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Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Prometheus Squadron's Long Duration Mission Review. A Bit of Nostalgia for Space Center Old Timers. Dream Flight Adventure's New Mission. The Imaginarium.

Hello Space Fans!
Two Long Duration Team squadrons flew their round one missions last week.  Prometheus went first on Thursday.  Phoenix took the Saturday morning slot.   

Prometheus Squadron 
Prometheus took the Magellan Bridge at 5:40 P.M. late Thursday afternoon.  The team was joined by a member of Phoenix Squadron who couldn't make the Saturday Phoenix mission. 

Team Prometheus Positions 
Coaches:  Bradyn Lystrup and BJ Warner
Captain:  Harrison 
First Officer:  Marissa
Surveillance:  Mason
Chief of Operations:  Andrew
Strategic Operations:  Thomas
Engineer: Nathaniel
Counterintelligence:  James
Communications:  Hunter
Security: Lizzy
Damage Control: Ryan (a Phoenix substitute). 

The Command Station as it appeared just before the Prometheus Squadron took the bridge.  "Captain to the Bridge," was called out at exactly 5:50 P.M.  The crew stood to attention as Harrison and Marissa paraded up the metal steps to their stations. Prometheus passed on formal training through the headsets and chose to self and cross train.    

Andrew is seen above at the operations station.  At 6:00 P.M. exactly, Harrison pulled the crew out of training and into the mission by asking for the ship's main computer to come online.  For some reason, it didn't respond.  At 6:07 P.M. the first call to Gasko Station was placed.  The mission was in full swing.  Everyone attended to their stations.  This was a serious team running the bridge very professionally.  

Several of the crew were elsewhere in the Magellan when this picture was taken.  The skeleton had full control of the ship.  Thomas is seen with Nathaniel and Mason on the lower level.  Hunter was neck deep in communications on the mid level.

Ryan did his Damage Control thing in the Magellan's Engineering hallway, either that or he's needing a place to unwind from all that bridge tension.  

A Romulan was photographed on the Magellan Bridge.  One would expect to find Romulans at Gasko Station - which happens to be a Romulan Starbase.  The rest of the skeleton crew seem preoccupied at the first officer's station.

Some of the missing Prometheus officers were found at the negotiating table.  The Prometheus team was very well organized and capable of handling most emergencies.  I say most, because this is an LDM and one should expect one's feet held to the fire during an LDM.  It just goes without saying. 
Remember, there is NO staff help during an LDM.  The mission moves at the crew's pace and in the direction their decisions lead.  

Something seems wrong.  The Magellan Bridge is bathed in red.  We know what that means, don't we?  Hunter is on the communicator once again. Ryan is absorbed by damage reports, James is being hovered over by Harrison as he builds and launches probes.  The Prometheus coaches discuss their team's strengths and weaknesses on the top level.  

Another red alert photo. The team is composed and focused - as any good team made up of Space Center veterans would be in a crisis.

We see the Prometheus team engaged in another round of give and take negotiations with the Romulans.  Harrison ponders his next move as Marissa, his first officer, wonders what his next move will be. 

Another photograph of a Romulan officer enjoying her time on the Magellan bridge.  She is seen above examining Mason's work at the Surveillance Station.   Ryan is attempting to make communication using a form of Vulcan sign language. He was ignored by the Romulan who obviously didn't understand Vulcan signs.   

The Prometheus Squadron during a somewhat calm segment of the mission.  Perhaps the calm before the storm?  

The mission ended at 8:00 P.M.  Harrison led his team to the Conference Room for their thirty minute debriefing.    

The awesome Prometheus Squadron, beat up just a little but strong and ready for their round two mission.  Left to Right around the back of the table first:  Thomas, Hunter, Andrew, James, Lizzy, Harrison, Marissa, Mason, Ryan and Nathaniel.  Coaches BJ Warner and Bradyn Lystrup are in the back.  Needless to say, they are a close knit team :)

A Moment of Your Time for Nostalgia

On my way home from setting up my classroom for our first social studies simulation, I stopped at WalMart on behalf of the starving Farpoint Cadet volunteers slaving away at the Space Center.  A few of them had been there from 7:30 A.M.  It was 6:00 P.M.  I knew they would need something to hold them over until the Center closed at 9:00 P.M.  I thought and thought upon the matter.  Then I remembered what I did in the old days during my time as CMSEC director.  

What you see above was the standard fare for starving staff and volunteers during my directorship days at the Space Center.  Every Saturday I'd buy a large bag of rolls and either jam, Nutella, or Walmart's brand of Gee, I Almost Thought This Was Butter to go with them.  The simple banquet was kept right next to the short door leading to the Voyager next to my desk. 

I set the rolls and grape jam on Discovery's front desk and informed the hard working troops that a surprise was waiting. 

 "Bossman's brought rolls!" a few of the old timers exclaimed.  "It's just like old times."  
The staff and cadet volunteers were happy as seen in the photo above taken in the Magellan Control Room.  The rolls were finger linkin good.  Mark (standing) and Lissa are looking at mean CMSEC Supervisor Andrew (standing to my left and out of picture range).  
"If I see one, even ONE drop of Grape Jelly on this carpet, you'll be on your hands and knees licking it up."  He did his best to illicit fear.  It didn't work. They shrugged their shoulders and continued stuffing their faces.  It's the story of Andrew's life......

Mr. Williamson

Announcing Maelstrom, Dream Flight Adventure's latest mission

Hello troops, today we’re delighted to announce that an all-new mission—Maelstrom—is available for all Dream Flight Adventure simulators!  Maelstrom was developed in partnership with EXPLORE! Children’s Museum of Washington DC and the Smithsonian Institution in conjunction with the launch of [Classified].  Here’s a brief introduction to hold you over until you can hop onboard an Infinity Knights vessel and embark on this mission yourself:
Time is up!  Peponi is a bustling city-state on a beautiful island.  For centuries it has been a center of commerce, trade, and cultural exchange—but there’s a problem.  Peponi sits atop a volcanic island that has lied dormant for centuries but has recently become active. With no way to stop the eruption, Peponi officials have rushed to create an evacuation plan. Peponi’s engineers have devised a brilliant system of booster rockets that will pick up the entire city and transport it over the ocean to a new location.  Their scouts have been searching for a suitable location, but unfortunately time has run out—the volcano is about to erupt and Peponi must move now!
The best location that has been found lies along the Tufani River on the far side of the Naruto Sea.  Water plays a significant role in almost every aspect of the city’s life—it provides hydroelectric power, connections for trade, irrigation for farmers, and recreation for the people.  Peponi officials have called upon the Infinity Knights—the renowned protectors and peace and justice throughout the universe—to help determine where along the river to land each part of the city to best protect its diverse way of life.
But it’s not that simple.  The evacuation booster rockets only have enough fuel for about 30 minutes, which is barely enough time to get to the Tufani River.  The Infinity Knights crew must work quickly—while the city is in flight—to identify an ideal landing spot before it arrives.
To make matters worse, the flight plan passes directly through the Nenaunir Maelstrom, a region of the Naruto Sea that is filled with treacherous storms.  No one who has ventured into the maelstrom has ever returned, but Peponi has no other choice.  They are relying on the Infinity Knights to guide them safely through the Maelstrom to their new home!

The Imaginarium 


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