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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Meet the Expanded Crew of the Starship Voyager as Imagineered by the Volunteers and Staff of the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center circa March 2001. Newly Discovered Pictures from the Space Center's Voyager Era. Meet More of Farpoint's Young Astronauts at Renaissance Academy. Theater Imaginarium.

Meet the Expanded Crew of the Starship Voyager as Imagineered by the Volunteers and Staff of the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center circa March 2001

Voyager Volunteers in character locked safely in the brig. Bracken Funk, ?, ?, and Taylor Herring. Do you
remember that glow in the dark carpet I had installed in the brig?  What was I thinking????

In March 2001 I challenged the Pioneers and Voyagers (our two volunteering organizations at that time) to create their own, individual walk on characters for the USS Voyager.  Several took up the challenged and emailed their creations to me for posting on a character database.  That database has since been lost with the transition of the original blog to a YahooGroup. 

I've cut and pasted their original postings to a Googledoc for everyone to see.  This document will be printed and kept in a binder in the new Voyager's control room for reference.  Voyager volunteers and staff will use these characters in second storylines to enrich the Voyager experience.  You old timers from the Space Center's Voyager Era who wrote these gems will be happy to know your work will be used today.

This is the link to the character database.  Enjoy reading and please remember that the writing is that of young teens whose computers didn't have the fancy spell checking abilities of modern computers.  You may recognize several of the authors like James Porter, Metta Smith, Admiral Bill Schuler, and many more.  

Newly Discovered Pictures from the Space Center's Voyager Era   

Jennifer Remy
 If it's Sunday, it's time for more newly discovered pictures from the CMSEC's Voyager Era (1990-2012).  Today we start with Jennifer Remy's photo, the one that hung on the Staff and Volunteer Board in the Briefing Room for many years.  So many years in fact, that much of the photo's color bled away in the constant barrage of flourescent light.  I did what I could to restore the photograph's original color. 

Jennifer worked with me over thirteen years in a variety of capacities. She developed multimedia presentations and packages to deliver a highly interactive and engaging learning experience. She developed support graphics, movies, and animation for simulator missions and classroom learning experiences. Jennifer was great at creating advertisements and flyers. She developed complete lesson plans and curriculum for distribution throughout Alpine School District in conjunction with the mission learning objectives for the Center. Jennifer wrote and delivered summer camp curriculum including star shows, physics lessons, simple machines experiments, team building skills, and many other educational and recreational activities. And finally, as if all of that wasn't enough, Jennifer supervised summer camp students during all camp activities.

Erin Fordham
 Erin was a long time volunteer at the CMSEC. She was one of those you never forget. She was talented, kind, generous, and dedicated to the Space Center's mission.  Erin followed in her mother's footsteps and became an RN.  Today she works at Primary Children's Hospital.

Erin Today
And finally, we end today's installment with a photograph of the bestus of friends taken at Pleasant Grove Pool during one of our 48 hour overnight camps.  The 48 hour overnight camps were challenging. The camps were always full with between 42 and 62 campers depending on the year.  The volunteers and staff bonded during these long camps and became good friends.   

Amanda Hadley, Metta Smith, Caity Lee, and Megan Warner

Meet More of Farpoint's Young Astronauts at Renaissance Academy

I'd like to introduce you to two more of my 26 Young Astronaut and Voyager Club squadrons.  The 4th Grade Cobra Squadron launched on the first segment of their seven-month mission last Monday.  They were lucky to have sixth grade Andrew as their temporary captain. Andrew was substituting from the 6th Grade Tiger Squadron.  The 4th Cobra's numbers were down due to Thanksgiving absences. The Voyager eased out of space dock with barely a scratch.  A few calculations later and the starship was on course to the Klingon / New Earth border in search of a diplomatic shuttle with a certain briefcase with certain papers I'm not at liberty to discuss in this forum.  

Below is the 5th Grade Scorpion Squadron under the brilliant command of Captain Foxton and First Officer McKay.  They too launched on their seven-month mission. 

The 5th Scorpions have a real attitude when it comes to dealing with a certain stubborn, evil, dictatorial Chancellor who happens to lead a political organization called the National Front.  Why just mentioning his name brought this reaction from the crew. 

Theater Imaginarium
The Best Gifs of the Week Edited for a Gentler Audience

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Discounted Missions in the Starship Simulators. Get Them During the Black Friday Season. Posts From the Past: Things that You Never Hear at the Space Center (March 2001). Watch the Newest Mission Trailers. The Imaginarium.

The USS Voyager at the Farpoint Space Education Center
Renaissance Academy. Lehi / Highland
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March 26, 2001  Post from the Past.  Repostings from the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center's First Blog SpaceEdVentures.

Things that you Never Hear at the Space Center
By Stephen Porter

Ok Boys and girls... here's my attempt to make people smile... unlike most (most) of the people below the age of 16 I try not to post every time I get on the internet...

Some might say, "but that's what the internet is for!" and those people are swiftly given the "Allan Stewart Shutup Slap"
Oh well... here I go.
Things you never hear at the Space Center...

"Randy, sit back and relax for a while... somebody else will set up the bubble."
"Wow James... that kid needed your help and *zip* you were right there!"
Mrs. Houstan says, "No birthday Cake for you, I don't like you!"
Mr. Williamson says, "You cleaned the black plastic the right way."
"Oops, that was my fault."
"I really like it when the pioneer volunteers whine and moan."
"Don't forget to invite the pioneers."
"Ignore the pirates, we have to focus on our mission!"
"Ha ha ha ha ha... that was funny Mr. Yeager."
"Dude, I know these soundtrack... it's from Runaway Bride."
"Why do we have so many guns?"
"Have you read the latest BabySitters club novel?"
"Let's stay up a couple more hours... this is fun."
"It's quiet... too quiet."
"We should be Running this ship with Linux."
"Tex sounds like Mr. Williamson."
"Who should we advance to blue shirt? oh, I know... the person who sends all those funny e-mail jokes."
"Your right... I didn't clean good enough."
"Don't use that one! Use the Voyager's vacuum."
Mr. Herring says, "I have finished all the work orders."
"Crew at ease... everybody take a break... I will be doing all the jobs for the next half an hour... we don't have time for incompetent officers."
"Thank goodness you were on top of things... without you the ship would be destroyed... great job records officer."
"We set up the Falcon in 10 minutes."
"The Galileo fixed one of the tiles in the cafeteria."
Mr. (Stephen) Porter says, "Oh yes... I love working in the morning."
"Would you like your doughnut en flambe? Perhaps a nice omelet instead."
"I love this death Music... I think its Mo-Tab."
"Your right... I take Responsibility for my actions."
"Ouch... I am down."
"Here grand PoohPah... Let Piggy use the Weapons Controls."
"Hey Pirate dude... Why are you a pirate?" - "*music starts* ooooooooohhhhhh... A pirates life is a wonderful life, you sail the bounteous sea..."
"I wish I lived on Pluto."
"Hey Stephen, Here are your keys... I stole them a couple months ago."
"So many Costumes... so little time."
"The bathroom smells as fresh as an Irish spring."
"Sir, we are receiving a message from the HMS duck-billed Platypus."

That's all I can think of... whatever.
Stephen P. Signing out.

The Newest Mission Trailers and Universe Introductions from the SpaceEdVentures Simulators - Go Boldly!

Lion's Gate Center. Lakeview Academy. Saratoga Springs

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