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Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Report on the Scorpio Squadron's Round One Mission. See Lakeview Academy's Awesome New Uniforms. Space and Science News. The Imaginarium.

Hello Space Fans!
     The Scorpio Squadron did their round 1 mission yesterday morning.  They arrived on time, excited, and ready.  At exactly 7:45 A.M. they were led into the Discovery Room for their welcome and mission objectives.  Emily reviewed the expectations.  Captain Jessa Lethbridge issued the bridge assignments:

Brently: First Officer
Nathan: Security
Trey: Damage Control
Cooper: Communications/Counterintelligence
Livvy: Engineer
Dalton: Strategic Operations
Megan: Chief of Operations / Flight Control
Caden: Surveillance
Cody: Support

A special welcome was extended to Cooper, the newest Scorpio - having joined the Farpoint Voyagers only last week.  
     There were some members of the squadron unfamiliar with their comrade's names, which is not unusual for a squad's first time on bridge.  Training started once that issued was resolved.  
     Scorpio accomplished Round One of Eight with a minimum crew of nine.  The cadets were more than busy keeping the simulator running efficiently and the mission moving smoothly forward.      

The Captain's Station on the Magellan - something very familiar to both the Nautilus and Scorpio teams.  

 Cooper was swamped at the communications station.  He found he could do the job efficiently if he stayed on his knees instead of using the chair.  Remember, he was running two stations.     

 Livvy and Dalton focused on their work.  It's amazing to see a crew of teenagers so focused and alert so early on a Saturday.  The tension in the air was noticeable by this time of the morning.  

Coach Brittney spent a little time in counseling with First Officer Brently.  Long Duration Missions are unlike anything anyone of our Voyager Cadets have experienced in the past.  They are a whole different animal as the remaining three teams will soon discover. 

Megan and Caden worked on Round One's special curriculum project with Commander DeBirk in the Discovery Room.

Trey did an excellent job at the Damage Control Station.  Cooper was so busy on the upper level, the IPad's camera caught him in a blur.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes.....
Emily was at work in the Magellan Control Room working through her checklist. Because the squadrons are scored and evaluated on an LDM, it is important that every mission be flown the same way.  The donuts are there to keep the control room staff and squadron supports happy and alert.  

Jacque Lystrup is Emily's 2nd chair wingman for the Saturday morning LDM's.   Jacque is responsible for all 2nd story lines and much of the work printed to the bridge.  Again, because these missions are scored, Jacque has the additional responsibility to track every assignment sent to the bridge. Cadets earn points for completing their work.  

Meanwhile, back to the mission......  

Captain Jessa met with a character in the mission.  I can't say why for obvious reasons.  Jessa was escorted by Chief of Security Dalton.

 Cody is one of the Scorpio's support staff.  He played the red shirted Federation officer seen above.
Connor Larsen, a well known Space Center Flight Director and all around awesome character actor, is in black with the headband covering those Romulan pointed ears.

The morning discussions lasted several minutes.  The outcome I'm not at liberty to discuss.  Secrecy is the foundation of the LDM.  

Meanwhile, back on the bridge....
      Scorpio was attentive to their work and focused on the mission.  Coach Brittney and Coach Daymont were on hand watching and offering help where needed BUT not helpful at all when it came to making decisions regarding the mission.  

Caden pondering over his sensor's screen. Cooper building and launching probes, and Trey at the bottom working through a damage report.

Nathan was photographed deploying security to various parts of the Magellan.

Megan worked with Commander Debirk on something related to the mission, exactly what that something is cannot be divulged at this time. 
Scorpio's TOB ended right on time at 10:15 A.M. They are in a bit of a pickle, but nothing such a well oiled crew cannot overcome when they return for their Round Two mission in a month.  

I said this last week and I'm saying it again... I don't know who had more fun, the crew or the staff. 
Long Duration Missions are, and will continue to be, the foundation of our Farpoint Voyager Club.
Visit for more information on joining the Farpoint Voyagers.  This LDM will end sometime in May or early June.  A new LDM will start in October of next school year.  Cadets, talk to your friends at school and in your neighborhoods. My long range goal is to have school based squadrons where schools compete against schools.  We don't have an advertising budget so word of mouth is the only way your fellow students will ever learn about this unique and fun learning opportunity.  Share the word. Start thinking of forming a team from your school for next school year.

Mr. Williamson

Lakeridge Academy's Leo Simulator has New Uniforms

I visited Lakeridge Academy last Wednesday to discuss opening a new chapter of the Voyager club at Lakeridge.  BJ Warner is the director of the school's Leo simulator. After our meeting, he took me into the simulator to give me a sneak peak of the Leo's new starship computer controls currently in their first round of testing before being deployed in a month or so.
"Have you seen our new uniforms?" he asked.  He modeled one for a photo.  I noticed each uniform had a small black box attached by a small cable. "These uniforms light up," he explained.

The Leo's new uniforms have strips of colored cables running down both sides of the front of the zipper.

The colored cables extend to the back of the uniform forming a long elongated U shape.  They are cool, and that is an understatement.  BJ made sure that I understood that the uniforms are washable.

BJ is one of the best flight directors to come out of the Space Center.  In addition to the heavy workload he carries at Lakeview (he's in the middle of writing 40 new missions at the moment!), BJ has also volunteered to be one of the Prometheus Squadron's  two coaches.
Thank you BJ!

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