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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Bracken Funk's Jersey Retired. Discovery Space Center Announces New Appointments. The Space Center's Summer Camp Schedule is Published. Welcome the Newest Cadet. The Imaginarium.

Hello Space Fans!
     One more shout out to our friends at DreamFlight Adventures in Pennsylvania for the launch of two new simulators in the Pittsburgh area.  You can read all about it in yesterday's Troubadour post.
     There is a lot of news (some reliable and some not so) to cover today so let's get to it.

Bracken Funk's Lone Peak Basketball Number Retired

Many of you know Bracken Funk from his time at the Space Center and the Discovery Space Center. Many of you had the privilege of work with him or being a member of one of his crews.  I know Bracken to be one of the most hard working, self motivated, goal orientated people I know. He is a good friend and devoted champion of the Space EdVentures concept. He is also excited to be a part of the Farpoint Voyager Program here at Renaissance. He is ready and willing to flight direct the new Voyager when it opens in May.
What you may not know is just how good Bracken is on the basketball floor. He was so good in his high school years that Lone Peak High School retired his #45 jersey in a halftime ceremony during the boys basketball game against Riverton Tuesday night.  I'm quoting from the Daily Herald Story
Bracken is the fourth boys basketball player to have his jersey retired. Two of the others, Jackson Emery and Tyler Haws, were on hand to assist in honoring him.
Funk was only the second player to make the varsity team as a freshman. He became the program’s first three-time state champion as he collected rings in 2005, 2007 and 2008.
As a junior, Funk averaged 11.7 points and 8.7 rebounds per game and also had 41 steals and 34 blocks as his team’s most formidable interior presence.
He was known as a big-game player and earned MVP honors for the state championship contest in 2007, when he scored 19 points on 8-of-10 shooting and grabbed 12 rebounds. He was also a consensus first-team All-State selection.
His senior year, he averaged 14 points and 8.3 rebounds per game with 38 steals and 20 blocks and was once again a unanimous All-State first team choice as well as a member of the All-Tournament team.
It’s instructive to consider that this production came on a squad with an entire starting five of future college players, including BYU’s Tyler Haws and Josh Sharp. The center of the group, Justin Hamilton, now plays for the Miami Heat.
When Funk finished at Lone Peak, he had 23 marks in the school records book. Now, seven years later, he still has 19. He’s the program’s second all-time leading rebounder and remains on the top-10 scoring list.
After high school, Funk started as a freshman at Fresno State. Following a coaching change there, he finished his career at BYU-Hawaii, where he earned All-Conference honors.
Bracken in his High School Days with an Odyssey Crew

Congratulations Bracken!

Discovery Space Center Announces New Appointments

Saturdays are my 'snoop around the space centers' day.  I finish my Farpoint meetings at Renaissance Academy in the early afternoon and make two mandatory stops at the Discovery Space Center and the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center, both in Pleasant Grove, to see how my associates are pushing forward the space edventures movement I created in the 1980's and 90's in their respective centers. Today there is more good news to report.

Austin on the bridge of the Columbia
Austin N., is a student at Mountain View and the newest Supervisor at the Discovery Space Center where he will earn real American money, not that phony Canadian stuff.
His primary assignment will be in the Columbia and Atlantis simulators.  Becoming a supervisor is one of Austin's goals. He is also training to be a flight director under Emily Paxman's watchful eye.
"Keep this between us," he confided in me shortly after I snapped the photo above, "but I plan on taking this place over within the next two years. I just need to figure a way to bump Kendrick, Jorden and Casey out of the picture and SNAP,  job done."

Kendrick (center) with Parriss and Austin

Kendrick Gines has been named the Columbia Set Director.  Kendrick is a student at Utah Valley University in Orem. He's been a strong asset to the DSC almost from the beginning.  Kendrick flight directs all four of the DSC's simulators.  He is Emily Paxman trained, meaning any mission with Kendrick is guaranteed to be challenging, thought-provoking, inspiring, meaningful, and darn-right fun.
"Keep this between us," he confided in me shortly after I snapped the photo above, "but I plan on taking this place over within the next two years. I just need to figure a way to bump Jorden and Casey out of the picture and SNAP,  job done."

Parriss is the head intern at the DSC.  She is looking for twelve or so new interns to fill out the company's ranks. If you're 15 or older and interested in interning (non-paid) at the DSC contact Parriss.      

 Aliah E., has been named Challenger Set Director by Casey Voeks.  Aliah started her Space Center career as a volunteer at the CMSEC during my time as director. She was an outstanding volunteer then and is an outstanding employee now.
"Keep this between us," she confided in me shortly after I snapped the photo above, "but I plan on taking over the Columbia within the next two months. I just need to figure a way to bump Kendrick out of the picture and SNAP,  job done."  

Jorden, with his trademarked Hand Sanitizer. Fannypack not visible.

Jorden Osborn has been named Assistant Director of the Discovery Space Center.  Along with the title, Jorden was given the key to the executive washroom and a pass to the executive canteen where he enjoys luxurious meals with DSC's middle and upper management.
"I ordered the Toad in the Hole for my first lunch in the executive canteen," Jorden explained when asked what he thought of his new privileges.  "It was delicious.  I mean, I knew they had it nice at the top, but I didn't know it was this nice."
Jorden went on to thank all the little people who made his dizzyingly rocket rise to the top possible.  "I get teary eyed with I think of them sitting in the lobby eating their sack lunches.  But then I think how important it is for them to see a success like me. It gives them something to talk and dream about."
"Keep this between us," he confided in me shortly after I snapped the photo above, "but I plan on taking this place over within the next year or so. I just need to figure a way to bump Skyler, Brandon and Casey out of the picture and SNAP,  job done."  

The Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center Announces the Summer Camp Drive    

My Saturday second stop was at the CMSEC.  I had to kick the school's front door repeatedly to gain entrance. I think Jon Parker (CMSEC Asst. Director) was asleep in the office but he'll never admit it.
"I was working on things," he said when I asked why I had to stand outside in the cold for so long.
"What things could possibly be more important than me getting inside out of the cold?"
"Things, you know. Things. You were the director here once. Things....."
"I know, I know. You're forgiven." I patted him on the back.  He reminded me of the many long Saturday afternoons when I was director, where I'd retreat to the library to lay down for a few minutes. For me, Saturdays were the worst back in the day. I started work at 7:30 a.m.  Friday, worked the entire day, then ran the overnight camp, then the three Saturday private missions - all before going home at 5:30 p.m. Saturday afternoon. That's 22 non-stop hours worked. Absolutely I needed those quick late afternoon library power naps.
"Keep this between us," Jon confided in me shortly after I snapped the photo above, "but I plan on taking this place over within the next little while. I just need to figure a way to bump James out of the picture and SNAP,  job done."

The CMSEC has their summer camp schedule posted and ready for your registration.  The website to register is listed on the flyer above.  Sign up today. The new missions are fantastic and the simulators in tip top order.

Meet our Newest Farpoint Voyager 

Another reason I stopped at the CMSEC was to interview our newest Farpoint Voyager cadet.  Aaron is a student at Timberline and a good friend of Carter G (last week's newest cadet).  Aaron finished his two observations and is ready to take his place in our organization.
Aaron has also enrolled in the club's Long Duration Mission program. I put him on the Kracken Squadron.  Be sure to introduce yourself and welcome him into our club when you see him next.

Mr. Williamson

The Imaginarium

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