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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Space and Science News. The Imaginarium.

Discovery Simulations Introduces a New Logo

Yes Troops, Casey and the gang at Discovery have unveiled a new company logo.  DSim is forging ahead and taking the Space EdVentures learning methods forward to new schools.   

Lakeview Academy's USS Leo Simulator is In the News. 

Skyler Carr and Lakeview Principal Rick Veasy were recently profiled on ABC 4 Television.  
Again, the problem with putting kids in front of the camera; they focus on the guns and shooting while the adults try to turn the conversation to the learning.  

Seeing things like this makes me anxious for Farpoint to open.  I'm excited to fly again, especially a simulator like the soon to be built Vanguard.  I'm anxious to tell missions set 300 years in the future.  I'm anxious to take the Space EdVentures methodology I developed thirty-years ago and once again show the magic and wonders of deep space while teaching important curriculum concepts.  Farpoint's missions will be different.  Farpoint's missions will be unique.  Farpoint will take this concept back to its core values of mission driven curriculum and not vice versa.  

Farpoint: Imagine, Believe, Learn, Do.        

Read and Watch

Skybox from Space

In a blog post this week, John Clark of SkyBox wrote:
Businesses can, for the first time, monitor a network of globally distributed assets with full-motion snapshots without needing to deploy an aircraft or field team. The movement captured in these short video windows, up to 90 seconds in length, yields unique insights that improve operational decisions.  Read More

Why King Tut's Race is Fueling Race Wars.  It should be no surprise who his parents were and how they were related.  

This Image is Why People are Excited to Go to Europa

Michael Shara, curator in the Department of Astrophysics at the American Museum of Natural History, who once had this to tell us about a mission to Europa (emphasis added):
If we can figure out a way of putting a probe through [Europa's] ice — and the ice may be hundreds of yards thick, it could be very difficult to do this — but if we could put a probe down that could melt its way through the ice, and then send out little submarines, who knows what we could find down there. It would be fascinating to go look. I think we have no choice but to go look. We must do it.  Read More
Three Ways of Melting a Chocolate Rabbit 
(Disturbing: Perhaps not suitable for chocolate lovers and those who think bunnies are cute).

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