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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Construction Begins on the New USS Voyager. Discovery Space Center's First Overnight at Canyon Grove Academy.

The Bridge of the Original USS Voyager at Central School, Pleasant Grove
Construction Starts on the New USS Voyager

The original USS Voyager closed permanently after its last mission on July 31, 2012.  The Voyager's electrical, along with major modifications required to make the ship fully handicap accessible proved to be too expensive. After twenty-two years, her revolutionary mission was over. The great ship had done its duty and changed lives, brought enjoyment, fright, frustration and awe to nearly 200,000 people. 

The Voyager was the first ship my cohorts and I built, and the ship many of you did your first mission in.  At her closing, I seriously wondered if there would ever be another simulator like her.  

A happy Voyager Bridge Crew

Fast forward over two years and the news is good.  Construction of the new USS Voyager started last Thursday at Renaissance Academy in Lehi, Utah.  It will be the finest simulator in the Space EdVentures fleet - destine to become the flagship of an ever growing fleet of Space EdVenture simulators.  

Was the Voyager Your First Space Center Experience?

Renaissance Academy shares our Foundation's believe that experiential learning is the future of education. On behalf of the Space EdVentures family, I want to thank Mark Ursic, Director at Renaissance Academy, and the school's Board of Directors for making the decision to build a Space EdVentures simulator.  

The Troubadour will showcase the Voyager's construction with daily updates and photos.  I hope you share my excitement and will continue to support our cause.  

Victor Williamson

The Voyager's Briefing / Conference Room.  

I'm standing in the Voyager's Briefing Room looking toward the area where the ship's Work Bee and Room of Requirement will be located.  Pictured are Alex DeBirk, designer of the new Voyager and Mark Daymont, a member of the Space EdVentures' Imagineering team.  


I'm standing on the future bridge of the new Voyager looking toward the curved wall which will separate the bridge area from the Engine Room and Sick Bay.  Present are Alex DeBirk, Alex Anderson (Space EdVentures Programmer) Mark Daymont and Dave Daymont.  

 Looking from the Voyager's Brig and Emergency Exit toward the back of the future Bridge.  

Alex DeBirk checks on the progress.  

Discovery Space Center's First Overnight Camp at Canyon Grove Academy

Another reason for Space EdVentures fans to celebrate is the opening of the Canyon Grove Space Center.  This new Space Center houses the Everest and Pathfinder Simulators and is the new home to the Discovery Space Center. 

Last Friday, April 17th, is a new date for the Space EdVentures' history book.  That evening, Canyon Grove hosted its first overnight space camp as a Space Center.  Merit Academy had the honor of providing the crews for the two simulators.  

Kendrick, Brandon, and Jorden fuel up for a long first overnight camp. What would Space Center staffs do without a plethora of nearby fast food establishments to use as their nourishment providers?  

Fully fueled and happy, Kendrick, Brandon and Sarah work through a few teething problems as they prep for the arrival of the Merit Academy students. 

The campers from Merit Academy arrived shortly after 7:00 P.M. for the Canyon Grove Space Center's first Overnight Camp.

The mission briefing and job assignments was handled in the cafeteria.

Two Discovery Space Center interns wait patiently for Brandon to finish so they could take over and escort the crew to their ships.  

Excitement builds as news that they are about to board the ships spreads through the Center.

The crew's first stop before boarding the ships was to watch the safety video narrated by yours truly.  

Then it was time to board.  Here we see the Merit scholars being trained to operate the Everest simulator.

At the same time, the crew of Pathfinder got their training.

Our last shot of this historic event - the Everest engineer being trained to flip switches and turn dials, a must for any decent ship's engineer!


The Imaginarium

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