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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Last Saturday at the Space Center. The Imaginarium.

Hello Space Fans!
Recently the patrons of Central Elementary School in Pleasant Grove (home to the Space Center) celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week.  Classroom doors were decorated by appreciative parents. The Space Center's office door was also 'appreciated'.  

Space Center Asst. Director Jon Parker is proud that his name was mentioned first on the door poster, putting the Space Center's Director, James Porter, squarely in second place.  That's OK Jon.  We applaud you and appreciate you (but remember, James makes more money:)

I got a call the other day from the Space Center asking if I'd come down and help them figure out why the USS Galileo was losing air pressure during its deep space missions.  We all know that space is a vacuum.  A properly pressurized ship is a must for space travel.  Knowing the lives of our Galileo astronauts was on the line, I rushed down to offer my expertise, having been the person who commissioned the construction of the Galileo in the first place when I was the Space Center Director.

I found the problem after my thorough inspection.  Look at the picture above.  Do you see the problem?  Look at the space above the hatch hinge.     

I put my camera up to the hinge and snapped the photo above.  You clearly see Alex DeBirk, Captain of the Galileo, commanding his ship on a deep space mission light years from Earth. For you new to space travel, seeing a crew through an opening in the outer hull of a starship is not a good thing. Steps to remedy the situation are well in hand.  

The Space Center was very appreciative of my help.    

A few of last Saturday's Space Center staff getting ready for an Away Team experience.  In my day we call called Away Teams "Deck 22".  There's a long story behind the "Deck 22" label that I'll share some day.  Natalie Anderson is properly bloodied for the special effect.  

Connor L., is at the Odyssey's microphone with Odyssey Set Director Tabitha looking on in Away Team garb.  Connor is somewhat officially passed off on flying the Odyssey, but that really depends on who you're talking to.  Tabitha was nearly ready to offer her endorsement but I could tell that endorsement wasn't an enthusiastic one.  That's OK Connor - nobody will take away your self nominated title of "God of Flight Directing".   

The stage was being set up for the Away Team experience.  The chairs are in their proper alignment because we all know that every alien ship, building or landscape has chairs like this just waiting for an unsuspecting young crewman to stumble over.  

And then there are the 30+ year old wrestling mats we've used for 24 years as Away Team props.  Those poor mats have seen some pretty heavy duty action over the years.  And how many of you old volunteers and staff had the unfortunate job of trying to set them up so they wouldn't topple over?  
Good memories, right?

Mr. Williamson

The Imaginarium

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