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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Team Kraken, The Last Squadron in the First Round of This Year's Long Duration Mission. The Imaginarium.

Hello Space Fans!
Something strange is happening outside.  White, fluffy, cotton like whisps are falling from the sky. It could be snow, but we've had so little of it this winter it is difficult to tell from memory alone. I could step outside to confirm my hypothesis but that would require effort on my part and that ain't gonna happen.

The Kraken Team's Long Duration Mission End Round One  

We ended the first round of missions in this school year's Long Duration Mission program today. The LDM program is sponsored by the Farpoint Voyager Club, headquartered at Renaissance Academy in Lehi - future home to the new Starship Voyager simulator. The Kraken Squadron was the fifth team in a field of five participating in this year's competition. 

Savannah at the Surveillance Station

Bradyn was the Captain.

New Cadet Noah was Security
 The Kraken team settled on a formal training program.  Bradyn felt it best considering the importance of getting the right start on your first run around the track.  I agreed with his decision.  When given the chance to formally train for something you're not sure of, do it.  

While the Krakens focused on their training, the Magellan LDM fight team caught up on the latest news, views, and gossip in the control room.  Present were Conner, Jacque, and Corinne - a member of the Kraken Support Team.  I want to do a shout out to myself for the generous donation of a box of donuts seen next to Jacque's shoulder.

The mission was well underway when this photo was taken.  I was up at my station at the back of the bridge feveriously taking notes on the team's performance.  Orion is in the foreground launching probes at the Counter Intelligence Station.  Congratulations to the Krakens for setting the Round One record for getting their probes launched first.  Mission objective one accomplished.   

Coaches Brittney and Christine converse on a topic of utmost importance as the crew skillfully works their way through the mission's opening sequences.  Capt. Shelley is seen talking to Kevin at the First Officer's station.  I believe I heard him say, "What did we get ourselves into?"

Capt. Bradyn is in the conference room negotiating with the Romulan representative.   Was he giving away the store?  You'll have to ask him that question.  

Conner:  "Captain, I want all your.."
Bradyn:  "Yes."
Conner:  "But you didn't let me finish.  I want..."
Bradyn:  "Yes."
Conner:  "Why are you saying YES?  You don't know.."
Bradyn:  "Yes." 

OK, I'm exaggerating here, but I can say this now that all the teams have finished their round one mission.  All five of the squadron captains were easy push overs in this round of negotiations.  
The reason was simple.  The captains never read their negotiation briefing papers before going into the meeting.  The papers sat at the captain's station - untouched.  Look back at the picture of Bradyn training. Notice the papers at the end of the desk?  Yep, that's them....

It was a mistake all five captains made.  I must confess something....  That little paper test gave the LDM staff great delight.  

The papers were found by a Romulan agent sitting at the captain's station and delivered post haste to the Romulan negotiator.  Conner is seen reading the secret papers.  This photo was taken moments before he exploded in rage and stomped out of the room ranting and raving about being stabbed in the back.  All five captains remained in the room dumbfounded.  

The Romulan and his aide waited impatiently on the bridge for the captain to gather his wits and join him. Kudo's to Dakota for refusing the follow the Romulan's orders to open a communication line to Gasko Station.  

Savannah was busy at her station doing calculations regarding electromagnetic shielding.  She was perhaps a bit too engrossed in her calculations to notice strange things happening on her sensors screen.  

Dakota (Communications) with Ben (Strategic Operations) working through a message.  Both did a great job.  Dakota was chosen MVP by his teammates at the end of the mission.  

Noah was shouldering two jobs - security and master of the printer.

Orion pictured in a moment of reflection.  I believe he is seen talking to himself......  Yes, LDM's have been known to push crew well past their breaking points :)

Hannah skillfully playing the Chief of Operations instrument.  Nothing got by Hannah on this mission.  

Dakota and First Officer Kevin in conversation.  Could they have been plotting to take the ship by force and have the captain arrested?  OR it may have been a simple question concerning an order the first officer had recently given.  Hummmmmm, what could it have been?

Noah doing his duty as Master of the Printer.

Dakota and Orion busy at their stations.  

Ben and Corinne. 

Captain Bradyn explaining the intricate details of warp drive theory... OR receiving information concerning the upcoming arrival of the Romulan Ambassador.

Captain Bradyn, First Officer Kevin and Orion pondering over the map of the asteroid field.  The floor was as good a place as anything else.

And finally, Damage Control Officer Travis working diligently to fix something broken.  That's the problem with the Magellan.  There is always something broken.  Poor Damage Control.....

I've said this before and I'll say it again.  It is a pleasure for me to get to work with some of Utah County's finest young men and women in this Long Duration Mission Program.  

OK, enough praise....  The Nautilus Squadron starts us off with Round Two next Saturday.  A round of applause to the Nautilus for always being first out of the gate.  They set the standard for the others to follow.

Mr. Williamson  

The Imaginarium