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Sunday, November 24, 2019

The Space Academy's Megan Warner Resigns from Space Command to Become a Privateer Aboard the Nighthawk. "A Girls Gotta Make A Living," She Says. Bradyn Lystrup Hosts a Staff Meet and Greet at Reality's Edge. The Space Academy's Great Staff and Volunteers. The CMSC's Naming Wall Goes Up. Imaginarium Theater and Memes

Megan starting a new career as a Privateer. Granted a Capital Point Diaspora License.
She is looking for a crew.  If You Laugh at Danger and Dine on Adventure, Contact her.

     Megan Warner, former Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center Supervisor, Flight Director, Set Director, and Center Director resigns from Farpoint's Terran Space Command to embark on a career as a privateer aboard her new ship Nighthawk.  The Diaspora Planetary Council's Ministry of Intergalactic Commerce granted her a license to bid on privateer contracts.  
     A privateer needs a good, fast, and stealthy ship to get out of those sticky situations.  After calling in every favor owed to her, Megan acquired a captured Cardilir ship which Terran Space Command renamed Nighthawk.  

Megan receiving the command codes to Renaissance Space Academy's Nighthawk by
her righteously sarcastic friend Admiral Funk

Bracken Funk and Megan Warner outside the Nighthawk at the Space Academy in Lehi.
In Space Center Language, Megan is now the Nighthawk's Set Director

      A Farpoint Jumpship cannot operate with a crew of one so Megan is aggressively searching for a 
crew.  She's willing to share the ship's profits with up to 8 people.  "We aren't military," she says. "We are a private jumpship with private individuals who take on jobs from any of the Diaspora's Great Houses except the Cardilir (the ship was taken from the Cardilir in Earth's last disagreement with their Overlord) and the Piddlewee.  No one in their right mind works with the Piddlewee." 
     Megan stresses that the Nighthawk is NOT a pirate ship.  "There's a big difference between a pirate ship and privateers." she says.  "We have a Diaspora license to do the government's dirty work and pick up our own gigs on the side." 

Megan negotiating a possible Nighthawk job with the Outland Corporation last Saturday.
My guess it has something to do with Helium 3 based on the asteroid field in the background.

     Megan bid on several private contracts and was awarded two. "This contract pays well," she said, "which means there's a bit of danger.  I need a crew able to launch as early as January 2.  I can't give details -  I think you understand the reasons.  You'll be filled in on launch day."  
     If you and your friends are willing to trade the harsh light of Space Command service for the various shades of gray of private work, book the Nighthawk for a private mission after January 1st.
Megan is looking for a few good individuals.  Go to, then "Book an Adventure". Be sure you reserve the Nighthawk.  
     No uniforms, no 'Yes Sir and No Sir', no commanders looking over your shoulder - just open space and money to be made.  Megan is waiting. 

Bradyn Lystrup, Director of Reality's Edge at Canyon Grove Academy, Hosts a Meet and Greet .  

Bradyn and Staff at Reality's Edge's Meet and Greet last Saturday
     How does one open a Space EdVenture Center which has been, for all practical purposes, closed for the last four months?  You start with a staff meet and greet which is exactly what Bradyn Lystrup did on Saturday.  I attended to cover the event for The Troubadour. 

   Enthusiastic is the best word I know to describe the mood on the Jumpship Everest's bridge when Bradyn welcomed everyone back to Space Command service at 4:00 P.M.  Introductions were given followed by general information on center operations and policies.  Questions and answer time took up most of the remaining time before the gathering retreated to the school's cafeteria for pizza and games. 

      The highlights from question and answer time:

     1.  The name Reality's Edge stays.  
     2.  Daytime operations for Canyon Grove's students are a high priority.
     3.  Field trips for other schools will resume. 
     4.  Overnight Camps will continue along with 48 hour summer overnight camps.
     5.  Reality's Edge will remain in the Farpoint Universe and is excited to partner with the 
          Renaissance Space Academy in creating unique missions within that universe.  
     6.  Multi-center staff and volunteer training will be a priority so staff and volunteers of any
          Farpoint Universe Space Center can work at any other center interchangeably.  This 
          benefits the paid staff with more work and pay!

     Bradyn is looking for field trip staff, specifically people who've worked at any of the local Space EdVenture Centers.  This would be part time between the hours of 9:30 A.M. and 1:30 P.M. Those interested should contact Bradyn directly.

 The Space Academy and the Great People I Get to Work With Every Day 

     It's always a great day at the Space Academy. The Academy has a unique inclusive staff of well trained and enthusiastic teens and adults. I say inclusive because our staff is made up of cross center employees and volunteers.   

     Parriss King (above) works nearly every weekend at the Academy.  On weekdays she works as a supervisor and flight director at Lion's Gate Space Center at Lakeview Academy.  She is married to the Center's director, Nathan King.  The Academy benefits from her vast simulator based knowledge and the excellent training she's received at Lakeview.  Parriss will be our 'expert' as the Academy field tests Dreamflight controls for daytime operations.  Lakeview uses Dreamflight controls for their school missions. She prefers them for student missions.
     Sam Golding (above) volunteers and works at both the Christa McAuliffe Space Center and the Space Academy.  He is expanding his interest to Reality's Edge.  Sam may become our next tri-center member of staff.  Sam work both weekday afternoons for the Academy's Young Astronaut Clubs Long Duration Missions and weekends for private missions.

     Dylan Hunter is another bi-center employee.  He works at the Space Academy and Reality's Edge.  Dylan excels on the Voyager Bridge.  He really is one of the best and I know because I work with him on the Voyager Bridge with our 150 Young Astronauts.  Working both centers gives him the work hours he wants. 

Parriss, Sam, and Bracken enjoy a moment between missions in the Voyager's Control Room on busy Saturday

      As our paid staff grows older and retires from Space Command service, the Space Academy's young Voyager Club volunteers are hot on their heels to fill the vacancies.  Training starts early.  Three of Saturday's volunteers (above) fly the school's InfiniD missions under the direction of Mr. Robinson.  Their 8th grade teachers give them released time from their classes to work as InfiniD Mission Controllers in the Voyager.  They will be ready, trained, and enthusiastic to join the paid staff once they finish their training and reach the minimum hiring age.
     Are you a student looking for a school which emphasises experiential education and foreign languages?  Consider Renaissance Academy, a tuition free K-8 charter school located in Lehi, minutes from Silicon Slopes and home to the Space Academy.

The Christa McAuliffe Space Center's Planetarium Naming Wall Goes Up

     It was an exciting day last week at Central Elementary.  Many classes gathered to see the CMSC's naming wall section go up.  Construction continues on the new school and Space Center with a projected opening date in April.  

Imaginarium Theater
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Imaginarium Memes