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Friday, April 10, 2015

Discovery Space Center's Atlantis Simulator Closed. The Imaginarium.

Goodbye to the Starship Atlantis

Discovery Space Center's Atlantis Simulator is closed permanently.  The Atlantis opened two years ago.  It was one of DSC's four starship simulators. The Challenger, Endeavor, and Columbia will remain open but under the direction of Stone Gate management.  The Discovery Space Center moved this week from Stone Gate to Canyon Grove Academy in Pleasant Grove.   Read more about the move in tomorrow's Troubadour.

The Atlantis under construction.  This is the bridge.  

The Atlantis under construction two years ago.  This is looking from the simulator into the DSC Command Room.

The Atlantis Control Room was the hub of activity.

The Atlantis Control Room was a bit cluttered at times.

The Atlantis will be missed.  It is always sad to see a simulator close.

Sarah Glad send the following about the Atlantis.

There was one time when Jorden was flying the Atlantis and I was 2nd but he didn't know any of the missions or the tacticals. So we ended up flying jailbreak. Which he didn't really know. But I had flown that a number of times with Bradyn/Conner. So we got to this one point where we are chasing a shuttle. And this specific tactical shows the shuttle blowing up as we chase it. I look up, see this card playing. And I know that Jorden doesn't know this. So I tell him somewhat urgently. 'Uh, this one blows up.' Trying to give him a heads up. As he looks up to see what he is talking about. The shuttle blows up right before his eyes. Panic and realization cross his mind at the same time. I flip to reds. Jorden slams  f1. The explosion sound effect, and bellows over to me to shake the lights. It is a moment that we have laughed about every now and again.

I was pretty much raised on the Atlantis. I spent so much of my time on that ship. In some weird way I see that ship as my mother ship as far as space center life goes. There have been countless laughs and terrors for me on the Atlantis. Both laughs and terrors usually were as a result of some sort of miscommunication with Bradyn or Conner.

I signed my name in one of the corners next to the lighting channel when I was re-laying the rope lights to add more light to the room.  I feel pretty good about that.
You get blinded by the beam of light when you walk up the steps into the Atlantis Control Room as the sun sets.

Anyway, that is what comes to mind off the top of my head when I think of the Atlantis.

The Imaginarium

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