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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Saturday at the Space Centers. A New Mission for the IKS Dreamcatcher. The Imaginarium.

Saturday at the Space Centers

     This is Jorden. He is the Columbia Set Director at the DSC.  Jordan is holding his new staff incentive device - the Liquid Enforcer.  "One spray usually solves all my problems," Jorden explained.  The Liquid Enforcer is simple and gets results.  There are times when a flight director is talking on the mic and notices his staff drifting away into a stupor and not doing what they should be doing.  One squirt from the Liquid Enforcer brings immediate results.
     I didn't bother asking the Columbia staff what they thought of Jorden's new idea.  I knew what their answer would be.


     Farpoint Cadet Ethan L., (who's face was dripping thanks to the Liquid Enforcer) was photographed pointing a stun phaser in Jorden's general direction.  "Giving him a taste of his own medicine," he whispered.        

     Good luck on this one Jorden, but let me at least predict next week's Troubadour headline:  "Columbia Set Director Tarred and Feathered in DSC's Parking Lot by Disgruntled Staff!"  :)

P.S.  Where there is a stick, there should be a carrot.  Below is the carrot in the Columbia Control Room.  Jorden rewards his good staff and volunteers with the occasionally Gummy Bear for a job well done.  I forgot to ask, but I'm guessing Jorden is taking a beginning psychology class at PG High and trying out some of the things he's learning.       

 The Mystery VIP

     An unusual school photo surfaced this weekend at the DSC of a certain Utah County VIP.  I'm not at liberty to say who this youngster grew up to be, but judging by the size of the young man's glasses, I'd say this mystery celebrity must be pretty intelligent. 

Oh The Strange Things you See 
When you Visit the DSC

     Finding a moment to eat lunch between missions is nearly impossible on a busy Saturday at the DSC.  You eat as you fly - a bite here and a bite there.  Those who don't usually end up like 92 year old George,  a DSC Supervisor and the world's biggest Sci-Fi fan, photographed above passed out due to low blood sugar in the Atlantis Control Room.
"I told him his eyes looked real sunken in," said Jordan Winger, Assistant Director at the DSC.  "He didn't listen and just pushed himself too hard.  He'll come to in a minute. Don't worry about him."     

Busy Saturday at the CMSEC


     Farpoint Cadet Spencer shows his broken wrist and the phaser responsible. "I went out into the ship the other day for a bridge attack and forgot my training.  I fired the phaser without bracing myself for the powerful backlash.  I got thrown backward onto the floor and landed on my wrist."  
    "And how do you feel?" I asked.
    "Stupid," he replied.  "Megan has taken away my phaser permit and now I have to go back and retake that lame phaser handling class."  
     "Let that be a lesson to you then," I lectured.  "While I disagree with Megan's purchase of the Blaster 2000 Hand Held Phaser Units, you should have been more careful.  The Blaster 2000 is way too powerful for school use.  She should have gotten the Blaster Junior 100 instead.  I'll have words with her about this and you be careful from now on."  

     I found the door to the Space Center office closed.  I knew the asst. director was home so I decided to just barge in and snap a photo.

     I caught Jon Parker working at his desk.  The door was closed to hide his embarrassment.  "What is THAT you're wearing?" I asked respectfully.
     "Its the only clean shirt I had.  All my Space Center shirts were in the wash," Jon replied as his face turned a brilliant red.   "Besides, its spacey."
     I laughed at his reply.  "And how do you figure that?"
     Jon pointed to the dragons.  "It's got dragons.  Dragons fly and that's aerospace.  Close enough."  

     Farpoint Cadets ( Isaac and Lissa are photographed ready to go out onto the Magellan bridge as Ambassador and her bodyguard.  Notice they are both carrying the ACME LaserBlaster 5000 Phasers.  They both got their Level 2 Phaser certification last week and are anxious to show off their phaser handling techniques.  Spencer refused to be included in this picture with the Nerf Gun he was issued for the attack scene.       

     I found this sign in the school's foyer.  Yes, the Space Center is open for business and waiting to take you on the best mission ever this summer.  Book your camp now!

     Visit the Space Center's new web site for more details:

Dream Flight Adventures Announces a New Mission

Hello Troops,
Our friends at Dream Flight Adventures in Pennsylvania just released the following on their blog.  This mission sounds exciting.  
Mr. W. 

Announcing Countdown

by Admiral Starblayze
Countdown-PosterIt was just a few weeks ago when we announced the addition ofContaminant to our mission library, but now we're at it again with the unveiling of Countdown!  This mission is an epic race against the clock where our intrepid crews must use their understanding of world geography and cultures to save the world from a fleet of robotic invaders.
Countdown is being developed for the IKS Dreamcatcher and will be available to all Dream Flight Adventures simulators.  Here's a sneak peak:
Earth is in danger! A race of sentient robots known as the Alloyals move from planet to planet consuming metallic minerals from planetary crusts, mantles, and cores. After they deplete all the useful resources on one world they move on to the next. This devastates the worlds they invade, but to make matters worse the Alloyals have constructed a terrible weapon called the “Sunlight Inhibitor Device.”
The Sunlight Inhibitor Device generates massive clouds of particles that float into the atmosphere and block out all sunlight. The particles remain in the atmosphere for months, during which time all the plant and animal life on the planet below withers and dies. Once the planet has been purged of living things, the Alloyals move in and begin extracting the metallic minerals from the planet.
An Alloyal scout has recently arrived on Earth and deployed the Sunlight Inhibitor Device in an unknown location, and a full invasion fleet is close behind. The Alloyals have given mankind 24 hours to surrender before they activate the device and destroy all life on earth. The world’s leaders have called upon the Infinity Knights—the renowned protectors of peace and justice throughout the universe—to locate the Sunlight Inhibitor Device and disarm it before it’s too late! The countdown for Earth has begun!
Coming soon to a Dream Flight Adventures simulator near you!
The Imaginarium
It is what it is, extraordinary

Just another addition to the 3rd place award to help with the recipient's self esteem :)

Bracken, hope you feel this way when your dilemma is done and finished :)