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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Pictures from Phoenix Squadron's Long Duration Mission on Saturday. The Imaginarium.

Hello Space Fans!
Tonight a few photos from the Phoenix Squadron's Round One Long Duration Mission from last Saturday.

Several Phoenix Cadets met in my classroom at Renaissance Academy last Friday to plot their victory and do a few fuel calculations.  Adriana, Zeddy, Zachary, and Jonah.   I hadn't a clue what they were doing.  It looked good so I left them alone.

All squadrons have their choice of training.  Phoenix Squadron chose to the more traditional method

Zachary sat alone in the command chair and listened to his training.  Paperwork, there is always paperwork when you're the commander of a starship.

Lauren was the first office.  Zeddy was the Chief of Operations.  Carter ran the Strategic Operations Station.  Scott was the trusted Engineer.  Jeffrey was at Security.  Adriana at Counterintelligence with Marinn to her left at Communications.  Finally, we had Affan at Damage Control.  Megan, Ryan, and Aaron were the support staff.

Zack and Lauren spent some of the mission in conference with Romulans from the Gasko Station.

The Magellan Bridge was always in good hands when the captain and first officer were off the bridge.

There is always time for improving one's mind when serving on a Federation starship.

Jonah dealing with a situation with Ryan armed and ready.

The situation developed on the Magellan Bridge.....

The crew taking a bit of a breather with coaches Jay and Brittney.

The debriefing.  The Phoenix team did a good job.  That's the problem.  All four of the LDM squadrons so far have been so good.  This is a real pain in the neck to score.  Sure, mistakes were made.  Sure everyone learned from the errors.  What's important is that every squadron learned to be a better team AND HAD FUN while doing it.

Thanks Phoenix for a fun Saturday morning.

The Kraken Squadron is next.  They will end the first round of missions.  

Mr. Williamson

The Imaginarium

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