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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Goodbye Aleta. The Imaginarium.

Goodbye Aleta Clegg (aka Adrian Stevens) 

Hello Troops,
     The Space Center community lost one of our own this week.  My good friend, trusted advisor, and talented coworker, Aleta Clegg moved away with her husband and family to Pasco, Washington. Pasco is a small community of 67,000 people. The residents of this sleepy hamlet have no idea how their boring lives are about to change with the arrival of a family certified as remarkable, crazy, funny, creative, loving, and inspiring.  

Aleta's Paklid Spagetti
     Many of you remember Aleta as the summer camp cook. You remember her awesome meals. I remember how cheaply she did it.  I only know of one other person who succeeded in feeding so many on so little. He fed 5000 with a few fishes and a loaf of bread or two. That puts Aleta in great company.     

Aleta Receiving her 10 year pin
     Aleta was my planetarium director. She was my office aide. She taught the geology and nuclear science merit badge classes. She kept the Space Center going while I slaved away in the Voyager running three or four missions per day. A life saver is an understatement.  
     Aleta is also an accomplished author. Here are just a few of her publications.

     Don't be confused by the name. Aleta writes under the name Jaleta.  She told me once why she did it but I've forgotten.
    The staff knew they could count on Aleta to play any acting role in the ship on demand. I wouldn't do it, but Aleta would.  One minute she'd be answering the Space Center phone while preparing a bank deposit, and the next she'd be decked out in some costume playing a Paklid, or Orion Pirate.  Her most beloved character was Adrian Stevens, a troublesome, strong, pain in the Federation's side. 

Adrian Stevens after another of her adventures.
     As a community of Space Center fans, staff, and volunteers, we want to wish our dear friend Aleta and her family all the best as they start their new adventures in Washington. May they live long and prosper.

Mr. Williamson 

The Imaginarium

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