cruise Ship. The Imaginarium.

Prometheus Squadron Blasts Round 3 in the 2014/15 Long Duration Mission

It was a busy week for our LDM cadets and volunteers.  The Prometheus Squad flew their Round 3 mission Thursday evening.  The Kraken Squad flew theirs Saturday morning. Today's Troubadour highlights the Prometheus Squadron.  

The Prometheus Squad Rocks the House!

Prometheus Squad squared off against our award winning control room team Thursday evening in a battle of wits and strategy.  No one said Round Three of this year's LDM would be easy. Prometheus learned that the hard way.

 James L., was the designated captain for this Round.  He had good command of the bridge and the ear of his crew.  Here they're seen reviewing their stations before James issued the "Let's Go!" command to start the Round.

A great deal of time was spent in red light.  Red Alerts are the norm for Round 3.  Its just one thing after another as each of our squadrons do their best to keep the Romulans from crossing that "line in the sand" and penetrating deeper into Federation space.

 It appears Harrison found and captured a few undesirables inside the ship.  He thoroughly interrogated them, leaving no stone unturned in his quest for the truth.

Captain James accidentally (and at the same time unwittingly heroic) found himself at the wrong place at the wrong time.  His body shielded a fellow crewman from a Romulan phaser blast.  He took the blast.  His temporary loss could have doomed the Prometheus Squad had it not been for the quick thinking of First Officer Andrew in assuming command, and the unflinching steel of the squadron.

Magellan Medic Emily Paxman was summoned to treat the captain.  With her bag of potions and charms, she quickly revived the captain and put him back to work (although his ability to speak was compromised for a short time - an aftereffect of her herbal magic I'm told).

The crew carried on despite a few setbacks.  

The final cheer at the end of the debriefing was in my honor.  I think it was Prometheus Coach Bradyn Lystrup's idea.  Perhaps his failed attempt to 'suck up' to get a better score.  Regardless of the coach's intent, the squad gave it up in true Prometheus style. 

Yes, they rocked the house with their final cheer, and another squad puts Round Three to rest.  

Meet our Two Newest Farpoint Voyager Cadets

Nicole S., attends American Fork Junior High.  She observed the Magellan and Odyssey

Brenner F., attends Pleasant Grove Junior High. He observed the Galileo and Odyssey.  

On behalf of all 100 plus members of our Farpoint Voyager Club, I'd like to welcome Nicole and Brenner to our group of happy space wanderers.  Please take a moment to introduce yourself to them when you see then next at the Space Center or a club meeting.  

Mr. W. 

Matt Long, Exterminator

Who does James Porter, Director of the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center, call when he has a bug problem?  He picks up the phone and calls Matt Long Exterminator Inc.  

Here you see Jon Parker, Asst. Director of the Space Center, explaining the bug problem to Matt Long.  The smile on Matt's face shows a complete understand the of the problem.  His hand on the mouse indicates a solution is quick at hand.  The smile on Jon's face shows satisfaction for a job well done.  

Let this be a recommendation to you Troubadours everywhere.  If you're plagued by bugs, call Matt Long Exterminators and your bug problem will soon be a lost memory.  

Disney Puts a Starship Simulator on their Cruise Ship Dream!

From Disney's Park Blog

Just announced today, we’re bringing exciting new experiences to the Disney Dream when we transform spaces throughout the ship this fall! Headlining the enhancements are two new interactive youth areas, one themed to Star Wars and another to Disney Infinity. We’re also adding a whimsical sweet shop serving handmade gelato and the ever-popular Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. Here’s a look at the new spaces and the fun in store for Disney Dream cruisers …
Star Wars: Millennium Falcon
In Disney’s Oceaneer Club, kids are in for an out-of-this-galaxy experience in a newly themed play, Star Wars: Millennium Falcon, inspired by the spacecraft from the legendary saga.
Upon entering the spaceship, younglings will join the Rebel Alliance in the epic battle of good versus evil by assisting with the navigation of this powerful space vehicle. Sitting in the cockpit, children can pilot this super-cool spaceship through hyperspace and trigger lightspeed jumps to different locations around the galaxy.
We’ll also offer Star Wars-themed crafts, games and activities in this space. Plus, kids can watch episodes from the new Disney XD animated series, “Star Wars Rebels,” on a large screen or virtually join the rebellion at gaming stations featuring the series’ action-packed adventures.
The excitement continues during a shipboard version of the popular Jedi Training Academy experience that invites young Jedi hopefuls – known as “Padawans” – to learn lightsaber moves from a Jedi Master. They can then use the Force and face off in a final test against the evil Darth Vader.

The Imaginarium

There is No Reason to be Bored

Well, at least it was imaginative.

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The Death Star Ring

Star Wars Dogs

Tooth Fairy footprints in glitter