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Thursday, March 20, 2014

The IKS Titan is One Year Old. Congratulations! The Imaginarium. Your Thursday Needs a Pick Me Up.

Happy Birthday to the IKS Titan!

Happy Birthday to the IKS Tita
n, Dreamflight Adventure's First Simulator at Shaler Area Elementary, Pennsylvania.

by Admiral Starblayze
From the blog 
Happy Birthday
     It's amazing how fast time flies!  It's already been one full year since the IKS                Titan was unveiled at Shaler Area Elementary.  In the short space of 12 months thousands of students, teachers, and thought leaders in education have passed through its airlock to embark on fantastic journeys of discovery!
We've already highlighted how the IKS Titan has been featured innumerous conferencesarticles, and videos, and how it's hosted delegations from the Smithsonian, out of state, and all over the Pittsburgh region... but to truly celebrate the IKS Titan, we want to share a glimpse at how it's touching the lives of students on a daily basis at Shaler Area Elementary.
Take Elisa, a 6th grader at Shaler Area Elementary, for example.  For an assignment in her reading class she read about the Titanic and pulled from a variety of other resources for a special project.  She interpreted information and charts to see if the Titanic was prepared for an emergency, read about and compared the Lusitania to the Titanic, and analyzed video clips of survivors.   Elisa wrote this fantastic paper that provided her with a "ticket" onto the Lusitania mission in the IKS Titan.
And Elisa isn't the only one.  Lots of students have been inspired by the simulator to write incredible stories and reports.
And teachers are going the extra mile with the IKS Titan as well.  For example, Ms. Campbell and Mr. Churilla recently took their class inside the Titan for a trip through the blood stream to learn about fluid dynamics as part of their 5th grade Motion and Design unit.
This is just the tip of the iceberg, and we can't wait to see what adventures students and teachers will have aboard the IKS Titan next!

The Imaginarium
Because it's Thursday, and you look like you need it.

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