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Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Space Center Wedding. A New Assistant to the Assistant CMSEC Director. The Imaginarium.

Hello Troops,
     Finding a tie I haven't spilled something on can be a challenge, which is why I normally don't wear ties.  It was a never ending cycle - buy a tie, wear the tie, spill on the tie, dry clean the tie, wear the tie, spill on the tie, throw the tie away.  It's an eating disorder I inherited from my grandmother.  She never left a meal without carrying a few leftovers home on the front of her blouse.  
     Back to the reason for needing a tie; yesterday I attended the wedding of two long time Space Center cast members.  You probably recognize them from your visits to either the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center or the Discovery Space Center.

Jacqueline Wallace married Bradyn Lystrup at the Cedar Hills Country Club.  

     Jacqueline is a Magellan simulator supervisor at the CMSEC and is training to be a nurse.  Bradyn works somewhere in Salt Lake City for a company that makes 'stuff' to cover your ipad.  And, for a hobby job, Braydn flight directs the Atlantis simulator at the Discovery Space Center in Pleasant Grove.  Bradyn was one of my Voyager flight directors at the CMSEC. Both Bradyn and Jacque started at the CMSEC years ago as younglings.  They met at the Space Center, and as they say, the rest is history.  

    The wedding started at 4:00 P.M.   Jon Parker, Connor L., and Jace N., sat behind me during the ceremony.  Megan Warner, CMSEC director,  attended via cell phone.  Megan is in Florida working on the set of the online Star Trek series.  I suppose the non Space Center attendees thought it weird, but that is how we operate.  Normal social conventions ring hollow with us.  


     I caught former Voyager flight director Brady Young standing comfortably close to the open bar during the reception.  I explained to Brady that the bottles he was admiring contained liquor.  He looked curious.  Then I remembered that Brady was raised in Pleasant Grove and, having lived a sheltered life, may not have know what distilled spirits looked like in their decorative bottles. "Brady, unless you checked your religion at the door, it is best you move along," I suggested.  He nodded and made his way to the universally safe ice cream machine.   


   Jon, Connor and Lissa joined me at the Space Center table.  Jon reflected on life's meaning while Connor and Lissa checked their incoming message in a desperate attempt to find a friend or two doing something 'fun' that evening.  "Join us in the hear and now," I suggested.  "I've been known to entertain a table or two at many social functions," I continued.  "Did I tell you the one about...."  
     "Yes!"  I was abruptly shut down before even warming up. 


     Former Magellan flight director, Britteny VandenBos joined us.  I'd like to think her decision on tables was forged by her knowledge that the conversation on the Space Center table would be warm and memorable. However, after weighing all the evidence, I must concluded her decision on tables was based solely on our large bowl of sweet and sour gummy worms. 
     "Delicious," she mumbled as she worked her way through her fourth handful. 

     Jacque and Bradyn did their best to steer clear of our table, but our insisting on a little of their attention paid off in the end.  

Jon Parker, Jacqueline Lystrup, Bradyn Lystrup and Brittney Vandenbos

     I snapped a group photo with my iPad. This picture is a testimony to the one universal truth:  the Space Center attracts people born with the best teeth and photogenic smiles, as seen in the photo above.  Exceptions to this universal truth are always the ones asked to take the photos.  

     I won't begrudge Brittney for getting a bit more of their time.  My sources tell me she was making a secret arrangement with Jacque concerning the 'throwing of the bouquet' (trajectory, wind speed, arc, etc).  
     Connor and Lissa were still looking for somewhere else to be.  Jon is out of picture, working on his seventh handful of delicious, fresh, gummy worms.  
     In looking at this photo, I'm wondering what looked better that late afternoon:  Jacque, or that ice cream machine in the background?  The machine dispensed your choice of vanilla, chocolate, or swirl ice cream.  The toppings included sprinkles, caramel or chocolate syrup, and whipped cream.  Would it affect your decision if I added that it was an 'all you can eat' ice cream bar?  A difficult choice, wouldn't you say?   

   Having received Brittney's permission, Jacque and Bradyn sampled the sweet and sour gummy worms we were jealously guarding from the marauding children on leave from their parents.  They traveled the room on a sugar safari, led by our very own Farpoint Cadet Dakota.  

     My story ends with this touching scene of Bradyn dancing with his new Lady.  They made it through without  injury.  It is another fairy tale ending in the Space Center saga.  

Mr. W.

P.S.  I couldn't resist one last look at the Bradyn we learned to love :)

The Discovery at Discovery

      Today, the Troubadour revisits a previous post with an update on the shuttle Discovery at the Discovery Space Center.  
     My 'what could go wrong' pessimism got the best of me after posting the previous picture the other day, so I had to perform an investigation when I got to the DSC Friday night to chaperone the overnight camp.  
     I had a vision of a group of younglings sitting under the shuttle enjoying their cupcakes.  In my vision, I saw the shuttle make a crash landing on the unsuspecting children as their voices filled the room during an especially rousing version of "Happy Birthday to You!"
     My inspection of the shuttle Friday night put my fears to rest.  The shuttle is securely attached to the walls.  You may enjoy its shade from the ever present blue starlight  without fear of it crashing your party. 
     Remember, The Troubadour always has your well being forefront in our minds as we report news form the various space edventure centers.  I won't stop until I have the whole story (or at least enough of a story to extrapolate the rest :)   

The CMSEC Hires Christine G., as Assistant to the Assistant Director.   

     Breaking News.....
     The Troubadour is pleased to announce the appointment of Christine Grosland as the CMSEC's assistant to the assistant director.  
     "Christine was hired primarily for her coloring skills," Center Director, Megan Warner, explained.  "Sure, she's a good flight director and does an awesome job running an Odyssey crew, but people who can do that are a dime a dozen.  What sets Christine apart from the pack is her ability to color within the lines and her imaginative ability to blend color with form and purpose.  Who would of thought such a thing was possible with Crayolas?" 
     I found Christine hard at work on a new piece intended for the Magellan simulator's mini refrigerator door when I stopped by Saturday on a fact finding mission for The Troubadour. "What will you call it when it's done?" I asked.
     "Purple Discovers Violet. The Turmoil Within," she answered with a smile, while searching for a look of appreciation on my part.  
     "Amazing," I responded.  
     "YES!" she reacted as expected.  "Megan said you wouldn't understand or approve.  She said you were too much of a fuddy dud, but I told her you understood the soul of a flight director and how we're constantly torn between the purple and violet forces in our souls.  Thank you Mr. Williamson!"
     I turned to leave.  "Mr. Williamson," Christine's voice had a sound of uncomfortable forwardness.  "If you want, I'll do one for your refrigerator door at home."  
    I turned and saw the willingness in her eyes.  "I'd be honored."  
    "You'll love what I have in mind for your house."  Christine reached for her box of Crayola's.  "I'll call it Cadfile's Passion in Turquoise." 

The Imaginarium
Ordinary to Extraordinary.

     Money is made when a person find's a need and fills it.
This is how a successful business works.

Creativity: A
A backpack with hood.
It fills a need

A good thing to remember

I post this as a reference to see beyond our five senses.
Just because we can't see it, feel it, hear it, or smell it doesn't mean it isn't real.
There are other dimensions of space time we can't sense in our 3 dimensional world.

Someone living in a 2D world wouldn't perceive us because we exist in 3 dimensions -
except for the exact place our finger intersects the plane of their 2D universe.

Are there signs out there of intersections from other dimensions of space time in our 
universe?  Something to ponder.

A pretzel bakery's Thanksgiving Offering.
Creativity: A

A unique calendar.

A careful balancing act.

These are popping up everywhere.
A need filled.  Take one, donate one.
Imagination: A

Humor: A

Making something special out of an ordinary everyday object like this trash can.

A special Christmas something for your door.
Creativity: A

His faith is being tested.

Haven't we all contributed a chapter to this book?

You have to give him credit for trying

Be nice to the people who serve you.

Brilliant design and very creative!

A unique bunk bed.
Take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.

This is going up in my classroom.
It made you stop and think, didn't it?

Brilliant advertising
Creativity: A
I'd buy several of these a year, check the appropriate box and give it as a humorous gift.
Find a need and fill it.

A clever way to include something common place into something imaginative.

I don't get this and I never will.
What are these two thinking?
I'm glad the world has people like this.  I'm not one of them.

Some people live outside the box.
They will always push the boundary.

You know you're approaching self actualization with you really don't care
what people think.

A clever doorstop.
Creativity: A 

Guilty as charged.
I've got a prison full of these in my kitchen.

Impossible in my opinion without the Force.
A creative teacher with a sense of play and humor.

A creative use of 20 ounce soda and water bottles.


I rarely would consider posting a photo of a toilet but this one begged to be shared.
Reading materials not needed in this restroom.

This boy has the right idea when out Christmas shopping with his mom.

Remember, there is always something to be found worthy of mention.
Imagination: A

Brilliant holiday decoration idea.
I'll be nobody in your neighborhood has thought of this yet.
Be the first.

So that's why?
I get it now.

The real Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse.

A light saber across your car's grill, your punishment will be.

You'd be surprised how many businesses and organizations treat their employees this way.
Something you'd never find at the Space Center.
We welcome and require ideas and suggestions.

Which are you?

Why do we still cling to the old ways?

A Thanksgiving Pizza.
Creativity: A

I badly want.
Steve Martin's business cards.

Take an ordinary thing and make it extraordinary.      

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