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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Team Nautilus Launches Round Three in this Year's LDM. The Imaginarium.

Team Nautilus: Standing LtoR: Nolan, Mauve, McKenzie, Sam, Andrew, Lissa, Brylee
Seated:  Drake and Lindsey.

Nautilus Squad Starts Round Three in this Year's Long Duration Mission

Nautilus Squad started the third round of missions for this year's LDM on Saturday.  As usual, they did an outstanding job.  The behind the scenes team was impressed.  Captain Sam and crew kept the control room staff hopping.  Being that busy was a nice change of pace for Emily and her crew of Control Room imagineers.  

The squad met in the conference room at 7:45 A.M. for a last chance tactical and strategy meeting.  Coach Alex DeBirk was on hand to offer an opinion or two. I enjoyed seeing a new use for Legos.
They rehearsed several options before committing and giving the green light to "Go Ahead".

The bridge was staffed as follows:
Security:  Andrew.  Damage Control:  Drake.  Strategic Operations:  Nolan.  Counterintelligence:  McKenzie.  Communications:  Lindsey.  Surveillance:  Mauve.  .  First Officer:  Lissa.  Chief of Operations:  Brylee.  Captain:  Sam

Sam spent much of the mission tracking ships as they came and went.  The crew was busy staying ahead of the game. The story kept everyone focused.

Of course things didn't always go as planned....

But with an excellent crew, Sam and Lissa were able to pull off a victory.

The debriefing covered many aspects of the mission.  A new policy was initiated during the debriefing.  To help maintain good communication, the captains of each round will remain captain of the crew until the next round's captains takes over the day of the round.  For example, Sam was the captain for round 3.  He will remain in charge of the crew until the new captain (Andrew) takes command for Round 4.  This lets him complete his orders and accomplish his goals.   

Once again, great job Nautilus Squad!

Mr. Williamson

The Imaginarium

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