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Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Odyssey's New Set Director. Odyssey Gets a Replicator. Earth from Mars. Theatre Imaginair. The Imaginarium

Admiral Tabitha Transfers the Odyssey's Set Directorship to Devin Sudwicks    

The USS Odyssey's New Set Director. Emotions Ran High.
     The Space Center is proof that power can change hands peacefully and without bloodshed as seen in the photo above.  Admiral Tabitha, in the tradition established by Mr. Williamson over a decade ago, surrendered the Odyssey's microphone to Devin Sudwicks last Monday. The transition took place in the Discovery Room in front of several witnesses as constitutionally required.  Tabitha will formally step down after her last mission on Wednesday.
     Tabitha has been called to serve an LDS mission to France. When asked how she felt about leaving the United States for France, I believe she said,"I think I can get to like the Frenchies. I like french fries. But I'm not a fan of frog legs and I'm told they eat a lot of those over there."
     "Speech, Speech!" the witnesses demanded. Devin blushed, squeezed out a tear of appreciation, then approached the desk to speak.
     "I've wanted this my whole life, well technically not my whole life, because how could I have wanted it as a baby. I mean, I didn't even know about the space center when I was a baby, or even a toddler. Come to think about it, I didn't know this place existed until I started sixth grade and came on a field trip." There was a paused as he gathered his thoughts. "I guess what it boils down to is that I really didn't know I wanted to be the Odyssey set director until I worked here awhile. Wait, I tell a lie.  I didn't want the Odyssey because Emily was the set director and nobody thought they could fill Emily's shoes. Then came BJ Warner and, well, you'd have to be seriously delusional to think you could take his place."
     I noticed the audience seemed restless. Devin sensed the mood change as well.
     "I'm sorry if I'm boring some of you, but you've got to understand that this is a big deal and I want to start my directorship properly, not holding anything back.  It's important our relationship, me as the director and you, the underlings, be open and honest. And responding to that principle, let me finish by saying that I never wanted the directorship in the first place. So , lied when I said I did. And I feel terrible about that. And now you're all looking at my like I'm a total loser. I'M GOING TO BE THE WORST ODYSSEY SET DIRECTOR EVER!"  And with that, Devin sat down next to James Porter, Space Center Director. Silence filled the room. Nobody knew what to say or how to respond. Thankfully Tabitha broke out in hysterical laughter, Devin ran from the room followed by James, and the entire event ended.
     Of course, I'm not sure I got all the facts about the change of directorship right. I may have added a few events to spice up the story. You know how boring these power change overs can be.....

Mr. Williamson

The Odyssey Gets a New Replicator Strangely Reminiscent of its Predecessor. 

     This is the Odyssey's Control Room festooned in its holiday best. Tabitha kept it a warm and cheery place, although the Christmas Tree drew second looks.

photo by Audrey

     While most people top their tree with an angel or star, the Odyssey's tree was crowned with a spotted pig.  The reason for the unorthodox approach to Christmas decoration is unknown. If I were to venture a guess, I'd say a happy pig is more reflective of the type of personality most suited to work in the Odyssey.

photo by Audrey
     Look closely at the picture above of Tabitha's last mission in the Odyssey last Wednesday. Do you notice the wooden box behind the computer monitor? That wooden box is the Odyssey's new replicator!  Yes, the Odyssey II has a replicator just like the first Odyssey.  
     The new replicator is good for storytelling purposes. After nearly three years, the redundant Slime Devil can be recalled to work. It has a hatch to pop out from to spray the unsuspecting younglings with its acidic slime. I can hear the screaming now - music to my ears. 

     The first Odyssey's replicator was beside the ship's entrance as seen in the photo above. Ignore the guy clutching the Diet Coke semi blocking the view.  He hung around the place for years pretending he belonged. The Space Center finally saw the back of him a couple years ago.  

Earth Seen from Mars. We Seem so Insignificant When Compared with the Vastness of Space.

     I'm amazed at what the human mind is capable of doing. We built a robot and shot it 35 million miles to a distant planet to take a selfie, among other things :)
     Space is cool. Space is the final frontier. If you like to learn about space, consider joining our Voyager Club. Learn more about it at

Mr. Williamson

The Imaginarium

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